Helpless Teens
Helpless Teens 6728 Helpless Teens Here's a lesson in why hitching can be dangerous: Helpless Tens takes this fantasy scenario (young girls hitching home, being picked up and then tied up and then fucked in the back of a van) and gives
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Helpless Teens

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Helpless Teens

Short Review

Here's a lesson in why hitching can be dangerous: Helpless Tens takes this fantasy scenario (young girls hitching home, being picked up and then tied up and then fucked in the back of a van) and gives us that fantasy played out in high quality HD movies that are exclusive to the site and network. When you join here you join The Fetish Network with a set of wild fetish sites all linked together. This hump-a-hithcer site is one of the newer ones, so small, but growing.

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You first log in and arrive at the network home page that is, if you have bought network access. There is a two day trial to the site, and there may be other sign up offers for this one site only, but I got a membership to the whole network. Once there I was able to find the site I wanted from the Sites list in the menu and from then on it was plain sailing.

There were only 16 movies at Helpless Teens, because it is a new site, but new ones were being added every day. Upload dates are shown on the index pages, so you can keep a check on the updates, and the sample shots there lead to viewing pages in the standard way. These movies are all about young looking models being found wandering in the lanes by a guy in a van. He offers them a lift and then, for want of a better word, kidnaps them and ties them up in the back. These are BDSM scenes with hot chicks, who are professional models of course.

So, the girls say they will do anything for a lift home and the guy takes them literally, hot sex ensues and it stays on the BDSM theme. Afterwards there are interviews with the girls who played out the fantasy and we get to hear what they thought about it all. You sometimes see this interview idea on fetish sites and it works really well; great BDSM fetish hardcore followed in thoughts on how it felt.

The videos here are shown in MP4 files and in Flash. You can stream and download each one in a choice of resolution from a top 1,920 x 1,080 @ 8,000 kbps, through a medium one to a smaller one, and then there are even smaller ones for phones. It's a simple setup, you see the list of options beneath the large sample shots on the viewing page where there is also a description. Movies run for around 45 minutes each, including the interviews, and are good quality.

They come with galleries attached and you find the link on the same viewing page. There were around 60 to 80 pics per set, laid out on thumbnail pages and leading to enlargements at 1,920 x 1,080 when at full size. These were probably screen caps from the HD camera, but they were the better, non-blurred ones and are a good way of seeing what happens in the action before you start a download or stream. They come with simple on-line viewing; I didn't see zip file downloads.

If you have opted for the full network access, you can then go and view 16 other sites with over 1,280 scenes between them. You'll see the link in the main menu. These sites include the likes of Strap Squad, Real Bondage Videos and Bound 4 You, so as you can see, there is plenty more BDSM to be had in the bonuses and it all makes the full, network membership all the more worth signing up for.

Nav, Design & Features

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One of the most famous features of Helpless Teens and the network it comes from is the Custom Fetish Video function, or facility. There's a page in your menu and this tells you how it all works. You basically write down your ideas for a fetish movie, you select a model and what she might wear, then you send in your request and they will make your movie. They even say you can get a full refund if not satisfied, and the model will even use your name if you want. Now that's something you don't find every day.

Around that neat feature there are the more standard functions for you: there's a simple top menu to use, a search function and a category list to browse the network by. On viewing pages you can like a scene and rate it, and add it to your favourites collection. I didn't see anywhere for comments and there was no forum.

There were a lot of adverts on the site and in the network, which do distract for your viewing slightly. There are lots of adverts for the Custom Fetish Video up-sell, though it is one that stays within the site, and we could do with a few less of these. And the others are at the bottom of pages so don't really get in the way. But, apart from that, the site looks good and works well and I found no technical troubles.



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Helpless Teens has not been around for a long time and so is small, but it is growing at the rate of one new, exclusive, HD scene, with follow up interview, per week. There are decent download options, good quality movies, reasonable screen caps and access to the full Fetish Network is available when you sign up. The setup includes a place where you can suggest a custom video, the overall quality is good and the site stays with its BDSM/Teen niche.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + High quality
  • + HD movies
  • + Easy to use
  • + Weekly updates
  • + Network available
  • + Make a custom video
  • - No model index
  • - No comments