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Torbe CZ 3288 Torbe CZ The awesome Torbe Network brings you a site which is entirely dedicated to those extremely gorgeous Czech Republican babes we all know and love.
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Torbe CZ

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Torbe CZ

Short Review

The awesome Torbe Network brings you a site which is entirely dedicated to those extremely gorgeous Czech Republican babes we all know and love. Seriously though how can one country have so many hot women? Well what ever it may be we can all enjoy viewing indulging themselves in a bit of sexy time available in HD quality videos and mouth watering photo sets which are bound to have quality buffs creaming their pants. So if you are a big fan of sexy Czech chicks then this site is for you!

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There are so many reasons why there are many fans of Czech girls it's hard to choose where to start, first off they usually have that seductive look in their eyes which screams I am going to fuck your brains out! They also have an awesomely sexy accent and for the most part they have ample titties and great butts. It's just a known fact that Czech produces some of the most insanely hot and sexually alluring ladies around, it must be something they put in their water. Any how, other than being dedicated to Czech ladies this site can pretty much be classified as a general hardcore site with a nice reality twist to the episodes.

So you're probably wondering why I mentioned that the ethnic porn episodes have a small reality twist to them? Well the episodes usually start off with some dialog where the hot Czech ladies are introduced, afterward we can enjoy watching them show off their ridiculously hot bodies and even rub one off to get things nice and heated for all the hardcore fucking which follows. The episodes feature one on one romps so I suppose you could say that the collection of episodes is some what lacking on diversity but that doesn't change the fact that they are down right arousing! Also the diversity in their line up of ladies is low which was to be expected as it is a site dedicated to Czech girls only, but variety does shine through when it comes to body types and ages.

Torbe CZ is a relatively new site having only been launched at the start of this year on the 15th of January 2009. The site launched with 11 pioneer episodes to start things off and has slowly been adding new content in a rate which isn't very stable. Unfortunately the site has not been updated in quite a bit, the last logged update occurred roughly 2 months ago on the 27th of March and with no information on future updates things do look a little disappointing, and it goes without saying that the site definitely needs more content as there are only 17 episodes on offer at the moment. In the site's defense though the episodes are exclusive to the site which is always a plus in my books, lets just hope that they are on a break and things will start to pick up again, personally I won't be holding my breath though.

Quality over quantity seems to be the site's motto because although the site doesn't do overly well when it comes to content numbers the quality of their content is superb, so superb in fact that they're available in gorgeous HD quality! Video options include downloading the videos in mp4, mov, and wmv formats with the option of streaming the episodes off the site in flash and mpeg format. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the videos have no DRM so once a member has downloaded the videos on to their hard drives it is as good as theirs to keep for as long as they wish. To make things convenient for all members no matter how slow or fast their net connection is they have also included lower quality versions of their episodes which are significantly lower in quality, and with an mp4 version on offer members can enjoy watching their episodes on portable devices such as PSPs and iPods. Well here is a list of the various formats and the encoding rates they are available in to give readers a better idea on just how great the content looks.

wmv: (2600kbps @ 1280x720)
Mp4: (900kbps @ 320x240 )
mov: (1400kbps @ 640x320 )

Each episode also comes complete with two sets of pictures including the video captures and proper high quality ethnic photos. It looks as though the proper photos were taken around the same time the video footage was shot as they feature the same model, location, and steamy action. The proper photo sets come with an average of roughly 50 pictures that can be viewed straight off the site or downloaded in zip files. Now if you like your pictures large then I suggest you stick with the downloadable zip files as the online pictures have been tailored to fit within the browser & I can tell you right now that their sizes certainly are not impressive. However the quality still remains intact as they are crisp and colorful, but like I said if you want large pictures you should go ahead and download the sets.

Now seeing as the site is quite a small one it's a good thing that the developers have been generous enough to give members of this site access to the entire Torbe Network. This great network spans over 30 sites which all cover a different niche as to give members the most diverse porn experience possible. The great thing is like this site they all contain exclusive content which is on par in quality with the videos available on this site, so in other words you have an entire network of HD quality videos to indulge in. So when you take a step back and look at the big picture, you do gain access to quite a bit of content, it's just to bad they don't star Czech girls however but I can safely say that the episodes on the other sites are just as hot.

Nav, Design & Features

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Right from the start on lookers will know that their eyes will be in for quite a treat as they see all the incredibly gorgeous Czech babes on the tour pages of the site. Below the eye catching top banner there is a detailed description on what the site is all about if the many pictures haven't already made it obvious for you. As you scroll down the tours you will be presented with picture after picture of gorgeous Czech babes showing off their goods, these are sample pictures taken from the various episodes and if these aren't quite doing it for you then you can always check out the free trailers which will certainly seal the deal for most potential members.

After logging in you will be taken straight to the homepage for the entire Torbe Network so don't be alarmed that the top banner has the Torbe Network logo rather than the Torbe CZ logo. It is a good thing actually that members are taken straight here as they can keep up to date on all the sites latest and greatest rather than having to visit each one on an individual basis. To make your way to the Torbe CZ homepage you can either use the drop down menu situated just below the top banner or the banner link which can be found within the left side of the homepage. A single click on these and you will immediately be taken to the homepage for Torbe CZ.

The top part of the site will still remain the same with the Torbe Network logo at the top and the drop down menu of site links still there to make site hopping convenient. The first thing members will come across is a stream screen featuring the latest update. Below the stream screen there are links to the various video downloads along with links to both the picture sets. The rest of the updates are situated within the bottom half of the page where they are all presented in thumbnail form featuring a nice picture of the model.

Clicking on any of the thumbnails I mentioned above will take you to that episode's main content area which pretty much looks identical to the homepage, the only difference is that instead of the latest update being presented in the top half, it's replaced with the episode of your choice including the stream screen along with the links to the various downloads and picture galleries. From here you can also access the zip download for the picture sets and also view the picture gallery online which will be presented in a new window and has a standard thumbnail gallery layout so that's pretty self explanatory.

Well there's not much else to say about the site, there are a few bonus features like a blog and bonus content which isn't considered as featured or exclusive content but with all the awesome featured content on offer I am sure members will have trouble finding time to check these out. Site presentation is fairly good, the site does look quite modern and the color scheme is quite easy on the eyes though I do feel the site does look quite cluttered plus the links which look to be advertisements down the right side of the page are eye sores. Aside from the cluttered feel of the site I did find it quite easy to navigate which is what counts most.



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Well there's certainly no shortage on eye candy simply because of the fact that all the ladies are smoking hot and also because of the fact that they are Czech girls! The episodes are very hot and we get to enjoy hearing the Czech girls sexy accents as they introduce themselves, I would have liked to see more diversity in their scenes though, for example a few threesomes would really heat things up a little. Quality is superb and the only thing they need to work on now is quantity.

Pros & Cons

  • + HD quality videos
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Czech girls are very attractive
  • + Access to the entire Torbe Network
  • + Easy to access
  • - Hasn't been updated in 2 months
  • - Site looks a little cluttered