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Do you like seeing your women wearing silk and satin? Love that velvety touch which comes second only to the supple smooth skin of a lady? If you answered yes then you'll certainly appreciate what Only Silk and Satin has on offer. Only Silk and Satin stars some of the most gorgeous ladies wearing sexy silk and satin clothing only to strip down to their sexy lingerie to give us an extremely arousing solo show!
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Our total rating: 84/100

Detailed Review:


I'm not sure if Silk and Satin could be classified as a fetish or not? I guess it can be, though it would probably have to be the most tame fetish I have ever come across as opposed to say BDSM or peeing. Either way this is exactly what you can expect to see on Only Silk and Satin, deliciously gorgeous ladies wearing clothing of the like. But apart from showing off their gorgeous bodies draped in silk/satin members can also enjoy watching the ladies get themselves off with an array of naughty toys or simply pleasuring themselves with their fingers. That said it's pretty obvious that this content isn't for everyone, especially hardcore lovers as there's no kinky sex going down.

The women starring on this site are absolutely delectable just like the sexy satin/silk clothing they are wearing. I have to say that their standards of models is quite high as there wasn't a single ugly mug amongst the bunch, and not only are they very attractive in the face department but they all have luscious bodies ranging from petite, to slender, and voluptuous. But the diversity doesn't stop there as there's a nice selection of nationalities to choose from, apart from the usual blond, brunette, and redhead Caucasians, you've also a selection of exotic Asians, Latinas, and bubble butt ebony ladies. So no matter what your tastes are in women I'm sure that you will more than likely find a few ladies on this site which will have you rock hard!

Despite of having only been live for the span of 6 months the site has a formidable collection of 50 episodes which works out to be roughly 8 episodes per month. Now 50 episodes may not be a massive number compared to other sites but keep in mind that the site has only been live for 6 months and to make that number even more impressive all the episodes are exclusive to this site which basically means you won't be finding this content any where else on the net.

Quality is fairly decent on this site more so thanks to the formidable kbps rate rather than the fairly average resolutions. One thing the site could improve on is video options as the episodes are only available to download in avi files meaning you might have to download codecs in order to view the videos. The episodes are only available in full scenes which is alright, though it would have been nice if they were also available in segments as some of the videos can for for as long as 25 minutes. On the bright side the videos aren't held back by DRM restrictions so you can keep them forever if you wish. The avi's are available in (1600kbps @ 640x480) while the flash videos which are only available to stream are available in (900kbps @ 640x480). So overall the videos are pretty decent, hardly ground breaking stuff though.

While the videos may just be above average the picture content on offer is actually pretty damn good! They are certainly clear and colorful, and really do the models justice as they look so damn gorgeous in these photos. Besides being of high quality the photography work is great getting the best angles of the luscious model and the artificial lighting is also spot on. To top it all off the pictures are also quite large measuring in at (800x1000 pixels). I was certainly more impressed with the quality of the photos compared to the videos, though I feel it should have been the other way around.

As a side dish to the delicious featured content members are also given access to quite a few bonus items including a movie theater from where members can stream a selection of bonus scenes, there's also forums where members can keep in touch with each other. It would have been nice if there were some bonus sites as well however I'm sure members will be quite busy with the content on this site and it looks as though the site is still quite active on updates so there will always be something new to come back to.

Features & Navigation:

The tour pages are looking quite minty thanks to the nice shade of green the site designers have draped the page with. Right below the top banner there's information on the site specs including how many models, individual images, and videos there are on offer and the fact that they are all exclusive to the site. Below the top banner there's a introduction video along with a sample picture of the latest update. Further down you'll find sample content of some more latest updates, and at the bottom thumbnails featuring portraits of the latest models.

Right from the get go members are presented with all the latest and greatest news on the homepage. Below the top banner is the section dedicated to the latest update which includes 3 thumbnail links for the segmented video streams, a short description of the episode, information on how long the episode goes for, and of course the download links. Further down you'll come across the other updates for the month, and members can even go ahead in time and check out the upcoming releases.

The top navigation menu includes links to the various types of media including the videos and pictures, there's also a link to the model section from where members can browse through the content via model rather than upload date. There's also a search section providing search tools, and other sections such as friends, My OSS, the members forum, and the upcoming section.

The pictures and videos archive are pretty much identical they both have the updates organized via month of upload which makes it easy to keep on track with just how active the site is on updates. The picture galleries can either be viewed off the site or downloaded in three different sizes. The video gallery pretty much has the same layout as the latest update section where members are presented with information on the video along with the stream and download links.

So that's all there is to be said about the site. Looking back it is quite an easy site to browse though I feel some of the sections were only included to make the site look bigger than what it is which I felt was unnecessary. I really liked the color scheme and the site presentation was generally pretty good, also everything was nicely spaced out so you never get that cluttered look some sites have.


Only Silk and Satin is a clothing porn site certainly worth a look at, it's doing quite well on content numbers and even though the videos aren't of ground breaking quality they still look quite decent in their own right, plus the pictures on offer look gorgeous. Information on future updates makes it clear that the site isn't going to stop on updates anytime soon and I found the site a pleasure to browse. All in all a decent site featuring awesomely hot ladies!

Pros & Cons

+ Very active on updates
+ All exclusive content
+ Quality of media is great
+ Site looks great
+ Very easy to navigate
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