Ghetto Ass Hoes
Ghetto Ass Hoes 657 Ghetto Ass Hoes Well let me think of the best way to describe this website. I think it would be best described as Sizzin hot black bitches that wanna fuck low riding ghetto cruising black pimps.
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Ghetto Ass Hoes

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Ghetto Ass Hoes

Short Review

Well let me think of the best way to describe this website. I think it would be best described as Sizzin hot black bitches that wanna fuck low riding ghetto cruising black pimps. Well hey I cant take the credit for that saying, I just stole it off the front of the website.

The site is smoking hot, its been loaded with tons of young hot black babes that love nothing more then sucking some fine black cock. The sites content is 100% to this site only. Come in and take a look.

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Well let me think of where I need to start to tell you about this site. Its quite a nice site and is full of hot black chicks and hot black guys with massive cocks. I think it must be true that black guys have big cocks, cause I am yet to see a black guy with a small cock.

Ok well anyways this is a black on black site with most of the hot babes being quite young. Around 18-25 years old which I think is a great age to be starting in porn. The Ghetto theme will make you feel like your back in the hood with your homies slapping bitches and getting your cock wet. Ok well that sounded quite gay coming from a white guy but you get what I am trying to say. You will be happy with the content that you will find on the site as it is all 100% exclusive to this site. Thats means that you will never find this content on any other website on the net. I think this is one of the most important things to check before joining a website. There is nothing worse then joining a website where you can find the same content on another site for $20 cheaper.

You will be able to view the videos in a couple of different ways. The first is Regular Size and the second is Large Size, you will then get to pick if you have 56k or broadband.

As for the other content on the site you will get to view over 30 pages of extra downloadable porn. This is without a doubt one of the biggest give aways I have ever seen. You also get access to 9 bonus sites and 40 XXX Videos sites. This would have to be one of the biggest free give aways I have ever seen in my reviewing porn time. There is so much much content on the site that I haven't listed. I would highly recommend you guys join the site and check it out first hand and let me know what you think about it.

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Well your going to have no problems here cause its a simple as using Google. Let me give you a step by step guide to working this site out.

From the moment you log into the site you will see all the videos laid out right in front of you. From here if you are like me you will scroll from page to page looking for the hottest girl you can find and then you will want to view her video. Ok let lets say you find a hot girl and you want to watch her video. First you will click on her thumbnail image and then you will be taken straight to her video page, from here you will pick which video size you would like to download then you would pick if you are on 56k or broadband. After you have done all of this you will be taken you where the video will be streamed for you to watch it. You will notice that the videos have all been cut into 15 smaller clip rather then having one big single file. This is a lot better as you can skip through to the good bits and its quicker to load as well.

The site is pretty much the same all the way through and I very much doubt that you will run into any troubles while you are a member of this site. If you do have any troubles on with the site I would recommend that you click on the Support link and those guys will be able to help you out with anything you that you should need.



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Well there is nothing better then a really well put together black on black site. This site was even better cause their content was 100% exclusive to the site.

All the models were smoking hot and I would love to see more videos of them. There is just something so hot about seeing a black chick eat some cock.

The sites design and navigation is also very well put together and is very easy to find your way around. I really think you guys will enjoy this site as much as I did.

Pros & Cons

  • + Smoking Models
  • + Hot Content
  • + Great Design
  • + Heaps of Extras