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WD Girls 5350 WD Girls WD Girls is a highly unique site that is all about drunk amateur girls doing crazy things.
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WD Girls

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WD Girls

Short Review

WD Girls is a highly unique site that is all about drunk amateur girls doing crazy things. Unlike most other sites I have reviewed in the past with some kind of drinking more alcohol theme, this one really focuses on the actual state of being drunk much more than it does crazy drunken orgies or tape flashing, although you will see some masturbation and exposing of boobs, ass, and pussy in public. Curious? So am I, so let's go inside and find out exactly what this drunken site is really all about

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When I first arrived inside the members area here at WD Girls, I was actually a bit surprised at just how large this collection is. These "strange" little niche sites are often quite tiny, but these guys have built up an impressive collection of around 320 videos so far. They're currently adding one new video and one small photo set of six images each and every day, so growth is fast and steady.

I was really quite sure what to expect from these drunken girl videos, and I'm not sure if I was ready for what I got. This is probably some of the most authentic amateur footage I've ever seen, and these gals are truly, truly drunk. Everything I downloaded had a playful feel to it and the girls are typically all smiles, although some scenes feature the gals getting so wasted that they have to run to the nearest bathroom or tree and puke. There's also a heavy emphasis on pissing including outdoor pissing. Many of the scenes feature a single drunk gal, but there are also quite a few that feature two, three, or even more girls altogether. They get drunk, run to the bathroom together, shower together, and sometimes they even get a little frisky with each other. You'll see them dancing around together naked or mostly naked, making out, and giving each other lap dances. Just imagine every crazy thing you've ever seen a drunk chick do, and there's a pretty good chance you can see them doing here. It's probably worth noting that the vast majority of the dialogue here, and there is quite a bit in each flick, is in a non-English language I don't speak.

The amateur nature of these materials and the fact that much of the action tends to take place outdoors and in various public locations means that we aren't exactly dealing with glossy, pro-porn looking materials, and that's not the point anyway. That being said, I was impressed with the quality level of the materials overall and the site even offers videos at up to 1280 x 720 pixels with bitrates topping 5000 kbps for the most recent releases.

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Potential members of WDGirls can gain quite a bit of information about the site from the tour pages. In fact, the tour pages here are essentially just a copy of the members area with previews and update information for every available on the site.

The members area here is quite basic in terms of navigation but does offer some useful features to help you get around. There's a drop-down menu with all of the featured models as well as a search tool that allows you to select various types of scenes including sleeping, lesbian, shower, masturbation, pissing, vomit, and more. You can even choose specific categories to differ include from your results. The recent video scenes are offered for downloading your choice of a standard definition WMV format file or a high quality MP4 format file.



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Although themes of drunkenness aren't exactly unheard of in porn, I have literally never seen a collection dedicated to it in quite this way. If you like the idea of seeing gals so drunk and wasted that they can hardly stand and start doing things they would never normally do like kissing in public and making out with their girlfriends, it's hard to think of another place you could do it aside from perhaps your local bar. In the end, WG Girls is a specialized site that pulls off it's theme well.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive amateur/drunk girl materials
  • + Daily updates
  • + Large collection
  • + 720p downloads
  • - No streaming
  • - Sex action fairly limited