Phat Booty Bang
Phat Booty Bang 2121 Phat Booty Bang Phat Booty Bang is a site dedicated to those chocolate hotties with juicy round asses, you know the type they ripple and jiggle in a hypnotizing manner as they get a good hard fucking.
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Phat Booty Bang

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Phat Booty Bang

Short Review

Phat Booty Bang is a site dedicated to those chocolate hotties with juicy round asses, you know the type they ripple and jiggle in a hypnotizing manner as they get a good hard fucking. Phat Booty Bang offers exclusive episodes in great looking videos. So if you've a sweet tooth for sexy ebony babes and are quite the ass fan then this is certainly a site which was designed for you.

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Most of us would associate hot ebony girls with the words big butt and for good reason too. Ebony babes never fail to impress when it comes to a chunky back side, and I'm not talking about the dirty blubber type of back sides I'm talking about the firm round chewable type, so yeah if you're a butt man then chances are you love ebony girls. Another great thing I love about this type of content is when the girls oil up their backsides making them nice and shiny and even more hypnotizing to look at then before, very arousing stuff indeed.

So have the developers delivered on ebony babes with phat butts? You can bet your last icy cold beer they have as the line up of ebony girls on show have the most gorgeous mouth watering asses I've seen in a while. Now when it comes to butts they all pass with flying colors though when it comes to their faces some of them are a little homely though the bulk of them are quite pretty. Besides with back sides like theirs all of your attention will probably be stuck on that delicious bouncing ass of theirs.

The episodes on offer are all fairly straight forward hardcore outings including pussy penetration, blowjobs, anal, squirting and so on, so the hardcore factor is definately not an issue here. Also all the girls are slammed by donkey dicked black dudes who can fill up those big juicy asses of theirs with their massive wangs. The episodes will certainly have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish as they're all steaming hot and the sex is awesome, very arousing indeed!

I didn't come across any information as far as dates go so I can't give you any solid backed up information in regards to how long the site has been up and running for and how recent the last updates were. All up there's a current total of 15 episodes which isn't all too impressive I must admit, they really should have put in some dates so I can get a better indication if the site is still active on updates. On the up side the episodes are all exclusive to this site so you won't be finding them any where else on the net, also members gain access to the network which includes 7 great sites.

Now what I was impressed with was the quality of the videos on offer. They come in wmv format with formidable video bit rates of (1500kbps @ 720x480), there's also a flash version of the videos for members who wish to stream the videos straight off the site, also the downloadable versions don't have any DRM restrictions so members can choose to keep them on their hard drives for as long as they like. The only thing that I did find weird about the videos is that they are only available to download in short clips of the episode and the option of downloading the entire scene doesn't seem to be present. Not a huge set back though it may annoy members on fast connections who wish to download the entire episode in one hit.

The only picture content available are in the form of screen shots. Now they aren't anything spectacular as there's quite a bit of blur when there's fast movement going on and besides being screen captures it's pretty much just like watching the videos in still form and personally I never classify these type of pictures as extra content. They also come in pretty average sizes of 600x400 pixels. I'll be honest they aren't the worst screen shots I've come across that's for sure, but it would have been nice if they included some actual photo content. Oh well I suppose we can't win them all.

So that pretty much ends the content section of Phat Booty Bang. The sound of 15 episodes may not seem that impressive though members also gain access to 7 other sites at no extra cost which does tend to prolong the longevity of the membership. Plus a lot of the sites are also based on big butt content making this network a great join for butt fans. Overall the content on this site certainly has it's rough edges though a bit of tweaking and better photos could make this site gold.

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The tours of Phat Booty Bang is all about the ass! Yup just about every square inch of the tours is plastered with mouth watering pictures of ebony babes showing off their chocolate backsides and I did find the animated picture of a black girls jiggling butt in the top banner quite amusing. One way or another butt fans are going to be rock hard from the sight of all those sexy round asses staring right back at them that's for sure, plus if the pictures don't convince you enough then you can always check out the free trailers taken from the various episodes.

Upon entering the main members area you'll find that the top banner includes the Original Hardcore logo. Don't fret because you are in the right place, the Original Hardcore is the name of the network which Phat Booty Bang is on and the page you have landed on is pretty much the main hub page for the entire network. From this page you can check up on the latest and greatest across the entire network including news on brand new sites which are coming up. There's even a nice reward for members who keep their memberships going for 6 months, they get their memberships at half price plus they are sent a free Original Hardcore t-shirt as a gift.

Under the latest news section is the latest updates section. This includes updates across all the sites on Original Hardcore. Down at the very bottom of the main members area is where you'll find the links to the various sites available on the network including the one for Phat Boot Bang. These links are in the form of thumbnail links featuring a picture of the tour page of the site. A simple click on these and you'll be taken to the main page of the site which pretty much looks like the main members area of Original hardcore only this time around you'll find the exclusive episodes of the site below the latest update section.

All episode links are in the form of thumbnails featuring a screen shot taken from the episode which will give you a good insight on what the episode involves. Below the thumbnail is the title of the episode along with how many people have viewed it and the average rating. Upon clicking the said thumbnail link you will be taken to the main media section for your chosen episode. From here you will find a description on the episode, a link to view the screen shots, and of course the download links to the various segments of the episode. Simply clicking on the provided download links will automatically start your download and you're on your way to watching some fine ass porn. So that's pretty much the site mechanics and layout in a nut shell. Apart from that the site does look quite nice, it's a little on the plain and simple side but at least every thing works and the site doesn't look overly busy.



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The only thing which Phat Booty Bang really needs to hammer down on is content numbers. 15 episodes isn't going to last an avid porn viewer very long so it's a good thing that members also gain access to the 7 other sites available on the network otherwise they could be running out of porn a little too soon.

On the plus side the videos look awesome and the butts on show are quite phat to say the very very least!

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot round asses
  • + Videos look nice
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Access to 7 sites
  • - No information on dates
  • - Low content count