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Black Men Digital 5661 Black Men Digital Here you are looking at a magazine site that focuses on ebony and soft-core. Its the online versions of Black Men Magazine, a publication for and about all things sexy and black.
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Black Men Digital

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Black Men Digital

Short Review

Here you are looking at a magazine site that focuses on ebony and soft-core. Its the online versions of Black Men Magazine, a publication for and about all things sexy and black. So, lots of galleries, some videos, lots of articles and plenty of reading. The site is all whizzy and interactive and has lots of member-friendly functions and interactive things to do. The quality is good, the updates are good and the featured women are perfect. Its a dream of a site for all ebony fans.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

Ok, so you need to take a deep breath and dive in to the content here. It hits you right between the eyes as soon as you log in, with images from the recent updates and what is coming soon. The home page is a mass of information and links, adverts and images and deserves a good ten minute read before you even start to explore the menu. This home page sets you up well for what is to come in that it is full of interesting info. But, moving on to the actual video and gallery content and then the others here is what I found when I was in the site:

Top menu, movies first and there were 52 solo scenes or clips here. The site is mainly about images which is why the movie updates are spasmodic and not wonderful; these 52 had taken three years to arrive, so don't expect many films here. And they are mainly three minute clips. You have a choice of download or play in Flash and WMV, it's all very basic and soft-core and not really what the site is about.

But the galleries Clicking the link in the top menu brought me to 844 photo sets spread over 53 index pages and dating back to January 2009. Numbers per set a varied from one image to 70 or more, but I would say that you are looking at mainly only five or six pics per set. All the women are black, all the content is solo and the quality is fine with a choice of sizes to view including 1,050 x 1,400. I had no concerns about the photo content except the small amount of images per set, but where there may be a lack of quantity there was no lack of quality.

Checking out the rest of the top menu I found around 500 sexy ebony ladies with information and stats and links to their contributions. I then came across some 21 pages of interviews to read, articles on clothing, links to back issues of Black Men Magazine to read and browse, videos from the BlackBook Community and a link to a page of photographers that actually brought me back to the model index.

So, the majority of your content here is around the solo, ebony girl photo, and the quality is top of the range. There is also reading to be had, some movies to view though were mainly looking at a photo site here, and the whole thing really does have a neat magazine feel to it. Basically what you see on the tour is what you find inside, and you do well for quality, images and updates.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

You also do well for interactive options. Although the site uses a template design it is one that many sites employ because it works well. You've got a clear top menu, in this case white on black, and all the links work fine. You have a variety of search and sort options, category lists and model lists as well. The home page gives you some ideas of other things to do, like chat and dating sites, and links to interesting pages, updates and whats coming soon, and there should be no navigation issues at all.

In more detail, you find that you can rate the content as you go through it, and you can also give each model a rate as well. The galleries come with zip file downloads so you can take whole sets in one go, there are rates for each image and slideshows to run as well; navigating through the galleries is easy. When you are watching a video clip you can also make comments in the box beneath it and there is an add to favourites function for just about everything so you can start to personalise your site.

There is then a submenu where you have a casting call; here you can vote for various girls, turn them into cover girls and see the results of other members voting; it's an interesting addition to the site. And the submenu also features a list of news areas: events, model interviews, fashion and so on are all there adding more depth to the site and more for you to see and do. All in all, it runs smoothly and there is a lot to get involved with.



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Black Men Digital is a perfect online magazine space for all lovers of ebony girls and the black way of life. Its not hardcore or seedy, it's mildly erotic, like a gentleman's magazine from the top shelf, and it is very well maintained and looked after. You get excellent value from a monthly membership, even better from a longer-term one, and you will never have to buy another ebony magazine again. Black Men Digital has it all.

Pros & Cons

  • + Packed with pics and info
  • + Frequently updated
  • + A perfect resource for all ebony interests
  • + Very well maintained and run
  • + Fully interactive
  • - Video updates are not regular