Torbe in Argentina
Torbe in Argentina 2812 Torbe in Argentina The good Fellas behind the Torbe Network bring you the most beautiful ladies from the land of Argentina.
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Torbe in Argentina

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Torbe in Argentina

Short Review

The good Fellas behind the Torbe Network bring you the most beautiful ladies from the land of Argentina! Bronzed seductive babes with sexy accents is all you'll be seeing here as they get their pussies filled with man meat for your viewing pleasure. All episodes available are 100% exclusive to the site so if you're looking to add to your collection of scorching hot Latina porn you'll definitely appreciate what Torbe Argentina has to offer.

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Latina women in general are sexually appealing by nature thanks to their seductive personalities and open mindedness to the sensual act of sex. This site in particular brings us a specific breed of Latina women, the lovely ladies of Argentina! From what I've had the pleasure of feasting my eyes on women from Argentina are as sexy as Latina women come, there's also a nice variety ranging from girls with perfectly tanned bodies, to ladies who have lovely fair skin. What they all have in common though is that sexy look in their eyes which screams I'm going to please the fuck out of you.

The episodes available on Torbe Argentina fall under the reality category. Basically the men go on a hunt in the land of Argentina in search for some prime pussy to plough. They find women who are willing to have a good time with offer of cash and after a bit of sweet talking it all leads up to some awesomely hot sex scenes, needless to say the introductions are quite entertaining indeed and at times down right hilarious. The episodes are mostly of the one on one sort with plenty of steamy fucking to be seen, so don't worry because the episodes are as ball busting as can get.

Torbe Argentina looks to be one of the newer sites available on the Torbe Network, it has been up and live for just over a month as the first featured episode was uploaded on the 19th of December last year in 2008. Since then the site has been filled with 16 episodes which run for approximately 30 minutes each. Obviously not the most impressive collection around as 16 episodes isn't going to last the avid porn viewer however we must keep in mind that the site has only been up for a short period of time and given the fact that the site gets updated regularly I'm sure the collection will become more formidable as time passes. Also a definite plus is the fact that all the episodes are exclusive to the site.

Video quality is high, in fact it's of HD standards so there's definitely no shortage on eye candy here. Members can choose to stream their videos in flash format or download them in wmv, mov, and mp4 videos. The downloadable episodes can be viewed in either full scenes and short segments to make things convenient for members on slower connections as they can choose to leave out the segments they don't wish to view. The videos don't have any DRM restrictions so once they're on your hard drive they are as good as yours to keep. The HD videos come in an encoding rate of (2800kbps @ 1280x720), I'm sure tech buffs have just creamed their pants, and to those of you who don't know your encoding numbers, just take my word for it that the videos look truly amazing.

Although I was highly impressed by the video content, the photos turned out ot be quite underwhelming purely because of the fact that they are tiny in measurements with the larger pictures measuring in at (600x400 pixels) they certainly don't fill up the screen. On a lighter note the pictures are quite clear, I wouldn't say they're crystal clear but they are decent enough, also the colors are nice and vibrant and the photography work is pretty decent to boot. All episodes come with a set of both video captures and proper photos containing an average of roughly 100 pictures each.

Members will be glad to know that even though Torbe Argentina doesn't have a huge supply of episodes their membership does give them access to quite a bit of porn when you look at the big picture. See being a part of the Torbe Network all members who sign-up with Torbe Argentina are given access to the entire network at no extra cost. All up there are 27 exclusive bonus sites for members to enjoy, all of which contain video content which is on par in quality with the videos on this site, and all of which cover unique niches. Also keeping in mind that all the sites are still being updated assures members won't be running out of hot latina porn to view any time soon, and to add to that members also gain access to an extensive online DVD archive.

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Potential customers will get nicely acquainted with the featured models as they browse through the tour pages of Torbe Argentina. The tours are draped with large high quality pictures of the beautiful Latina models along with screen shots taken from their various episodes to give potential members a small taste of what the episodes involve. Unfortunately there's only 1 trailer available on the tour though it does feature some nice snippets featuring different models. However the trailer doesn't really boast the high quality of the videos, either way I'm sure the lovely pictures of the incredibly hot models will have on lookers convinced.

Once you've become a member and have gone through the usual motions f logging in the first section you'll be taken to is the main members area for the entire Torbe Network. From here members will be able to access all the latest updates across the entire network. Down the right side of the page there's a list of links which will allow members to access bonus content including third party bonus sites and DVDs. Down the right side of the page is where you'll find the banner links to the exclusive sites including Torbe Argentina, simply click on your chosen site and you'll immediately be ported to the main members area.

Once within the main members area of your chosen site you will immediately be presented with the latest update. Within the latest update section you'll come across the streaming and download links for the various formats and scene segments. The bottom half of the members area includes the entire collection of updates, all updates are represented via thumbnails which feature a single screen shot taken from the episode to give members a fair idea on what goes on in the scene. Clicking on these thumbnails will take you to the main media section from where you can access the videos and view the video captures and photo sets, you'll find that the media section looks identical to the latest update section.

At the bottom of the main members area there's a list of the upcoming updates all of which are presented in thumbnail form. There's a navigation menu included though you probably won't find much use out of it because all of the featured content can be accessed straight off the main members area any way. The only links you may find of use is the our girls link which takes you to a page which presents members with the entire line up of delicious ladies you'll get to feast your eyes on across the entire Torbe Network.That is pretty much all there is to say about the navigation of the site. As far as site presentation goes I had no qualms with how it looks, it does get a little plain at times though the layout is neat and designs are quite modern giving the site a very professional feel.



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The site certainly does the women of Argentina justice as they look so delicious in the high quality videos and they certainly put up some highly arousing shows. The collection may not be huge just yet but give the site time and I'm sure we'll see it mature in to a much more formidable size. Photo content could certainly do with some improvement however the HD videos more than make up for it. Beautiful Argentina ladies in drool worthy videos what more could a Latina fan ask for?

Pros & Cons

  • + Awesome video quality
  • + Regularly updated
  • + Lots of bonus sites
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Argentina models are hot
  • - Photos are pretty average