Girls in Leather Boots
Girls in Leather Boots 6629 Girls in Leather Boots Slinky amateur ladies in black leather boots, two girls together enjoying some fetish fun in boots, more Milfs and busty babes showing their black, leather outfit and then more hot chicks in horny foo
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Girls in Leather Boots

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Slinky amateur ladies in black leather boots, two girls together enjoying some fetish fun in boots, more Milfs and busty babes showing their black, leather outfit and then more hot chicks in horny footwear and lingerie. That's what Girls In Leather Boots is about. It's a British, amateur site that has been going for several years, regularly adding new and exclusive content, with videos, galleries and stories for all fans of the boots and shoe fetish.

  • Monthly: $14.95
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  • Exclusivity: 5/5
  • Updates: 4/5
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Quality: 11/15
  • Speed: 13/15
  • Quantity: 14/15

Welcome to Raif's world, Girls In Leather Boots. This site has been online since 2005, and the owner has been regularly adding content since then and continues to do so with around three new videos every month. There are many galleries, and now the site holds an extensive collection of exclusive photos. You're looking at one overarching theme here (leather boots) with all kinds of neat variety within it. For example, the videos cover solo girls simply posing and showing off their long, thigh-length, new, shiny, black and sexy boots, while other videos give us two girls together, posing in their fetish gear, some wear underwear, many do not, some dominate guys in a few boy/girl videos, there's foot/boot worship as well as softcore vids and pics, and there are some with girls naked apart from the footwear. It's a mix, but stays with its promised theme and delivers what the tour promises it will, and it does it regularly too with new updates.

We saw Girls In Leather Boots some time ago, and I've just got back from a recent visit and thought it was time for an update. The first thing to tell you is that the site has expanded over the years, but the navigation system hasnt improved much. This made counting the exact content numbers tricky, so there are probably more videos and galleries than I initially found. All vids are on one long index page, for example, which makes them hard to return to and find your place, and galleries are arranged in category areas. But what I did find was this

Roughly 450 exclusive movies/clips, 1,200+ galleries with various numbers of images, and 25 stories. There are also two bonus sites included. The movies can be saved and streamed, but you might find different file types in use, with older movies, of course not being as high definition as newer ones. Runtimes vary, but the movies are not long; we're not talking full-length studio porn here, but fetish clips where the boots and babes are the stars. You will find Mp4 files up to 1,280 x 720 HD, some WMV up to 720 x 576, and Flash streams at 1,280 x 720, and other sizes depending on the age of the video.

The movies are simple. You find them all on the main videos page and then click to open the player, there are no individual viewing pages with info, simply a basic video to run where you can jump through and go full screen. It's amateur quality - and there's nothing wrong with an amateur site when there's passion behind it as there is here - and it works. To save a file, you need to do a right click and save.

The galleries hold various numbers of images each again, with images at various sizes depending on age. I found 100 on the Pictures page (but I am sure there used to be loads more). The most recent gallery held pics at 1,000 x 750 px, the quality was fine, and the images go into detail, I mean, they show you plenty of close-ups of the boots, even their cleaning equipment, and of course, the girls wearing them while half-dressed, undressed or in sexy lingerie.

The stories are also simply presented and available to be read online, and the site comes with two bonuses. Members will be able to access the sister sites, Ladies In Leather Gloves and Leather Fixation. You need your login details to access them so keep them to hand. With the bonuses, the huge number of galleries, the stories and the videos, but above all the slinky British babes who show their fetish and their footwear, you've got a good value membership at Girls In Leather Boots and, I'm pleased to say, it's still going strong and adding new content every week or so.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 3/5
  • Navigation Ease: 5/10
  • Features: 4/10

Girls In Leather Boots hasnt changed its premise or theme over the years, which is a good thing, and it hasn't changed its layout much either. It strikes me as a site that was intended to be small and intimate, and in some ways it is, but that grew out of hand and now needs a good rake through and sort out. That's very hard to do when you have so much content, understandably, but the point is, don't expect all the bells and whistles we find in sites from huge companies. Navigation is okay but clumsy, but you can find everything you want if you persevere. There are on interactive options lie rates, comments or add to favourites and not very much info on the girls or videos.

Having said that, I didn't find (many) technical problems and adjusted to the navigation system quickly. You have to use back buttons to get away from solo photos and some things open in new tabs, but it's all relatively easy to get around.

You have two sign-up offers to consider, a reasonable $14.95 per month on-going, and a three-month option at $54.95 which does not rebill. There are no hidden charges or cross sales and signing up is through an established and reputable company, so there are no worries there.

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Girls In Leather Boots is a simple, amateur-run site that gives you exactly what the tour promises; hot, British, slinky, sexy and leather-clad girls in their underwear, naked, dominating guys and posing with other babes. It's not hardcore, it's pure boot/leather fetish. The passion comes through from the guys behind the site, it's homely, and although navigation takes some getting used to, you find your way around and have plenty of exclusive fetish content to see and save.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive boot fetish
  • + Regular updates
  • + Sexy amateur girls
  • + Variety
  • + Bonus sites
  • - Amateur look/feel
  • - Clunky navigation
  • - Older vids lower quality