East Bloc Amateurs
East Bloc Amateurs 2316 East Bloc Amateurs Russian girls would have to be some of the most attractive and sexually alluring ladies the continent of Europe has to offer.
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East Bloc Amateurs

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East Bloc Amateurs

Short Review

Russian girls would have to be some of the most attractive and sexually alluring ladies the continent of Europe has to offer. With their seductive raspy accents and their oh so chilling stares of sexuality could make even the most confident guy freeze in his tracks. Here we have a reality based site where the fellas make their way around Russia on a hunt for prime pussy to make some very intense porn with all new faces as all the models have had no experience in porn.

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The reality theme of fellas doing their rounds in Europe to pick up some horny ethnic babes looking for a bit of money and a good time isn't a new concept, I have seen a few of these kind of sites before however this is the first one I came across which looks to be dedicated to Russian women only. Obviously the site covers both the amateur and reality niches and by the looks of things it looks to be all legit because I have never seen the girls before giving credibility to the episodes as far as amateur and reality factor goes. Like most reality content the episodes start off with a bit of back story whether it includes the guys interviewing the lovely Russian women or picking them up off the streets.

Obviously being a site which is dedicated to Russian girls only the diversity of women is a little slim. Even though all the girls on the site are Russian they've done a good job on keeping things varied as far as looks go, what I mean by this is that you've got Russian girls under all age groups from fresh faced teens, experienced middle age babes, and some mature babes who have aged quite well. Variety also comes in form of hair colors as they've got redheads, brunettes, and blonde babes to please members eyes. I'll be honest with you though and say that not all the girls are drop dead gorgeous though they've all got really fuckable bodies which is pretty much why they're on this site.

East Bloc Amateurs currently provides members with 27 full length episodes which are all exclusive to this very site. Now that number doesn't sound too bad if it were a relatively new site however with the lack of information on dates I can't give you and solid backed up answer on how long the site has been up and running for. The same goes for information on future updates and I have a hunch that the site has stopped updating otherwise they would have some form of information stating so. Obviously I wasn't overly impressed with this but at least the episodes are 100% exclusive to the site and you also gain access to 20 bonus sites at no extra cost. The bonus sites are exclusive to the network they're on which is the one East Bloc Amateurs is a part of these sites cover a plethora of niches to keep members entertained with different types of porn rather than drowning them with the same kind of content. Some of the bonus sites are still being updated regularly plus the content available on these sites are on par in quality with the stuff available here.

The average run times for the featured episodes is approximately 20 minutes each, members can download the episodes in full scenes and short chapters also worth mentioning is the fact that they aren't held back by any DRM restrictions so you won't have to wipe them off your computer after a set amount of time. The episodes are available in videos encoded in wmv and mpeg format which have been encoded in different bit rates, out of the two formats the mpegs came out on top when it comes to quality this version comes in a bit rate of (1400kbps @ 400x300) whilst the wmvs aren't too bad at (1100kbps @ 640x480). The difference in quality isn't overly noticeable however the wmvs are convenient in that the file sizes are smaller which would certainly help out members who are on slow connections. All in all the quality of the videos is pretty good and with no professional lighting they've really caught the amateur theme and grittiness of the episodes.

Well it looks as though the sites content is heavily tilted towards photo content where they only have 27 episodes they've got a massive archive of photos with over 340 galleries however the galleries themselves aren't exactly packed with images actually the amount of images found in the galleries isn't very constant at all, you'll come across galleries which consist of only 10 images whilst others include over 100. Quality of the photos tend to rise and drop as well and the same goes for the sizes they come in. From what I can gather the photo content isn't exclusive to the site plus some of the girls don't look Russian or European even. That being said it does make the line up of lovely ladies that extra bit diverse which is always a good thing. Overall the photo content is pretty average, not the best I've seen but they're definitely not the worst either.

Nav, Design & Features

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I felt as though the tour pages of East Bloc Amateurs was a little too busy for my liking, for starters the tour pages are filled with more writing than sample pictures which is a little weird because I'm used to seeing more pictures rather than information. I also felt as though they could have used more arousing sample photos to attract the fans, on the up side there are quite a few trailers to give potential customers a fair idea on what the content within looks like. All in all I felt the ethnic porn tour pages could have been a little more enticing than what it currently is, but at least there's a whole heap of information in regards to the content available and from what I can see it all looks to be true unlike some sites which really talk up the content and have nothing to back it up with.

The site presentation does look a little dated but even so the site still looks very neat. The page has a red, blue and yellow color scheme making it look a little like a superman site but thankfully the colors aren't too bright so it never gets to harsh on the eyes if you were to stare at the site for a period of time. Just below the flashy looking top banner there's a navigation menu which includes 7 links 4 of which you'll probably find use out of while the other 3 are pretty much there just to make the site larger, these three links will give you access to third party services like online adult shopping, and an online casino. The links that you'll actually use are the ones which will give you access to the picture and video galleries, and the section which includes links to all the bonus sites.

Making your way to the different bonus sites is easy enough, all members need to do is utilize the link within the navigation menu marked bonus this will take you to a page filled with banner links to the bonus sites. Along with the banner link comes a description on what the site is all about and a single click on the banner link I mentioned will take you straight to the main members area of your chosen site. From there you can proceed to download and view as much of the content the site has on offer and the great thing is you don't have to pay an extra cent for these sites. The banner links span across 2 pages containing up to 10 links per page.

The movie gallery on East Bloc Amateurs is a piece of cake to use as the interface they have implemented is very bare bones. The movie gallery basically consists of 3 pages filled with up to 10 thumbnails per page, these thumbnails include a screen capture which has been taken from the episode to give members a fair understanding on what the episode looks like. This thumbnail is also a link which will take you to the main downloads area for the episode here you will find the links to the full length scenes and short chapters of an episode. Members can also have their say on how good the episode is by using the rating system, great for giving newbies some where to start if they have troubles on picking where to start.

The picture gallery essentially has the same layout as the video gallery and can also be accessed the same way as well through the link found in the navigation menu. This gallery in particular spans across 35 indexed pages which contain up to 10 thumbnails each all of them linked to their respective galleries. From there the picture gallery works just like your every day garden variety type of picture gallery where you click on the thumbnails of a shot to view the full sized picture. So I'm sure that you guys can figure out from this section of the review that it is a very easy site to navigate especially given the very simple interface they have implemented.



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East Bloc Amateurs is a decent site though I did have a few gripes with some aspects. Mainly the fact that it looks as though they aren't updating the site anymore and with only a handful of videos to work through members may find themselves running out of hot Russian porn to view. On the plus side there's a ton of picture content to check out however the consistency of quality is a little weak. At least the featured content looks great and there are 20 bonus sites members have to play with.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Videos look nice
  • + Tons of picture content
  • + Site looks nice and easy to use
  • + Access to 20 bonus sites
  • - Looks to be inactive on updates
  • - Could do with more videos