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Double Diper 1318 Double Diper Double Diper is brought to you by the massive Meat Members network.
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Double Diper

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Double Diper

Short Review

Double Diper is brought to you by the massive Meat Members network. This site brings you horny ladies who NEED two cocks at the same time, one in their ass, one up their pussy, and if they're lucky they might just get one in the mouth. Double Diper offers 19 exclusive episodes, starring some of the hottest pornstars around. So cum check out this site where not a single hole is left unplugged.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

I tell ya what, some sluts are just so hard to please. The ones on this site in particular, because they won't settle for only one cock, they need 2 at the very least. Double Diper stars a cast of sexy, well known pornstars. Some names you may be familiar with include Gia Paloma, Barbara Summer, and Lauren Pheonix. So there's definately a heap of eye candy on show. Obviously this site is largely based on Double Penetration porn, so you can bet your icy cold beers, that the content is insanely hardcore. You'll also be treated with ass gaping, face fucking, sticky cum shots, and plenty more acts of hardcore fucking.

Unfortunately it looks as though Double Diper hasn't been updated in quite sometime. The last logged update, was dated on the 26th of November '06. So far there hasn't been any information on future updates, and quite frankly I am concerned about this, because there are only 19 episodes to choose from. On the upside, the episodes are exclusive, and they're a great watch. Although the collection of videos is on the smaller side of things, the developers have done a good job on providing a nice mix of models. They range from slutty blondes, cute brunettes, exotic Asians, and feisty Latinas.

Double Diper episodes run for roughly 30 minutes each. They are available to stream, and download with no DRM restrictions. To make life easier for members on slower connections, the episodes have been cut in to short chapters which are around 5 minutes in length. Giving members the option to skip the boring parts, saving them a whole lot of bandwidth. There are 2 formats available, these include Wmv, and Mpeg. Out of the two, the Mpegs are available in the highest bit rate, clocking in at a very decent 1400kbps @ 480x360. The Wmvs are also a decent watch, these come in 1000kbps @ 640x480. The quality gap between the two isn't huge, so either one you choose, you can be sure it's going to look decent.

I was a little bummed to find that out of the 19 episodes provided, only 2 of them came with high quality photos. All the other episodes also come with images, though they're screen captures which don't look that great due to pixelation, and blurs. The actual photo content was fairly good, they're definately colorful, however they are a little grainy, only slightly though. These photos are available in sizes of up to (800x529 pixels). Not the best images I've seen, but they're definately good enough to bust a nut on.

Don't let the small content numbers turn you away just yet, because although there's not a heap of content on this site in particular, your membership does give you access to a seemingly endless supply of porn. Members of this site are given free access to the entire Meat Members network. This consists of 45 exclusive niche sites, and the fact that they are constantly developing new sites makes the membership that much sweeter. Overall the network is very well rounded as far as niches go. Members are treated with a myriad of sites ranging from mainstream, to kinky fetishes. There's definately something here for just about every one.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

Double Diper certainly excels in the looks department. Not only that, but the site is also very easy to access, and the main members area for the entire Meat Members network is very convenient. What really impressed me was the cosmetics of the site, the designs are fairly simple, but they really give the site a professional feel. All the items on the page are spread out nicely, and accessing content is a breeze.

Before members are taken to the main members are of Double Diper. They are first directed to the homepage for the entire Meat Members network. This page contains all the essentials to keep up to date with what's happening on the network. There's even information on updates for the individual sites, eliminating the need of visiting the sites individually to see if there's anything new. Little things like that make the network a pleasure to browse.

Accessing the members area of Double Diper can be done by clicking on the banner link found towards the bottom of this page. This link can be found amongst all the other site links. I should also mention that all the sites on the network essentially have the same layout, with the only changes being the color scheme. I found this quite convenient as it keeps browsing consistent.

Situated at the top of the main members area is a drop down menu. This menu includes links to the other bonus sites, making it quick and easy to traverse through the many sites. Below this is a link to the Meat Board (which is basically a forum for members), and further down is the archive of past updates. Down the right side of the page is a section dedicated to the most popular updates, very convenient for new members.

All episodes are presented via thumbnails portraying a picture of the model. Below said thumbnail are links to the different types of media the episode offers, such as the photos, screen captures, and the videos. The video archive is filled with links which allow members to stream, and download the content. A simple click on these, and you're as good as gold. Photos can be viewed on an individual basis, and members can also download entire sets in a zip file.



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If you're after ball busting DP episodes, then this site definitely delivers on that. But if you're after a truck load of content, then this site may fall short to your expectations. However, members do gain access to a massive amount of porn, it may not be DP porn, but it's just as arousing. All in all, the site really needs to improve on content numbers. Other then that, the site does fairly well in all aspects.

Pros & Cons

  • + Intense DP scenes
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Videos look good
  • + Access to 45 sites
  • + Great site presentation
  • + Easy to browse
  • - Needs more content