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The Ebony Movie Vault is for those of you who have a fixation on chocolate skinned babes with chunky round asses we all know and love them for. Watch hour after hour of sexy ebony babes getting their holes slammed inside out in some of the most gorgeous quality videos you will see. So if you are after tons of porn and better yet awesome quality, then you will certainly want to give this brand new online DVD archive solely based on foxy chocolate babes a go.
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I'm not sure about you but when it comes to ebony porn I can get quite picky. Sometimes it feels as though the recruiters pick some of the girls straight off the street and they look a little too skanky for my liking. Don't get me wrong though, I have seen my fair share of ebony babes which could give even the most hard pleased men a raging hard on with a subtle wink. Either way you can't go past the trade mark chunky bubble butt ebony babes are renowned for, and the Ebony Movie Vault slaps you in the face with more bubble butts than any one man can handle.

Obviously watching ebony scene after ebony scene could get quite boring after a while so it's a good thing that the developers have provided a cocktail of secondary niches which the ebony based DVDs fall under. So other than the fact that all the stars you'll be perving on are gorgeous chocolate skinned hotties, they will be doing different sexual things depending on which DVD you view. First of all you've got the standard hardcore one on one outing, but you'll also come across DVDs which fall under the fetish and reality niches. All in all the plethora of secondary niches the DVDs on offer cover is quite diverse, and you won't find yourself staring blankly in to the screen in a state of boredom.

The developers of this site obviously know the conveniences of an online DVD archive. It's a wonder for porn lovers to be able to download a massive amount of retail DVDs from the comfort of their very own home, no more embarrassing visits to the video store where the cashier girl gives you dirty looks from renting out a crazy BDSM porn. No you've got everything you could ever want under one site, and can download scene after scene with a single click of the mouse. There are a fair few DVD archives circulating the net but it's only every now and then you'll come across one which is based on a specific niche, and this is exactly what the developers of this site have gone ahead and done.

The Ebony Movie Vault can be classified as a brand spanking new site. It has only been up and running for a short time but within that time the site has been injected with a decent amount of full length DVD titles. Now some of you may be a little unimpressed with the fact that there are 70 DVD titles to check out, but we must keep in mind that this is a niche based DVD archive and the fact that the site is brand new makes that number quite impressive indeed. Either way with consistent updates we're sure to find this site grow in to a monster in no time. Plus there's a whole heap of other DVDs in store for members, but I'll get into those a little later on, right now lets check out the juicy video specs.

So there may be quite a few online DVD archives out there which really pump out content but how many of them really hammer down on quality? I can tell you right now that they're few and far between but here at the Ebony Movie Vault the encoders have gone out of their way to make the videos look their best. Although the retail DVD titles derive from various production companies the encoding team have done an awesome job on keeping the consistency of quality strong through out the various titles. Plus the fact that all the available scenes have been encoded in an impressive encoding rate of (2500kbps @ 720x480) makes things that much more mouth watering. So yeah quality certainly isn't an issue here.

Apart from the quality of the videos the developers also haven't pulled any punches when it comes to download and video options. You've got the high res videos in wmv but the developers have also made sure that their site is convenient no matter what type of internet connection you've got. There are lower quality versions which are smaller in size to make the task of downloading a little less tedious for members who are on dial-up. There are mp4 files for those of you who like to watch porn on the move, and members also have the option of streaming the videos straight off the site in flash. Oh and I should also mention that the downloadable videos aren't held back by any DRM restrictions meaning you can keep and treasure your beloved porn for as long as you see fit.

Ok so you're probably wondering about the extra DVDs I mentioned earlier in the review. First let me state the fact that the Ebony Movie Vault is a part of the HD Movie Club (I bet you can see where this is going). Now being a part of the HD Movie Club certainly has its advantages as members who sign up to this site gain access to everything available on the network. So instead of paying for one site, you are in fact paying for all 20 sites available on the network. Like this site the bonus sites also include HD quality content and are all based on a specific niche. Across all 20 sites there's a grand total of over 1800 full length DVDs ready for download, and with daily updates that collection is ever growing.

Features & Navigation:

Brace yourself for a toothache as there's so much chocolate to be seen within the tour pages of this site. Within the top banner you've got some of the most delicious looking ebony babes staring right back at you looking as though they want your cock in their mouth, quite arousing right? Well you'll pretty much cream yourself once you start scrolling down the tours as non-members have the ability to peruse through the entire archive of DVDs with out even having to sign-up. This is a great way to advertise the site as potential customers know exactly what they will be paying for, and with all the shiny DVD box covers of the various DVD titles staring right back at you, ebony lovers will certainly have a hard time not wanting to join this site.

The main color scheme of the site is a dark red and beige which really does a great job on portraying all the chocolaty goodness you'll be perving on within the site. The site presentation doesn't take itself to seriously and the entire page is certainly fun to look at. Every thing is nice and big so you won't be squinting your eyes trying to make things out, all in all the site presentation just oozes with quality.

Straight up you'll notice the links to the 20 individual sites on the HD Movie Club network within the column situated to the left of the site. This makes site hopping a breeze as a single click on these links is all that's needed to make your way to the members area of each of the sites. Below this column are search tools which will allow you to search through the content via studio, series, and pornstar. A great feature if you have found yourself a favorite model and wish to see all the content she stars in.

Down the main section of the homepage are where all the latest updates are situated. At the very top is the last update and has it's very own section. Here you will find two large sample pictures taken straight from the video, information on which pornstars star in the scene. Just below this section is the upcoming DVDs section which will give you a peek in to the next few days so you know which DVDs to look out for. Further down are the rest of the updates, and at the very bottom of the list are indexed numbers which are linked to the rest of the past updates.

All the DVDs are represented by their box covers. These are links which will take you to the main download area of the DVD from where you can access all the media that is needed. Once you make it to this page you'll be presented with both the front and back covers of the DVD including all the information you need about it including the stars, the studio which produced the DVD, and a short description. Scrolling down this page you'll come across large sample pictures which will give you a good idea on what the scene involves. Obviously this is where you will also find the download and streaming links for the individual scenes. So as you can probably tell the interface of this site is very user-friendly even for the most novice of internet users out there.


Well by now it should be pretty obvious what I think about this site. If you're still oblivious of just how awesome this site is then all I can say is that if you're an ebony fan join this site right this instant no questions asked, yes it's that great! Brilliant quality videos starring the hottest ebony babes, consistent updates, and a good amount of DVD titles to choose from. Oh and not to mention free access to an entire network filled with sites which focus on high res content. Enough said?

Pros & Cons

+ Great ebony content
+ Awesome video quality
+ Site looks great
+ Easy to navigate
+ Consistent updates
+ Access to an entire network of HD sites
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