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Jeans Tease 6464 Jeans Tease Jeans Tease aims to please jeans fetish fans with softcore pose and tease materials starring gorgeous young Russian women.
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Jeans Tease

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Jeans Tease

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Jeans Tease aims to please jeans fetish fans with softcore pose and tease materials starring gorgeous young Russian women. While lots of sites feature models in skintight denim, the jeans are usually peeled off and discarded in favor of masturbation or hardcore action. At Jeans Tease, teasing while wearing blue jeans is their passion and their only goal. Members get access to a downloadable HD video and photo collection with an option to join additional similarly themed sites at a discount rate.

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Jeans Tease, along with several other blue jean themed sites run by the same crew, all seem to have launched around three years ago or so. While certainly not a huge site, there is a respectable collection here with 86 video/photo combo updates so far. None of the scenes are dated, but I visited the collection a few times over the span of 10 days or so and I do believe that new materials are being added approximately twice per month. While bonus sites are not included with a basic membership, you can get an upgraded membership for all six of the blue jean themed sites in the network for just over $50 for the first month and around $40 per month thereafter.

While I'm quite sure that the majority of the models here are from Russia and other eastern European countries, that's really all I know about them. Very little seen information is provided, and they don't really say anything about the models at all. The scenes have no plot and no dialogue and simply start right off with the blue jean teasing. This is an extremely softcore site. I didn't even see full nudity here, much less masturbation or sex of any kind. These hotties pair everything from knee-high boots and tube tops to casual tees and sneakers with their skintight denim pants, and then they give you quick little peaks of their panties and shake their butts for you in these softcore flicks.

While the materials here have a somewhat amateur feel to them, which only adds to the appeal in my opinion, the quality level pretty much in line with what we see from professional, studio produced stuff these days. In fact, these videos are available at an HD quality level of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, 5000 kbps. They play crisply and smoothly and can be enlarged for full-screen viewing even on very large screens. The photos are 1500 pixels on the long side and have a similar polished look without being overdone.

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The Jeans Tease members area is done mostly in various shades of teal blue and has a tidy, clean look. Scenes are listed five to a page with several preview images and a few sentences of text to represent each one. You can also choose to view a list of models in alphabetical order and check out all of the scenes for your favorite babe listed in a single place.

The options for accessing the materials here are pretty basic, and streaming is not available for the videos. Each click is offered for download in WMV format in your choice of three different quality levels including the highest HD level. Downloads are fast and easy. ZIP files are provided for the image galleries, or you can simply view the photos from within the members area in thumbnail galleries.



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While the very softcore nature of the Jeans Tease materials might not be for everyone, it's hard to imagine a better place to see sexy young women showing off in their jeans softcore style, if this is your thing. I was surprised and pleased with the high quality level of the materials, and some firm update information would make things even better. This one is definitely worth checking out for softcore tease fans.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive softcore jean fetish materials
  • + Very high quality HD videos
  • + Fast and easy downloads
  • - Limited download and viewing options
  • - No update info, seems to update somewhat slowly