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Short Review:

Do you like Oreos? Well at Ghetto Gaggers they've got something just as good hot Chocolate girls getting their faces sprayed with cream! I mean there's your chocolate and cream right there so you gotta appreciate it right? As the tittle suggest this site is about round assed black girls getting their throats filled with meat to the point where they gag amusing yet very arousing stuff!
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Our total rating: 79/100

Detailed Review:


When it comes to ebony porn usually the content is focused towards the girls curvy butt, so it was kind of original to see an ebony throat fucking site which I gotta give them some credit for being original. So what is throat fucking? Well it's exactly what it sounds like, where a girl gets her throat brutally fucked as though it were her pussy, so yeah you can expect to see some gagging going on I mean who wouldn't with an entire cock sliding up and down your throat at insane speeds!

So I suppose you could kind of call this kind of content hardcore/insane blowjobs, anyway the ebony ladies starring on this site are shall we say....very harlot like. They're not exactly stone cold stunners but they've got that slutty dirty look to them which makes you just want to fuck their faces. If your worried that the content on this site only involve throat fucking with no pussy penetration to be seen then your dead wrong! the ebony girls on this site get everyone of their holes filled, you'll even see some of the babes participating in scorching hot threesomes.

The video collection is fairly decent as it stands with 79 cum filled episodes for you to drool over. All the videos are available to stream and download in full scenes or short clips available in wmv format. The scenes can get up to 40 minutes long and can get as big as 300MBs in file size, luckily they've provided a 56k version of all their episodes to better cater for dial-up users but where the broadband scenes look decent, the dial-up versions are somewhat below average quality wise.

The certainly haven't pulled any punches as far as picture content goes as all of the episodes come with two sets of pictures, one being the screen captures and the other set being high quality photos. Obviously the screen captures are going to be inferior in quality but surprisingly they aren't that bad compared to other screen captures as the blurs are kept to a minimum. The high quality photos on the other hand are....well they're high quality, they're clean, sharp and very colorful quite a treat for the eyes.

Now lets get started on the extras, with your membership you'll have access to 4 bonus sites which include Facial Abuse, Sperm Suckers, Ebony Cum Dumps, and Latina Abuse, so I guess you can call this network of sites to be quite brutal, these bonus sites are just as great as this one and contain just as much content so there's quite a bit to check out when you add it all up. But that's not where the extras stop, you also gain access to bonus videos and 8 awesome DVD sites which will allow you to watch full blown DVD movies! now that you understand the magnitude of this membership I'm sure you know what to do next...check it out of course!

Features & Navigation:

The tour pages of this site kind of gave me the impression that it was more of a facials site than a throat gagging one as they really haven't delivered on the niche as far as pictures go, on a lighter note the pictures look gorgeous and give you a small taste of what kind of episodes you can expect to see. If the pictures aren't enough to convince potential customers to join, they can always treat themselves to the free trailers which will no doubt have them hanging for more.

Once you've logged in you'll be presented with a neat and simple members area where everything is nicely spaced out eliminating that cluttered feel you get on other sites. Ok so the first page you are directed to is the homepage for the various sites on the Adult Doorway network. From here you can keep up to date on the latest updates, access the bonus sites, and view the bonus videos. To make your way to the actual Ghetto Gaggers site click on the link provided which is situated just beneath the top banner.

Ghetto Gaggers is essentially made up of only one section which pretty much contains all of the content, so I guess we can call it the content area. Anyway this area consists of a list of all their episodes, each episode is represented with a small thumbnail of the model, to the left of the thumbnail is a link to the picture gallery and also a link to the video section.

The video section is one of the best and informative video areas I've seen for a porn site. You've got a detailed description about the scene, all the specs for the scene including the length and how big the file sizes are, and of course the various download and streaming links which are all so easy to use, this is site design at it's finest. To put it simple folks this site's layout is very basic yet it works wonders, much better than those sites which try to be too intricate and spoiling it all by being too complex.


Well I was pretty damn impressed with this site, the content is great navigation is easy, hell I couldn't find a single thing wrong with it. Some of you may not be overly impressed with 79 videos, which is still fairly decent in my books...hey I've reviewed sites which consisted of 7 episodes, but there's information on updates so we're sure to see more content loaded up.

Pros & Cons

+ Media quality is great
+ Access to 4 hot bonus sites
+ Site layout
+ Very easy to navigate
Click here to visit Ghetto Gaggers and check out the tour.