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Jeans Get Wet 6462 Jeans Get Wet Jeans Get Wet offers an exclusive and very unique softcore collection featuring sexy young Russian hotties in very, very wet jeans.
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Jeans Get Wet

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Jeans Get Wet

Short Review

Jeans Get Wet offers an exclusive and very unique softcore collection featuring sexy young Russian hotties in very, very wet jeans. Each scene features plenty of posing and teasing as the models show off their legs and ass in the soaking wet denim. These cuties just can't wait to climb into the shower or bathtub fully clothed and completely soaked themselves and their genes in the warm water. Let's go inside the members area for the full scoop on this highly specialized collection!

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Jeans Get Wet probably launched sometime in 2011 along with several other similar softcore blue jean fetish themed sites run by the same crew. While the sites are, in general, all offered for membership separately, members do have the option of purchasing an upgraded membership that includes all of the sites for a single monthly price. Jeans Get Wet itself offers around 82 video/photo combo updates as of the end of February 2014, and while the materials inside the members area are not dated, the information I found on the sites log seems to indicate that new materials are being added about two or three times per month. This seems in line with what I saw inside and the fact that I didn't see one new scene appear inside the members area during the week or so. That I was visiting the collection.

The action here at Jeans Get Wet is very specific but also very straightforward. Each scene is softcore and features one model wearing blue jeans and either a shirt or bra. Scenes typically take place in a bathroom setting and involve the model seductively dancing while climbing into the shower or tub to get her denim jeans and other clothing completely soaking wet. Although wet T-shirts are not the focus of this site, I did see plenty of nipples peeking out through wet T-shirts along with the soaking wet jeans. The water in the bathtub is often dyed various shades of green or yellow, I assume in order to make the water easier to see in the photos and videos. The models take the business of getting their blue jeans wet very seriously and some of them even shove the showerhead down into their pants or into the pockets of their pants to make sure that every square inch is completely dripping wet. While the gals generally stay fully clothed, they do sometimes unzip their pants and pull them partially down to give teasing peaks of their butts.

The Jeans Get Wet scenes are filmed at a high quality level that is pretty well in line with what we see from studio produced stuff, although I think I would describe the style as amateur and everything is filmed in settings like apartment and motel bathrooms. The video files are available for download at up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, 5000 kbps. Photos measure in at around 1500 pixels on the long side and have great clarity.

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Jeans Get Wet features a neat and tidy members area that is somewhat short on options and tools. Scenes are displayed five to a page and an alphabetized list of models is also provided. Each scene has a few preview images and a bit of text to represent it, and download and viewing link for the video and photo materials are found just below that.

WMV format files are provided for each of the videos here, and you can choose from three different quality levels. I was somewhat surprised to see that streaming is not offered, but I was more than pleased with the quick download speeds here. The photo materials are available for viewing in typical thumbnail galleries from within the members area and can also be downloaded in ZIP files.



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Jeans Get Wet, like the other blue jean fetish sites run by the same company, features a highly specialized softcore collection. While things might have a less broad appeal then mainstream hardcore stuff, fans of sexy young babe in soaking wet blue jeans will be hard-pressed to find a better place to get their motor purring. This one is worth checking out on its own, and while there is a cost difference, it may well be worth joining up with the upgraded network package that gets you full access to all of the jean fetish sites.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive softcore jean fetish materials
  • + Very high quality HD videos
  • + Fast and easy downloads
  • - Limited download and viewing options
  • - Seems to update fairly slowly