Ghetto Hoochies
Ghetto Hoochies 84 Ghetto Hoochies Ghetto hoochies brings you the sluttiest black whores they could find straight off the streets, that's right these genuine ghetto hookers would do just about anything if you pay them right, these luck
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Ghetto Hoochies

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Ghetto Hoochies

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Ghetto hoochies brings you the sluttiest black whores they could find straight off the streets, that's right these genuine ghetto hookers would do just about anything if you pay them right, these lucky ebony sluts get to try their hand in porn and knowing that they fuck strangers for a living, we can be certain that they'll put up a good show, it's all real and it's all exclusive!

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If you love your hookers black and straight off the streets, then you'll definitely like the content this site has on offer, curvy assed ebony hookers plucked straight off the streets to star in their very first porn scene, now these ladies would do just about anything if the price is right, so who knows what sort of dirty things they'll get up to in these steamy hardcore scenes. There is a good variety of ebony hookers to choose from here, they may not have the looks and a body like Beyonce, but what could you expect from genuine ghetto hookers, lets put it this way, they are very fuckable. Most of the scenes are just straight hardcore fucking and there are a few threesome scenes thrown into the mix.

Currently there are 44 episodes of hot ebony fucking for members to enjoy, the episodes have been cut into smaller equally sized chapters to keep the file sizes smaller to cater for customers with slower connection speeds, members then have the further option of selecting which quality of the video they wish to view, the qualities range from high, medium and low, needless to say that the lower quality videos are the smallest in file size out of the different qualities and are more suited towards members with slow connection speeds, the high quality videos of both the formats are a treat for the eyes, nice fluid motion, crisp picture and the colors are vibrant, the lighting seems to be pretty consistent through out the different scenes, with none of the episodes being overly dark or bright, they've done a good job in keeping the quality there.

To give you some incite on how fast their servers are, I was downloading at an average rate of 120Kbps on a 1.5Mb download, it took me around 8mins to download a high quality mpg that is 41Mbs in size and 5mins in length, so yeah their server speeds are decent and with their selection of different video qualities to choose from members won't have to wait for days on end to complete a download.

Each of the episodes come with picture galleries that comprise of video captures taken from the episodes video file, obviously if the video file of that episode was of great quality then the video captures are gonna turn out great, if the video file was crappy then the vidcaps are going to turn out even worse, so it's a good thing that most, if not all their episodes are of decent quality. Some of the vidcaps have some obvious pixelation and blurring, but this is expected because they are vidcaps, the media team has done a good job in keeping awkward angles at a minimum though. At the end of the day, they are just screenshots and most members will treat them as a side dish to the video content, some members may not even touch the picture content at all and I'm guessing that the dev. team knew this so they decided not to spend too much time mucking around and tweaking their vidcaps, which is quite understandable, this is just a wild guess mind you.

Nav, Design & Features

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The main reason why potential members usually join a porn site, is that they were impressed by what they saw on the free tour, now I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Ghetto Hoochies free tour is made for the sole reason to impress and hypnotize potential customers into joining up, their free tour is a treat for the eyes, the color scheme is great, everything is neatly spaced out and there is a tonne of information on what the site is all about and what the site offers. You'll also come across free previews that usually come with free previews and at the very bottom of the tour page is a collage of the 27 sites customers gain access to on sign-up, now if I know my marketing, this section is sure to win new customers over.

Ok I'm going to say this straight out, navigation for this site is a piece of chocolate cake. All the media this site has to offer can be accessed from their main members area within a few simple clicks. The first thing you'll come across in the members area is a picture link to their latest uploaded episode, just below this you'll notice a thumbnail taken from the episode they intend on uploading next, no information on when they plan on uploading it though, that being said it does state in the free tour that they upload a new episode each week, so if they keep their word, we should see it up and running within a matter of days.

Towards the middle section of their members page you'll come across thumbnail links to the episodes that are currently available for download, the thumbnails are vidcaps of that particular episode, so they should give you a rough idea on what you could expect to view in that episode, clicking on any one of these thumbnail links will take you to that episode's information and downloads page, this page contains a link to the episode's picture gallery and the download links to the many video files the episode has on offer.

At the bottom of the main members area you'll find thumbnail links for the 27 bonus niche sites that members gain full access to, just in case they need a break from all that ghetto booty, there's definitely a good variety of niches to choose from to keep members entertained.



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Ghetto hoochies is a great dedication to those hard working ebony whores out there, good hardcore content mixed in with some witty, wise cracking black chicks is always a winning combination, a little more work is needed with some of their picture content but other than that it's a great little site and keep those updates coming guys!

Pros & Cons

  • + Easy navigation
  • + Great exclusive content
  • - Picture content needs a little work