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Euro Hotties 2338 Euro Hotties Euro Hottie has rounded up some of the sexiest and horniest ladies from Europe and the end result was a site filled with some of the most steamiest adult content around.
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Euro Hotties

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Euro Hotties

Short Review

Euro Hottie has rounded up some of the sexiest and horniest ladies from Europe and the end result was a site filled with some of the most steamiest adult content around. Members are given access to 17 exclusive episodes ranging from hot solo scenes to all out fuck fests! There's also a picture archive which nicely complements the video content, and to mix up their members porn experience even more they have given them full access to an extra 14 bonus sites.

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  • Quality: 0/15
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I guess I'll mention this straight up but I wasn't overly impressed with Euro Hotties especially having recently reviewed a few European girl based ethnic porn sites which were great the impact Euro Hottie had on me was some what a little too weak. Aside from covering the European niche the episodes on offer also cover a few other secondary niches including amateur, solo masturbation, and of course hardcore. From what I can see the bulk of the episodes are solo masturbation scenes where the lovely Euro girls rub their muffs quite intensely to say the very least. There are four hardcore scenes which look to star the same dude, these episodes involve a fair bit of anal fucking which is definitely a plus for you asshole banging fans!

The main reason why I was disappointed with the site was because of the small archive of episodes. Currently there are only 17 episodes which run for 15 to 25 minutes each, now it goes without saying that that's a pretty crappy number of episodes especially given the fact that there's no evident information in regards to future updates and seeing as the site gives very little information as far as dates go I'm unsure on how long the site has been live for. I'm guessing the site has been around for a while for a fair bit as it shows through the dated quality of the video content which I'll explain a little later on. At least I can give them credit for providing exclusive content at least which is always a plus but still they really need to pump the site with more episodes.

The low number of episodes hasn't given the developers much room to work with the diversity of the line up of sexy Euro girls. The girls on show consist of only blondes and brunette's which is a little obvious as most Caucasians have those hair colors but it would have been nice if they included a few fiery redheads in the mix. Also it looks like some models star in more than one episode which further decreased the variety of women for members to drool over. One thing is for sure though the Euro girls are quite attractive indeed and don some of the most sexually alluring accents.

All available episodes can either be streamed or downloaded with no DRM restrictions. To those of you who aren't familiar with the term "DRM" it simply means that once you've downloaded an episode you have the rights to keep it for as long as you wish. Downloads are available in both full scenes and short chapters with all the videos available in mpeg format. As far as quality goes the videos are very average, I wouldn't go as far as saying they look horrible but there's plenty of room for improvement, especially if you were to watch the episodes in full screen where things start to get a little too pixelated, they're somewhat decent in their default sized screens but all in all I wasn't too impressed.

Where Euro Hotties falls a little short on video content they have done quite a decent job when it comes to picture content. In total there are 84 picture galleries for members to check out each one boasting up to 100 images each. Like the video content the picture collection is a mix of softcore and hardcore galleries ranging from standard one on one romps, steamy lesbian outings, and the ladies simply showing off their goods. Quality is decent enough though if you look at the pictures closely they do seem a little grainy, however you'll probably be focusing more on how hot the model looks rather than complaining about that. They measure in quite alright as well with average dimensions of (1024x768 pixels), like the video content the pictures are also exclusive to the site and like I said earlier that's always a plus.

So that is it for the content on this site, now I'm sure you can understand why I said that I wasn't overly impressed with it, there's just not enough video content to keep members entertained for an acceptable amount of time and not only that the videos don't look that great either. The only thing which the site has going for it would have to be the picture content but even then they aren't overly great either, maybe the site would have looked a little better if I hadn't recently reviewed a few awesome European sites before hand but there is certainly a whole lot of room for improvement here but by the looks of things that probably won't be happening any time soon. At least the 14 bonus sites which members gain full access to at no extra cost will certainly prolong the usefulness of the membership.

Nav, Design & Features

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The tours really make the site out to be a lot better than it actually is the thing which stood out the most for me would have to be the statement that the site offers high quality movies. Now I don't know how long ago the site was launched but videos with the encoding rate of 600kbps was probably considered as high quality 4 or so years ago. I have to say that the sample pictures which litter the tour pages are very enticing indeed as the girls look so damn attractive. Unfortunately there are no free trailers for members to check out probably due to the fact that if they saw the video quality they probably wouldn't end up joining. This is not new to me though because I have come across plenty of sites which promise everything in the tour pages but provide much less than what they have promised within the members area.

Even though the site looks as though it hasn't been updated with new content in a while it looks as though they've given the site a face lift over the years as the site looks very nice and dare I say on par with other awesome sites I've reviewed before. Even though I'm sure members will be more concerned with the content they get access to rather than what the site itself looks like so I feel they have put their efforts in the wrong places. Below the Euro girl filled top banner is where the navigation menu can be found, it's a simple enough menu including links to the picture and video galleries, bonus sites page, and a link which will allow you to communicate with customer support.

Situated below the navigation menu are all the latest updates across the entire network which Euro Hottie is a part of and looking at the dates these bonus sites haven't been updated in a while either. There's a bit of advertising on the members area which does tend to get in the way and it certainly makes the page look a little cluttered. The bottom half of the members area consists of thumbnail links to the latest uploads on this site in particular, but like I said in the first part of the review there are no dates included here so who knows when the latest episodes were uploaded.

Given the small collection of episodes on offer all the episodes fit on the one page. The episodes have been organized in what is pretty much a thumbnail gallery which includes a screen shot taken from the episode so members can have a fair idea on what the episodes involve. Members have to click on the thumbnail to access the full scene download and below the thumbnails is where you'll find the download links for the short clips of the episode. As far as picture galleries go the ones on this site is as standard as they get like the video gallery the entire archive is presented on the one page, now if you've ever viewed a picture gallery before (which I'm sure you have) you'll have no problems viewing these ones as they work exactly the same.

If you want to access the bonus sites members will have to utilize the link found within the navigation menu marked as friends. Upon doing so you will be taken to a page which includes all the banner links to each of the sites. A simple click on these links and you will automatically be taken to the main members area of the site. From there you can continue to download as much of the steamy content as you wish with no download limitations to hinder you.



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Lately I've been reviewing some awesome sites and it's been a while since I've come across a site which I was unhappy with. Low content numbers, low quality, and has halted on updates. The only thing which the site does have going for it would have to be the hot European women other than that though I thought it was a joke of a site. I personally wouldn't join this ethnic xxx site myself, check it out if you must but don't say I didn't warn you.

Pros & Cons

  • + Sexy European girls
  • + Site looks nice
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Access to bonus sites
  • - Videos look mediocre
  • - Looks to be inactive on updates
  • - Not enough content