Euro Angels
Euro Angels 2287 Euro Angels Euro Angels teases the world with what they are missing out on, incredibly hot European girls who have been trained since their teens on how to please a man with every last inch of their body.
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Euro Angels

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Euro Angels

Short Review

Euro Angels teases the world with what they are missing out on, incredibly hot European girls who have been trained since their teens on how to please a man with every last inch of their body. Enjoy hour after hour of no holes barred fucking featured in high quality episodes which are 100% exclusive to the site. Plus being a part of the Evil Angels network members gain access to everything the network has up its long long sleeves.

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Now I'm sure European girls need no introduction for those of you who are in to kinky ethnic porn. It's no secret that European girls are in to all things kinky and the best thing is they're always so damn seductive with their alluring accents and their open mindedness towards sex so it's no surprise that they make some of the hottest porn the world has to offer. I did find it a little weird that they decided to use the word "Angels" in the title because the ladies on show are anything but, so don't be fooled by their angelic looks because the starring ladies will do just about any sexual act known to man. Members can enjoy episodes involving one on one fuck fests with plenty of anal ploughing, mouth watering lesbian action, and sizzling hot orgies. I also noticed that a lot of the episodes included some form of sex toy accompanied with real cocks, so to put it simply the catalog of episodes available is quite varied indeed.

Just like other girls around the world you've got ones that you wouldn't touch with a 20 foot pole and others which are so damn hot they could seduce any man out of their pants within a matter of milliseconds. Thankfully all the Euro girls starring on this site are of the latter type, yup there's definitely no shortage on eye candy on this site as I would do every single one of the starring models if I got the chance. Seeing as the site is dedicated to Euro girls only the ladies are of the brunette, blonde, and redhead variety. Even though the site only provides Caucasian babes there's still quite a bit of diversity when it comes to ages and body types either way given how attractive all the girls are I'm sure you won't be complaining.

To my surprise Euro Angels has been around for a very long time they launched their first exclusive episode on the 29th of December '04 so the site has been up and running for just under 4 years. Having been up for 4 years the site has accumulated 160 episodes which run for a good 30 minutes each. Now the content numbers on this site can't hold a candle against those massive online DVD archives which offer 1000s of full DVD titles but what the site does have going for it is that all the episodes are exclusive to the site, so it's more than likely that you haven't seen this content on any DVDs. Although the site has been up for quite some time it doesn't look as though they're slowing down on updates at all with the latest episode uploaded on the 10th of Sep this year. The update schedules are a little over the place but it looks as though they try and get at least one episode up every 6 to 7 days, there was a period where 10 full episodes were all uploaded on the same day which is pretty damn impressive.

It's nice to see that even though the site includes videos which are close to 4 years old they've still been keeping up with today's video quality standards and have even gone through the effort of re-encoding their older episodes to make them look as good as they can. The highest quality videos are available in the mov format these videos clock in with an impressive bit rate of (1600kbps @ 640x480) next come the wmvs at (1000kbps @ 640x480). If you have no idea what those numbers mean all I can say to make it as simple as possible is that they look damn awesome! Members can choose to download or stream episodes in full scenes and short chapters, the downloadable videos have no DRM restrictions meaning you won't have to delete them off your computer after a set amount of time. AS you can probably tell the developers haven't pulled any punches as far as video quality and options go.

All the episodes come with a set of screen captures but if you're after some quality photo content the site also provides a handful of photo sets which look absolutely stunning. Like the video content the photos can get quite hardcore though they do include some softcore shots towards the start of the galleries where the girls are fully clothed then end up striking some erotic poses which I must say they look so damn gorgeous in. My main gripe with the photo content is that the sizes they come in are a little too small for my personal tastes, measuring in at (800x533 pixels) they aren't exactly huge buuut if you're not too concerned on how large photos are and are more interested on how good they look then you'll have no qualms with these photos as they're crisp and colorful. All up there are 15 photo sets with an average of 50 images each, plus all the screen captures but those are nothing compared to the proper photo content.

So looking back members certainly have a fair bit of content to go through but the porn doesn't stop here because members also gain access to the entire Euro Angels network for no extra cost. All up the network consists of 21 exclusive sites which all cover a unique niche to make a member's porn experience diverse. With this deal you are basically paying for 21 sites for the price of one, which is pretty damn awesome.

Nav, Design & Features

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If the huge logo of this ethnic xxx site didn't appear in the top banner of the tour pages of this site people may have passed the site off as a standard hardcore site as there's nothing else other than the site title which gives away the European niche of the site. The tour pages are littered with sample pictures which derive from the featured content to give potential members a rough idea on what the site provides. But if the sample pictures don't do it for you the sample movies certainly will these are downloadable straight off the tour pages for free, a simple click on the clearly marked download trailer link.

Appearance wise the site looks very nice and the way they have set out all the items on the page makes it look neat because everything has been nicely spread out instead of cramming every thing together which some other sites tend to do. The first thing you'll come across is the navigation menu situated at the very top of the page above the top banner. You'll find much use out of this menu as it includes links that will take you tot he episode archive, photos archive, and a section dedicated to news and updates related to the entire Evil Angel network. There's a search engine provided within the top banner which will allow members to search through the database of episodes across the entire network via porn star name or niche.

There are three ways members can access the bonus sites available to them, members can use the drop down menu filled with quick links to all the bonus site, click on the banner links found at the very bottom of the members area, or utilize the link within the top navigation menu marked bonus updates upon doing so you will be taken to a page filled with banner links to all the bonus sites clicking on the banner links will take you straight to the main members area of the site you chose from where you can proceed to download as much of the content available on the site. I should also mention that once you've browsed the various sites you'll notice that the interface and page layout pretty much stays identical to this site, the only things that do change is the logo within the top banner and obviously the featured content.

The movie archive currently consists of 8 indexed pages containing up to 20 episodes per page. The thumbnails which litter these pages are linked to the main media section for the individual episodes, the said thumbnails feature a screen capture taken from the video file of the episode to give members a good idea on what the episode involves and what the starring lady looks like. Below the thumbnail there's information on when the episode was uploaded and the general rating according to other members. The media section I mentioned earlier includes all the download and streaming links, that includes both the full scene and short chapter downloads. The bottom half of this section is where you'll find the screen capture gallery which pretty much works just like any other picture gallery you've come across.



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Definately one of the better European based sites I've come across, come to think of it, it is the best European site I have reviewed thus far. With an already formidable archive of episodes which is constantly being added to, high quality videos and photo content, and the fact that every thing the site provides is exclusive I can say with much confidence that this is a must see site for European girl lovers and with those great bonus sites on the side any kind of porn fan has something to do.

Pros & Cons

  • + Episodes are hot
  • + Video look great
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Frequently updated
  • + Site looks nice
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Access to 21 sites