My Stocking Secrets
My Stocking Secrets 1395 My Stocking Secrets If you have yourself stocking fetish you can't seem to quench because you don't want to share it with the whole world, then this site was especially made for you my stocking loving friend.
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My Stocking Secrets

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My Stocking Secrets

Short Review

If you have yourself stocking fetish you can't seem to quench because you don't want to share it with the whole world, then this site was especially made for you my stocking loving friend. My Stocking Secrets provides you with scenes starring gorgeous women wearing their favorite stockings. Of course that's not where it ends, as these ladies will proceed to tease the hell out of you with their sexual allures.

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Alright so this is the first time I've had the chance to review a clothing porn site dedicated entirely to stockings. As weird as it may seem I've gotta admit the content is pretty damn arousing, thanks to the stunningly beautiful models that is. Now I was pretty stoked that the content is more or less softcore, the scenes pretty much involve the sexy ladies showing off their beautiful bods while playing with themselves using an assortment of toys. So you can pretty much classify the content as stockings/masturbation, which is a damn good combination if you ask me.

The content on offer are marked as featured series, with no solid information on whether or not it's exclusive, so I'm guessing they aren't as for the most part, site's strongly advertise whether or not their content is exclusive. Exclusive or not the content is hot, and it ain't half bad to look at either, but I'll tell you a little more about the quality later. Right now I'll tell you a little more about the site itself.

The site has been up since Nov 2006, and was last updated on the 2nd of Feb, which was roughly around 4 months before this review was written. Currently there's a total of 48 scenes to go through, which is alright considering the site has been up for 7 months. Heres hoping they keep loading the site with new content, because I can't get enough of these hot ladies with their raunchy underwear.

The scenes are fairly short with average run times of around 15 minutes each. 15 minutes of watching the sexy ladies getting themselves off, should be more than enough to get any red blooded man busting a nut, so it isn't entirely a bad thing. Seeing as the scenes are a little on the short side, it wasn't a surprise that they were only available in full scenes.

All the episodes are available to stream and download. Video formats on offer are Xvid, WMV, and mP4. The mP4 files can be played on an iPod or any portable video player which supports the format, great for a quick wank during work, just don't get caught! If quality is king for you then you'll want to stick with the Xvids. This format is available in a very decent encoding rate of 2000kbps with a resolution of 576x432. The WMVs aren't far behind coming in video bit rates of 1000kbps at 480x360. If those numbers don't mean anything to you, then I'll tell you in plain English, "The scenes look GREAT!" need I say more?

Now the only thing which kind of let me down just a little, were the picture galleries. Each of the featured episodes come with a set of what seem to be screen captures, though I gotta admit I almost classed them as high quality photos as they are pretty damn good for screen captures. So I guess it's not that bad. Anyway these come in dimensions of 698x467, which is a little small I admit, but again I've got to commend them for providing some of the best screen captures I've seen.

Now if you want to add a little more variety to your porn, or finding yourself running low on stocking content, then you'll be glad to know that the porn doesn't end there. Apart from the awesome stocking content you've got a monstrous amount of other stuff to check out in the form of extra DVDs and picture galleries. All up there's a total of 2050 full length DVDs, 4973 high quality picture sets, and over 9000 screen capture galleries. All I can say is Wow, that is a fuck load of porn!

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When I first saw the tour pages of this sexy clothing site, the first thing which grabbed my attention were the gorgeous ladies, and I'm thinking that may be an understatement, because the models on the tour pages are just so damn beautiful. Then I thought I spotted information that there's not a cock to be seen and that the scenes were of these gorgeous women getting themselves off, from that moment I was hooked and couldn't wait to sample what they have to offer.

Once logged in the first section you are directed to is the members area. From here you can pretty much access all the content, from the featured scenes, the various DVD titles, picture sets, and the bonus sites. You'll also notice the model index link, this is useful when you come across a particular model that really gets you all hot and heavy. The various sections can be easily accessed by using the navigation menu which is situated on the left side of the page.

Content areas for the picture galleries and featured episodes are pretty simple to use as they basically work like standard galleries. All the content is represented by thumbnails which depict what you can expect to see, simply clicking on it will take you to the main gallery, or if your browsing the videos, the downloads area. You also have the option of sorting through the content by category, which makes for quick and easy browsing.

Members can stay informed on the latest by checking out the updates section. This area includes thumbnails of all the latest uploads including picture galleries and videos. Judging by their update patters they seem to be persistent with updates, loading new content every day. You can also check up future updates for the entire week. Take into account that this update information is in accordance to the site as a whole, and not just the featured stocking content.

Just when you thought you've seen everything there is available they've gone ahead and given members full access to a number of bonus sites. There's a total of 97 bonus sites falling under 21 unique categories. These sites include video feeds and picture galleries. Now by the looks of things there's already a ton of content on this site to check out, so you'll be pretty hard pressed on checking everything out. At the end of the day this site has enough content to keep you going for months, maybe even years!



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Damn this site was pretty good, I admit I wasn't expecting much from the site, but I was very impressed with the content available. Definitely surpassed all my expectations. I strongly suggest you check this one out if you have a fetish for stockings, or if you love softcore content starring gorgeous women (which is probably most of us). The episodes look great, the women are stunning, and there is a seemingly endless supply of extra content to go through. A great site all around!

Pros & Cons

  • + Gorgeous models
  • + Featured content looks awesome
  • + Tons of extra content
  • + Heaps of bonus sites
  • + Easy to browse