Foxy Black Butts
Foxy Black Butts 2022 Foxy Black Butts Boasting a ball draining collection of beautifully encoded high definition videos Foxy Black Butts is definately a site specially tailored for those of you crave ebony babes with juicy round bubble bu
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Foxy Black Butts

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Foxy Black Butts

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Boasting a ball draining collection of beautifully encoded high definition videos Foxy Black Butts is definately a site specially tailored for those of you crave ebony babes with juicy round bubble butts. As a part of the Jerked network you can rest assure that you'll be in for some quality porn viewing on this top of the line site along with all the other equally enticing sites on this fine network of cock teasing porn sites.

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Personally I feel that ebony porn can sometimes be a double edged sword. For one the ebony girls definitely have quite a bit of junk in their trunks however I sometimes feel that their faces can get a little homely at times, it makes you wonder whether the producers just stumbled among the ebony babes on the side of the street trying to sell their ass. Well here at Foxy Black Butts you need not worry your horny little head as the black babes are indeed foxy and are all worthy to make it on the front cover of glamor model magazines, oh yeah and not to mention their drool worthy back sides damn!

Foxy Black Butts is one of the older sites on the Jerked network, but as we all know the older a site is the more content there is available and that my friends is definately evident on this awesome site. The site has been providing members with tantalizing ebony episodes ever since the 30th of October way back in 2005 and up until now they're still going full steam with the updates as the last one was uploaded only a day before this review was completed. Within the time frame of being live the site has pumped out 128 exclusive episodes for members to view and keep. Needless to say with that amount of steamy ebony videos on your plate you're hand will be busy for quite some time, oh and I should also mention that there's always information on further updates in the from of thumbnails giving members a heads up on what they can expect in the near future.

As I said earlier the lovely ebony babes on this site are all very fuckable. Not only do they have the trademark bubble butt but they're all very pretty to boot. There's a nice line up of well known ebony stars along with some new faces who are still just as fuckable. You'll notice popular ebony models such as Sydnee Capri, Lady Rayne, Lori Alexia, and plenty more high caliber honeys. The diversity of episodes available is quite the cocktail to boot. They've provided every thing from standard one on one outings, all out hardcore threesomes, kinky deep throating and ass to mouth shenanigans, and there's even a bit of steamy girl on girl action to be had. You definately won't find yourself with an idle look on your face in a state of boredom with this diverse line up.

When it comes to video quality this site does no wrong. For starters the episodes come in gorgeous HD quality so you can expect to see videos in high encoding rates of up to (2000kbps @ 720x480). Furthermore there's a wealth of video options ranging from downloadable full scenes to short clips, and members can also stream the episodes straight off the site. For members on slower connections they've even included lower quality versions of all their episodes which are considerably lower in file size. However you can take it from me that you'll want to stick with the HD videos as that's certainly the trump card of the site. All videos have been encoded in Wmv format and aren't held back by any DRM restrictions.

The only thing which let me down just a tiny bit about this site is the picture content. You see there aren't any high resolution photos included as they've only stuck with screen captures. That being said however the media team have done a decent job on keeping the images as crisp as possible, so by screen capture standards the ones provided on this site are top notch. They measure in standard screen capture sizes of 640x426 pixels but it's the clarity and absence of blurs which sets them aside from usual tacky screen captures. But with an archive of HD videos I'm sure you're attention will be focused towards them instead so the lack of high quality photos can easily be shrugged off.

Along with the 120 plus exclusive episodes provided on this site members also gain access to every thing the Jerked network has in it's porn vault. This includes 14 exclusive bonus sites all of which provide HD content on par with the videos on this site, and a further 24 bonus sites. The line up of 38 bonus sites available cover a huge range of popular and fetish niches providing every thing an avid porn lover could hope for. So with over 120 exclusive eps and hour after hour of bonus footage it's safe to say that members won't be running out of porn any time soon.

Nav, Design & Features

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From the moment you load up the tour pages of this site you know you're going to be in for quite the ebony buffet. The tours a strewn with gorgeous pictures of beautiful ebony hotties and their eye popping back sides. They also sport a nice selection of sample screen shots from their exclusive episodes along with free sample videos which will leave you begging for more. Situated at the bottom of the tours are large thumbnails of some of the gorgeous ebony models, these girls will definately have you drooling waterfalls.

Load up the tour page and you're immediately treated with an awesome top banner featuring a sexy ebony babe giving you a seductive look with her big bubble butt staring right back at you. I also found the site logo to be quite appropriate to the site niche. Situated below the top banner is the main navigation menu from where you can access the bonus sites section, use the home link to take you straight back to the main members area, and links to third party services such as online personals, live cam shows, and special deals on other great porn sites.

Foxy Black Butts doesn't have a separate page dedicated to the exclusive episodes as all the download links are situated right on the main members area for quick and easy access. Just below the top navigation menu is an area dedicated to the latest update. Within this area you'll find a large thumbnail of the main ebony star, a link to access the trailer, links to the screen capture gallery, and of course the download and streaming links for the full scenes and short clips. To the right of the latest update are small thumbnails of upcoming episodes with ETAs for each one, and as you scroll further down the main members area you'll come across the rest of the episodes.

If you wish to access the various bonus sites on offer you can either use the drop down menu found just below the top navigation menu or click on the bonus sites link within the navigation menu. The drop down menu is great for quick access, though if you wish to get a better idea on what the individual sites are actually based on I would recommend making your way to the separate bonus sites section as this provides small thumbnails and short descriptions for each page. A simple click on the banner links will automatically take you to the main members area of your chosen site from where you can proceed to download to your heart's content.

Overall the site is very well designed and the presentation is just oozing with quality and professionalism. The fact that they have decided to slap all the episode links on the main members area makes accessing the episodes quick and easy, and I loved the way they provide information on future updates as that will definately keep members coming back for more, giving them a sense of security that they will never run out of new porn to check out. A big thumbs up from me as far as navigation and presentation goes.



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Another awesome site from the guys at Jerked, I wasn't expecting any less from them as they certainly aim to impress. What's not to love about this site? The ebony babes are mouth watering and their butts even more so, the episodes are pure eye candy coming in HD quality videos, and the updates just don't stop coming in. Oh and the fact that there's a ton of bonus HD episodes to check out on all the other Jerked network really loads the icing on the cake. You can't go wrong with this one folks!

Pros & Cons

  • + Gorgeous ebony models
  • + Exclusive episodes
  • + HD quality videos!
  • + Frequent consistent updates
  • + Tons of bonus sites with HD vids
  • + Easy and accessible navigation
  • + All around great site