Shiny Knickers
Shiny Knickers 3431 Shiny Knickers Shiny Knickers is a specialized fetish website for those who like to see sexy babes in skin tight, shiny clothing.
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Shiny Knickers

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Shiny Knickers

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Shiny Knickers is a specialized fetish website for those who like to see sexy babes in skin tight, shiny clothing. Satin, latex, Lycra, spandex, PVC, clubwear and plastic adore the luscious bodies of these young hotties in softcore hose and tease photo sets and a small collection of videos. Membership also includes 3D toon images and bonus access to nine other sites in the network.

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  • Quality: 0/15
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Just a brief look at Shiny Knickers should let you know that this is a highly specialized website. The vast majority of what's available here really doesn't even fall into the category of "porn" per scene since the babes rarely even get topless, much less fully nude. There are some videos with some masturbation and toy play action, but it's obvious that the focus here is on the sexy shiny outfits and all the sexy poses the babes do while wearing them. The definition of what falls under "shiny" seems a bit loose. Some of the clothes are truly shiny, with surfaces so reflective they almost look like mirrors. Some just have a vague shine or a bit of glitter. The outfits include simple bra and panty sets, bikinis, stripper outfits, PVC jeans, skintight Lycra leggings, pleather bustiers, plastic skirts, and more.

Updates come to Shiny Knickers about once every three days. The collection is much heavier on photos than it is on videos. There are over 200 image sets available on the site, over 115 of which are exclusive to this site. There are also somewhere around 55 sets that seem to be non-exclusive and are found in the archive section as well as around 34 sets of 3D "toons" which are made to look like incredibly sexy babes wearing impossibly shiny clothing. All 20 of the videos are found in the archive section and appear to be non-exclusive. In some cases, I didn't think the videos fit the theme of the site particularly well.

The quality of the Shiny Knickers materials is all over the map. Photos are generally over 1000 pixels on the long side and range from clear and vivid to grainy and washed out. Some appear to have been taken in professional studio settings, others seem very amateur and could have been taken by a point and shoot camera in someone's backyard. There is a similar noticeable variation among the videos. Some look quite bad at just three 20 x 2 40 pixels, 500 kbps. Others actually look quite nice at around 640 x 480 pixels, 1800 kbps.

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The Shiny Knickers tour pages are quite shiny themselves, and they do a good job of letting you know the kind of softcore, shiny fetish oriented materials you'll see inside. What's missing, unfortunately, is any semblance of factual information about the size of the site, the quality level of the materials offered, the update schedule, or any other factual information to help potential members determine if this is the site for them.

The main numbers area page here at Shiny Knickers displays a list of the available network sites near the top, a navigation menu on the left-hand side, and a few various third-party ads and up sells. In the center of the page, you'll see some of the most recent updates to be exclusive photo section. You can navigate to the other various sections of the site via the navigation menu on the left, but it's not entirely clear from this information where you'll find the videos. For the record, the flicks are found in the "archive" section along with what appears to be a non-exclusive photo collection. A section on the menu marked "more free stuff" offers mostly ads and promotional materials from other shiny fetish websites.

The Shiny Knickers videos are offered for download or streaming in WMV format. No quality levels or options are offered and you just have to take what they give you. Photos are available for viewing in basic thumbnail galleries or as a slideshow and may also be downloaded in ZIP files.



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Shiny Knickers offers a frequently updated collection in a fetish niche that I really haven't seen very many times. I was very disappointed in the video collection here, that shiny fetishists who love photos should be more than pleased with the offering. If you have a thing for panties, it's all the better since almost all of the included nine bonus sites deal with panties. Overall, I think this one is worth checking out for those who have a shiny clothing fetish.

Pros & Cons

  • + Partially exclusive shiny fetish site
  • + Good variety in the shiny clothes
  • + Frequent updates
  • + 9 bonus sites included
  • - Not many videos
  • - Too much quality variation
  • - No video updates