Phat Booty Hoes
Phat Booty Hoes 81 Phat Booty Hoes Phat Booty Hoes is the self proclaimed number one spot for big phat booty and bubble butts, so if your a big fan of big phat booties then you'll definitely want to check this site out, their content i
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Phat Booty Hoes

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Phat Booty Hoes

Short Review

Phat Booty Hoes is the self proclaimed number one spot for big phat booty and bubble butts, so if your a big fan of big phat booties then you'll definitely want to check this site out, their content is 100% exclusive and the ladies badly want their big phat asses ploughed! With a wide variety of steamy hardcore scenes to choose from, how could you possibly go wrong!

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  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
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Damn! these network sites just keep getting bigger and bigger, if they were all like this members to their network would be in porn heaven and will never have to worry about ever running out of content to view, anyway where was I, oh yeah, this site is pretty damn extensive for a porn network site, with 66 episodes full of large round juicy butts members are going to be entertained for a long time.

All the videos are available in mpg and wmv format, so members can enjoy watching them via the standard windows media player, all the episodes have been split into shorter chapters to keep the file sizes small, otherwise members with slower connection speeds are going to be waiting a long time to download their video files. There is also the further option of downloading the episodes in different qualities ranging from high, medium and low, needless to say the lower quality videos are smaller in file size and are really only there for slower connections as they don't compare in quality with the higher quality videos. Quality of the videos vary from scene to scene, because these videos have been shot in different locations the lighting conditions are going to change and this somewhat effects how clear and viewable the scenes are, but from what I've viewed, the videos are decent especially the higher quality files.

All the episodes include a picture gallery of vidcaps taken from that episodes video file, the quality of these pictures are pretty standard as far as vidcap standards go, some of the vidcaps appear to be a little grainy and pixelated but it's not overly obvious. Once again the quality of the vidcaps vary throughout the scenes and it all really boils down to one factor, if the video is crap the vidcaps are going to end up even worse, a little playing around in photoshop could have turned them into half decent pictures, but it seems that they haven't bothered to do this, the picture content on this site is more a side dish to their video content, meaning that some members may not even touch it at all and it's really just there for the sake of having picture content, probably one of the weaker aspects to this site.

Phat Booty Hoes is doing great for content numbers as far as network sites go, theres definitely a lot of episodes here to go through and if members need a break from all those phat round bootys, they can always check out the bonus sites.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

The free tour for this site is certainly appealing to the eyes, everything is nicely laid out and the color scheme is a visual treat, on the free tour non members can treat themselves to the various free previews and read up on what the site is all about, what will really catch potential customers attention though is the bonus sites section, which lists the 27 different niche sites members attain access to on sign up, this tour should do a good job reeling in new customers.

I really like this sites navigation interface, there's no screwing around on navigation menus and search engines, it's just all very simple as all the media that is available to download can be accessed from their main members page. On arriving at their main members page the first thing you'll notice is a picture link to their latest uploaded episode, there isn't any information on when the episode was actually uploaded though, so for all we know it may have been quite sometime since they last updated, to the right of this link you'll find a drop down menu with a list of links to their bonus sites for quick easy access.

Making your way to the middle of the members page you'll come across a large thumbnail gallery, each of these thumbnails are linked to the various episodes and depict what you can expect to see in that video, the quality of these thumbnails are inconsistent and some of them make you wonder, why the hell did they chose that screenshot for, because some of the angles are just flat out crap, there would have been hundreds of vidcaps to choose from, that would have been half decent, but instead they chose a blurry close up image of some chick's ass to represent a scene, a little more time and effort couldn't hurt. Anyway enough about that, clicking on one of these thumbnails will take you to the downloads page for that scene, where you can access and download the various video files.

At the bottom of the members page is the bonus site area, here you'll find another thumbnail gallery which is a little more easier on the eyes, clicking on these thumbnails should take you to that particular sites front page, from there you must re-enter your user name and password, it would have been nice if the links took you straight to the members area, but I suppose they've done this due to security reasons.



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A great site with a few excusable flaws, what they really have going for them though is the amount of content they have, which may not seem like much compared to those colossal DVD archives, but with access to all those bonus sites it all adds up, if the development team put in a little more time and effort with the general presentation of their thumbnails and vidcaps it would have made it an excellent site!

Pros & Cons

  • + Good amount of content
  • + Easy navigation
  • + Big Phat Bootys
  • - Minimal update info
  • - Inconsistent picture quality