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DP Movie Club 2097 DP Movie Club There is nothing more hardcore than seeing a girl take on two cocks in one sitting.
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DP Movie Club

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DP Movie Club

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There is nothing more hardcore than seeing a girl take on two cocks in one sitting. If you find yourself highly aroused by watching a fine ass woman being treated like a pincushion then you will certainly appreciate what the DP Movie Club has in store for it is lucky members. Not only are the DP movies so damn arousing but they also come in outstanding quality which will have your eyes rotting from all the gorgeous eye candy.

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Some girls hey...they just don't seem to be content with just one cock ravaging their tiny fuck holes they must absolutely have two at the very least. The only girls you'll be finding on this site are of that sort, they feel most at home when they're sandwiched between two well hung studs doing both her butt hole and minge simultaneously to get double the pleasure. I must admit watching DP content is quite hot, especially when we get some great views of the girl's holes getting reamed open, but there are times when all you see are the guy's asses which can be a bit of a turn off at times. Anyway the DP Movie Club throws hour after hour of sizzling hot DP scenes for members to enjoy.

The DP Movie Club is a brand new site fresh off the developers table, it's only been live for less than a week and already has a decent line up of DVDs for members to check out and download. The DP Movie Club is essentially an online DVD archive which is souly based on DP porn short for double penetration where the single starring girl has two guys working on her asshole and pussy at the same time, so yeah I guess you can say things can get quite intense to say the very least. So far there's a current total of 34 full length retail DVDs to check out. It might not seem much compared to other DVD archives but keep in mind that this one is niche driven and there's plenty of room for growth as the site has only been up for less than a week.

Where this site really shines is in the quality department. Although the DVDs may come from different production companies and having to deal with the different types of qualities the orginal copy of the DVDs come in the encoding team behind the videos on DP Movie Club have gone ot of their way to make sure that they are looking top notch, this is not surprising as the highest video encoding rate clocks in at (2500kbps @ 720x480) So they're looking quite gorgeous indeed. Plus members choices don't stop there as they can also stream the videos off the site in FLV format, and also download them in Mp4 format so they've the luxury of viewing the videos on a portable video player to have porn on the go. All DVDs are of full length running for an hour or more and the scenes can be downloaded individually with no DRM restrictions, so as you can see they definately haven't pulled any punches as far as video options go.

The developers of DP Movie Club obviously knew that 34 DVDs isn't going to satisfy the masses, even though there are frequent uploads the numbers still don't match up to other massive online DVD archives. However this is where things start to get a little more juicier because once you sign up to this site you gain access to a further 19 sites all of which are a part of the HD Movie Club which is the very network this site is on. What these sites have in common is the fact that they all offer videos in outstanding quality, plus with each of the 20 sites covering different niches there's quite the buffet of porn to indulge in. So not only are you treated to high quality porn and a diverse line up of DVD titles, but you are also treated to one hell of a bargain as you gain access to 20 sites in total for the price of one!

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The great thing about the tours of DP Movie Club is that non-members have the opportunity to find out exactly what they're paying for. In other words non-members can browse through the site as though they were a full member of course the only drawback is that you can't download the videos as that luxury is rewarded to those who sign up. In the top banner you've got the DP Movie Club logo along with pictures of sexy models getting double penetrated. There's even a content numbers count within the top banner showing how many DVDs there are across all 20 sites and a count down timer on when the next DVD will be uploaded.

Once in the main members area of the DP Movie Club you'll notice that it looks pretty much identical to the tour pages. The top banner and layout remains the same. Down the left hand side of the page is a menu which includes links to the 19 other sites on offer, site hopping has never been easier as a single click on these links and you will automatically be taken to the main members area of that site. Down the middle section of the main members area is where you'll find links to the various DVD titles, these are all depicted in the form of the box cover of the DVD and clicking on this image will take you to the main media area where you can access the downloads for the individual scenes and stream the videos using the video player box provided.

Going back to the main members area you'll find a number of search tools below the bonus site links I mentioned earlier. These are in the form of drop down menus which allow members to search through the content via production company, series, or by pornstar. A great way to go through the titles if you like to be specific on which stars you wish to view. Below the search tools are thumbnail links which will take you to the most popular episodes. These are guaranteed to be steaming hot as this selection of top picks are nominated by the member base depending on how many times the scene has been downloaded. A great way to start off if you're having trouble choosing which scenes to download and with the amount on offer I wouldn't blame you if you did.

So the site certainly focuses on quick easy access and convenience on site hopping through out the 20 different sites. Other than being a piece of cake to navigate the site itself looks pretty damn shnazy as well. The main color scheme consists of black and red making it look simple yet nice to look at. Every thing is nicely spaced out eliminating that cluttered feel you get on some sites and basically the site presentation is top notch a very handsome looking site indeed without going over board. Easy navigation, decent search tools, and all wrapped up in an eye pleasing color scheme top notch site if I do say so myself.



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By now you may have guessed that this is one awesome site. The content numbers as a stand alone site may not be overwhelming just yet but give it time and the DP Movie Club will be overflowing with content plus with all those other sites to check out I'm sure you're hands will always be full. The most outstanding aspect would have to be the quality of the content which is just superb. Not only is the content great but the site itself looks awesome and is a piece of cake to navigate.

Pros & Cons

  • + Top notch video quality
  • + Great site presentation
  • + Access to 20 sites
  • + Frequent updates
  • + Easy navigation