DP Fuck Fest
DP Fuck Fest 97 DP Fuck Fest Some women just can't seem to be satisfied when it comes to having sex, these women in particular can't deal with having just one cock, no they need two maybe even more if need be.
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DP Fuck Fest

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DP Fuck Fest

Short Review

Some women just can't seem to be satisfied when it comes to having sex, these women in particular can't deal with having just one cock, no they need two maybe even more if need be! Their wild cravings for cock drive them into a fuck frenzy where one cock can never suffice and their every lubed up orifice is fair game, if you want to see some horny as hell women taking on two cocks at the same time then this site certainly won't disappoint!

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Double penetration hasn't really been my cup of tea, this is probably because there are more guys than girls on the screen at any one time, but I can definitely see how the ladies could really get into this type of porn, but I suppose there'd be a lot of guys out there who love their DP porn too, although I'm not entirely sure on how they get off to it, maybe they really like watching a single girl getting slammed by two guys, anyway if you love your DP content then you'll feel quite at home on this site.

In my opinion DP would have to be one of the most extreme hardcore niches out there, I mean a girl who can take a few cocks up the same hole at the same time must be pretty talented right? So far there are 37 short episodes for members to enjoy, these episodes have been split into 4 short clips, in order to keep the file sizes down for their customers that are still on dial up. All the video files are in wmv format, with the further option of choosing between the high and low res videos. From what I've viewed there videos are of fairly good quality, as the motion is fluid and the picture is clear, there are a few slightly dark and grainy scenes but it's not overly noticeable, put it this way your eyes won't bleed watching them.

The foxy ladies starring in their videos are all very hot! and there's certainly no shortage of flavors to choose from, there's blonde bimbos, seductive brunettes, Hot Asians, Cute babes, Spicy Latinas and round assed ebony hotties. Obviously these scenes are as hardcore as your gonna get seeing as they are DP scene, rest assured the fucking is rapid and the cocks are plenty. Aside from the 37 featured videos, members are also treated to an extra 412 episodes of bonus content which comprises of random hardcore scenes, the bonus videos are on par in quality with their featured videos, so you don't have to worry about half assed bonus content, these vids certainly stretch the value of their membership.

What impressed me the most was the quality of their picture content, so far all the sites I've reviewed on this network have been excellent in providing great quality screenshots. They've ditched video captures all together and opted for high quality still photo shoots, the bulk of these picture galleries are lesbian shoots, with a few standard hardcore scenes thrown in towards the end of their collection, the dimensions differ through out the different photos and the quality is just superb, to those of you who love picture content, you'll be in for quite a treat cause even I was impressed with these photos and that doesn't happen very often.

Although this site has only 37 DP episodes available, the quality of their content is spot on and consistent and even if members find themselves running out of content to view there are always the bonus sites on their network to check out, there isn't any information regarding their updates, so we'll just have to wait and see what the deal is with that.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

Some people may find this site to be a little too busy, as everything looks to be too close together and cluttered, the color scheme and general presentation of the site could do with a little touch up cause at the moment it does look a little dull. The different sections of the site I will write about in this review include the home page, featured vids, bonus vids and image galleries, there are 4 other sections to this site but they really aren't worth writing about as they mostly comprise of links which direct you to other adult orientated sites.

Their home page mostly consists of links to their last 8 uploaded videos and top ranking lists for all their different types of media, these include their top ranking image galleries, top ranking bonus vids and their top bonus sites, at the very bottom of the page you'll come across links to adult orientated sites which are dedicated to tips and information on how you can improve your personal sex life.

The featured videos section is essentially a thumbnails gallery, each episode takes up a small portion of the page, this portion consists of 4 video cap thumbnails taken from that episode's video file, a short description and download links to the video files, now clicking on a download link won't automatically start up a download, instead you'll be taken to a new window where the video will start streaming in and the download link can be found towards the bottom of this window, I can see this downloading process becoming a hassle after doing it a couple hundred times, I really wish they included simple direct download links, the right section of this page lists their 10 newest videos, this list can also be found on the homepage. The bonus vids section basically has the same layout as the featured videos section, the only difference is that the thumbnails are smaller and there are a lot more pages to this section.

The image galleries section is essentially your traditional everyday thumbnail gallery, each of the thumbnails are linked to the individual picture galleries, all up there are 22 pages of thumbnail galleries each page includes 36 thumbnails so there are close to 800 different photo shoots, which is a god send to their members who love their picture content, not to mention that the quality of these pictures are superb.

So yeah the site is easy to navigate, it could do with a cosmetic make over and they really need to fix up their download process, other than that the site did well on this section.



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I'd have to say that this is one of the better dp porn sites on their network, there's a decent amount of featured content to go through, with a tonne of bonus content thrown in for good measure, the only thing that kind of disappointed me was the tedious download procedure and the general presentation of the site itself, other than that the site does pretty well, check it out if your a big DP fan.

Pros & Cons

  • + Great Picture content
  • + Consistent media quality
  • + Loads of Bonus content
  • - Download procedure
  • - General presentation and layout