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Short Review:

2 dicks in 1 chick is a very self explanatory website, featuring of course, double penetration. There are a lot of great DP videos here, all featuring hot babes getting fucked in both holes. The quality is good, and when you add up the material on the rest of the site's network, it's definitely worth the $25.
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Price Details:

Trial 9.95
Monthly 24.95

Current Ratings for 2 Dicks In 1 Chick:

Our total rating: 83/100

Detailed Review:


Double penetration is one sex act that I've never tried, and probably never will. I don't know, maybe I'm old fashioned, but In my fantasies, there's only 1 dick, and that dick is mine. This review isn't about my preferences nor my homophobia, however, so I'll get on with the review. If you want to see double penetration videos, this is the place.

You get access to 58 videos, at the time of writing. I do believe the site updates once a week, so that number is steadily increasing. The videos are well shot, the sluts are all hot, and the videos are in high quality. Oh no! 2 dicks just touched! I saw the whole thing, get it off get it off!

You get a choice of streaming video in a choice of qualities. These come in realvideo or windows media video formats, cut into parts. You also have the option to download the full uncut versions in higher quality. You'll want these ones if you're planning on keeping the videos for later "usage".

Each video also comes with a purely supplemental image gallery composed of screen shots of the scene. You can browse these one by one or download them all in a zip file.

If the double penetration action isn't enough for your needs, or you're just tired of seeing 2 dicks on screen at all times, just head over to the other sites on the network. You get access to great sites like "XXX movie stars", "Internal Violations", "Busty Cafe", "Bikini Dream" and "All Anal XXX". You're guaranteed to have over 1000 videos in total, which I hope is enough for anyone.

Features & Navigation:

When you first get to the site you are greeted with a flashy logo that promises exclusive hardcore double penetration videos. You get the standard porn tour treatment here, you can view screen shots for each video as well as a trailer. The members area login link is on this page, and within a few minutes I'm logged into the members area.

Inside the members area is a very simple, and to the point layout. The scenes that are available are right on the main page, displayed as thumbnails. They have links to the video, and image galleries for each. Further down the page there are direct links to the members only areas of the other sites on the network. You are also given a pull down menu from where you can choose your favorite model, and view her videos.

When you've selected a video, you click on the watch video link below its thumbnail. You are taken to a simple page where you can either download the full video, or choose a part, and then select between realvideo or windows media video formats.

The image galleries are no trouble either. You are shown a series of small thumbnail images, you click an image, and you're shown the full thing. You can also click to download a zip file that contains the whole image set. Unless you've been sniffing way too much glue, you'll have no troubles getting around this site.


Great site if you're into double penetration. A lot of good exclusive content here, and its easy to get to. The site network is great too, and makes the price reasonable.

Pros & Cons

+ High quality videos
+ Great site network
+ Easy to navigate
Click here to visit 2 Dicks In 1 Chick and check out the tour.