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Short Review:

Booty Boot Camp gives us a pretty big sized archive of hardcore porn starring some fat assed black chicks that look great, but unfortunately the quality of the video itself is damn low, and the site doesnt impress me one bit. The network is pretty big, but suffers from the same downfalls, making this a site package youd probably want to avoid.
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Monthly 29.95

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Detailed Review:


The site does in fact have a high number of hardcore fuck scenes with some fine fat assed women, and might have passed for a good site about 10 years ago but these days there are thousands and thousands of sites that are way better and often for a lower price, making this site not worth your hard earned cash.

There are over 160 updates on the site, which isnt too bad, and most of them are a good healthy 20 minutes or so in length. Its not beautifully filmed, but it is adequately filmed and the girls that are getting fucked are pretty fine if youre into larger black women with fat asses. Theres a bit of lesbian stuff and threesomes thrown in, but most of the porn is pretty standard.

The worst thing about Booty Boot Camp is that most of the older updates on the site come in a very low quality format that just doesnt look good however you look at it. The old update are cut into small clips too and at (320x240) this is ridiculous. The most recent updates have improved a bit, but theyre still outdated and come in windows WMV (640x480 @ 2000kbps). The watermarks on them arent too bad and there arent any DRM restrictions either.

Another thing I dont like about this site is its complete lack of any photographic content whatsoever. You will find some JPGS around the site and the network but these are just screenshots from the video files.

The same login info gets you into the rest of the sites on the network as well. You get Phat Juicy Ass, Shower Booty, Bend Over Video, Booty Boot Camp, Kick Ass Moms, Mucho Taco, Online Greek, Roxy Rumps, The Anal Vault and Throat Glue.

Features & Navigation:

Booty Boot Camp has a very easy website design that is nearly impossible to be puzzled by, but it doesnt have any impressive features either. On the main page, just like most porn sites you see, theres a tour page with a few sample vids and screenshots from the video files. Making your way into the site is not a big problem, even with the captcha code.

Booty Boot Camps members area has the same basic setup, but now with access to the actual porn. The main page gives you a bit of useless greeting words and then has some links to the rest of the sites you have access to on the same network as well as the latest site updates. Theres a navigation menu up at the header that links you to Videos, Support and Home.

Thevideo content on the site is found by clicking the video headline at the top. There you will see a listing, page by page, of each video you can download. Click on the video to get to its download page, and then you will have direct links to each of the video files files and theyll download straight away.

You wont find much else to this site, its as simple as porn sites get. The other websites on the network have the same design as well so youll find it easy to go from one to the other. The speeds all seem pretty fast too, with downloads coming in right away and no slowdowns as far as page load times.


Booty Boot Camp has a lot of videos, but these videos are usually very low in quality and just arent worth downloaded, let alone paying for. The newer stuff is better, but still, not impressive and the network as a whole suffers from the same outdated low quality downloads that just dont cut it.

Pros & Cons

+ Some good porn downloads
+ Good, large network
- Older updates lower quality
- No photos
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