Ebony Cheeks
Ebony Cheeks 858 Ebony Cheeks Now we all know which kind of women have the most roundest juiciest butts around right? It's ebony women of course! I've yet to come across an ebony babe who doesn't have an ample backside.
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Ebony Cheeks

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Ebony Cheeks

Short Review

Now we all know which kind of women have the most roundest juiciest butts around right? It's ebony women of course! I've yet to come across an ebony babe who doesn't have an ample backside. Ebony Cheeks looks as though it doesn't have what it takes to bring in the crowds, why is this you ask? Well read on and you'll find out.

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  • Quality: 0/15
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  • Quantity: 0/15

I was really looking forward to digging my teeth into a mouthful of ebony cheeks but as fate would have it, this site just doesn't seem to be pulling it's weight, there's only a handful of average looking video feeds, with the picture galleries taking the spotlight, this isn't acceptable among websites nowadays unless of course the site specifically says it's dedicated to picture content only, which this site doesn't.

Currently there are 8 video feeds to choose from, all of which cover the scorching hot ebony niche. The video feeds allow you to stream the scenes in various qualities, including high, medium and low. Actual viewing quality of the videos wavers through out the various feeds, you'll come across scenes which look abysmal, and you'll also find scenes which are average. Being video feeds I really wasn't expecting that much....too bad they don't have any downloadable episodes.

Now the main meal of the content available would have to be the drool worthy picture galleries, which in all honesty should be the side dish. Currently there are 24 picture galleries to choose from which consist of pictures that come in various large dimensions. Overall the quality of these pictures are great, though you will come across some galleries which don't look as clean and sharp as the rest, but all in all they're damn arousing to view.

To compensate for the lack of ebony porn content on this site, the developers have decided to shower their members with loads of goodies including 4 hot E-zines, 8 interactive sites, 4 live cam girl services, lots of adult games and jokes, and best of all full access to over 40 scorching hot niche sites. To general porn lovers this may be enough to compensate for the lack of ebony content, but to ebony fans they'll be bitterly disappointed knowing that the bulk of these bonuses aren't ebony related.

Nav, Design & Features

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  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

Now although the content on this site was quite underwhelming, it's in the design and accessibility where the site starts to shine, but unfortunately it's just too little too late, besides I'd gladly join a site that looks crap but offers amazing content, rather than a site that looks glam with content that will make your eyes bleed.

To access the various sections of the site, simply use the navigation menu and it's numerous links, these links will take you to such areas as the E-zines section, interactive sites, video feeds, live cam girls, games, jokes, and the chat room. There are also several links scattered down the members area which will take you to the respective sections.

The main members area consists of several small thumbnails which present the different types of content available, you can also check out the 5 latest Ebony cheeks galleries from here, also in the form of thumbnail links. If you were to click on any one of these thumbnail links you will be taken to that particular photo set's main gallery, from where you can view the mouth watering photos.

The links to the numerous bonus sites are situated at the very bottom of the home page, simply clicking on any of the links will take you directly to that particular site's main members area, it's good to see that they've taken out the process of having to re-enter your login every time you enter one of the sites, as this becomes very frustrating when your in the middle of a wank.

So that's pretty much all the important navigation aspects of the site, there aren't any real search tools or nothing of the sort, but that being said they weren't really needed as their content collection just isn't extensive enough to need one. Overall I thought it was quite easy to browse the site, every thing's marked out clearly, there aren't any fancy sections to make the site look bigger than what it is, it's all there in front of you which is how it should be.



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By now I think I've made it clear that I wasn't too fond with the amount of content on this site, having only 8 video feeds isn't going to cut it in the competitive online porn industry. There's a number of great picture galleries but 24 of them really isn't going to last very long...you know what to do guys, steer clear of this one for now, as there just isn't enough to impress.

Pros & Cons

  • + Nice extras
  • + Photo content is great
  • + Access to over 40 bonus sites
  • + Clean cut site design
  • + Easy to navigate
  • - Not enough content