Euro Humpers
Euro Humpers 2267 Euro Humpers To some European babes are the peak of sexuality and seduction and being as open and kinky as they are when it comes to making love I don't blame people for finding these luscious women the biggest co
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Euro Humpers

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Euro Humpers

Short Review

To some European babes are the peak of sexuality and seduction and being as open and kinky as they are when it comes to making love I don't blame people for finding these luscious women the biggest cock teases on earth. Watch as the fellas on this site make their rounds in Europe to pick up some of the hottest and sluttiest girls the continent has to offer, enjoy full scenes available in high quality videos which can only ever be found on this very site.

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Some may find that European girls look like your normal home grown American or Australian, it's only when they start talking with those seductive accents they have and when you strike up a conversation about sex where things really start to change. Their sexy accents and openness towards sex really ramps up their charm and their sex appeal just goes through the roof which is why some people believe that European girls could be the best fuckers around the globe and having seen some of the steamy episodes available on this site I am almost convinced that these ethnic girls could put other girls from around the globe a run for their money when it comes to performance.

So besides being able to fuck a man's cock till they say no! Do the European girls look nice? Damn straight they do out of all 24 models on show I didn't come across a single one I wouldn't fuck, as you would expect the girls are blondes, brunettes and redheads so variety isn't too high as it is a European girls only site. Where the variety does kick in though is the different type of body builds and cute faces, for instance you'll come across a petite European babe with perky tits but you'll also come across slender leggy hotties with massive tits. After saying all that all I can say is that the girls are awesomely hot and deserve to be representatives or porn for their continent.

All 24 models star in their very own episode, in other words there's a total of 24 episodes all up. The only problem with that is the site has been up for almost a year now making that number seem some what a little small. When the site first launched on the 14th of Sept '07 it was being updated every 7 days with little to no hiccups, the last ever upload occurred on the 3rd of July '08 so it's been a couple of months now since they've uploaded something new which I am a little worried about especially given the fact that there's no information what so ever in regards to future updates. Though we must keep in mind that all the content on this site is 100% exclusive so you won't find them any where else, but personally I feel that 24 episodes just doesn't make the cut.

Members have the option of downloading or streaming the available episodes in both full scenes and short chapters which is quite convenient as members get to choose which segments they wish to view and leave out the rest saving them considerable amounts of bandwidth in the long run. Quality of the videos is fairly decent, the wmv format of the episodes are available in a bit rate of (1200kbps @ 512x336) with the mpegs lagging a little behind at (1100kbps @ 512x336) but are still a decent watch in their own right. I couldn't get my hands on an encoding rate for the FLV streamed videos but I can tell you right now that they're just as good as the wmv version. Also the great thing is the videos aren't held back by DRM restrictions so you can choose to keep them on your computer for as long as you want.

All the episodes come with two sets of photos, one includes screen captures which are pretty average in size and quality like most screen captures out there but if you're a true picture lover then you'll want to head straight to the hi-res photos. The hi-res galleries pretty much follow the action of the video content with a few softcore shots placed towards the front of the galleries for good measure. The photos are extremely clear and the colors make you feel as though you're looking at the hot model in person, the only average aspect of the photo content would have to be the dimensions they come in, they aren't tiny at (850x566 pixels) but they aren't large either. Now I'm pretty picky about the size of my pictures and I like them to be nice and large though I will give them credit for including photos which are very clear.

Even though the site hasn't been updated in a while and only has a handful of content for members to dig in to there's still quite a fair bit of porn that members gain access to which derive across the bonus sites you gain free access to. The said bonus sites are a part of the "Porn Pros" network which is the very network this site is a part of. Porn Pros is quite the extensive network with 12 exclusive sites and new ones being developed all the time, most sites are still quite active with updates and quality of the videos is on par with the stuff available on this site. All sites are based on niches, there are quite a few reality based sites in the mix and the network is heavily based on mainstream categories leaving fetish fans out in the cold. Overall it's a very well rounded collection of relatively new sites and if the network keeps going the way it is it will certainly achieve the must see status.

Nav, Design & Features

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As per usual the tour site for the page is looking damn attractive! The top banner is filled with gorgeous European women with a cock in or next to their mouths. The logo looks pretty neat as well with the Euro part of the title done up with a collage of European flags. Below the top banner there's a short story on how the guys apparently pick up the girls to give the episodes a bit of back story. Anyway like most tour sites there's quite a bit of sample media to tempt potential customers to join and with the gorgeous pictures and steamy cock teasing free trailers Euro babe fans will certainly be craving for more.

After logging in through the tour pages you'll be taken straight to the main members area of Euro Humpers. Now the top banner may include the Porn Pros logo but don't go thinking that you have landed on the wrong site. The top banner includes the Porn Pros logo simply because you can pretty much access all the other sites from here this can be done by using the drop down menu filled with quick links to all the sites, this menu is situated below the main navigation menu. You can also use the link within the navigation menu clearly marked as Sites from there you will be taken to a page which consists of banner links to the many bonus sites. You'll notice that everything pretty much looks the same as you make your way to the different sites and the only thing which does change is the content on the page.

The top half of the page includes the 12 latest episodes including links to their download sections, thumbnails of the starring model, and a description of what goes on in the episode. Down the length of the right side of the page is where you will find a list of the most popular videos and below that a list of the top ranked videos according to fellow members votes. The bottom half of the members area is where you will find the the thumbnail links for all the past updates, so you can pretty much treat this area as the archive of videos. The thumbnails feature a clear picture of the model to give members a rough idea on just how sexy the model they're about to indulge in is. Clicking on these thumbnails will take you to the main media area for the episode you selected.

Once you are in the main media section for an episode you will be presented with everything that episode has to offer. From this section you can access the stream links for the different segments of the scene, access the download links for both the short chapters and full scene download of the episode, and check out the photos and screen captures which can be done by clicking on the clearly marked links. Members can also choose to vote for the videos if they think it's all that and at the very bottom of this section you'll find links to recommended episodes which are some what similar to the one you are about to view. Also members have the choice of downloading an entire set of photos in a single zip file so you can view them offline if you wish.

So I think I've pretty much touched base on all the important aspects of navigating the site as you can probably tell it's very simple to make your way through the sites and making your way between the sites is just as simple. Site presentation wise the site looks pretty good, definitely professional looking and with the way they've arranged things the pages look quite neat. I couldn't find any bad points with the navigation that was worth pointing out as they've pretty much handled all the things which count quite well. A big thumbs up from me as far as ease of browsing the site and quick access to content.



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Euro Humpers certainly has some quality porn and even more so the European stars they've picked are so damn hot! The only thing which this ethnic porn site could improve on would have to be with the content numbers which I'm a little worried about because the site hasn't been updated in a while. However if you aren't after massive numbers and are more concerned about quality videos and hot European ladies giving it their all then this site will really hit the spot!

Pros & Cons

  • + Very hot European girls
  • + All exclusive content
  • + High quality media
  • + Access to the entire Porn Pros network
  • + Easy network navigating
  • - Hasn't updated in a while