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Wife Writing 2188 Wife Writing Here we have some very strange and dare I say original kind of porn which I have never come across before.
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Wife Writing

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Wife Writing

Short Review

Here we have some very strange and dare I say original kind of porn which I have never come across before. Wife Writing teams up hot amateur wives with donkey dicked black dudes fucking the crap out of each other, but the twist here is the horny wives get their bodies scribbled on. So if you are up for something a tad different and love interracial porn then here is something new to check out.

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The content of Wife Writing falls under multiple categories making one new awesome yet a little weird niche. So which categories do they fall under? Well reality as one because the horny girls on show are apparently married amateurs, also the steamy episodes fall under interracial as the white wives get their holes ripped inside out by well hung black fellas, and last but not least the episodes could also fall under the fetish niche as all the body writing involved wouldn't exactly be classified as mainstream. All in all the episodes are fun to watch but at the same time extremely arousing as the fucking is just as hardcore as any gonzo video you've seen.

As far as the whole reality theme about the wives and all I did spot quite a few well known pornstars in the mix so it does kind of take away from the credibility of the amateur, but for all I know the models could be married so they still fit in the category. Anyways one thing is for sure the ladies on show are smoking hot! You can expect to see the likes of Nautica the tasty Asian babe, Ciera Sage the elegant blonde, and plenty more. All up there are 31 hot wives to perve on each one in their very own exclusive episode where they get their holes filled with black meat whilst getting their beautiful bodies written on with some of the most obscene and degrading comments.

Compared to other porn sites Wife Writing has been around for a relatively short amount of time. The first ever episode was uploaded roughly half a year ago on the 9th of December '07 since then it has been filled with 31 episodes which are all exclusive to this very site. The latest episode was uploaded on the 6th of July this year and by the looks of things there's plenty more to come in the near future as there's information on the site stating that a new episode will be uploaded every Sunday, judging by their update logs it looks as though they've been keeping on top of this promise with no problems.

So now you know that the videos are arousing to watch but does the quality do the hardcore fucking justice? Well to be honest they aren't the best videos I've seen around but they're still quite a treat to watch. The highest encoding rate the videos are available in clock in at (1100kbps @ 640x480) which is still quite an impressive number. The videos come in wmv and mp4 formats and can be downloaded with no DRM restrictions, members have the option of downloading the episodes in short clips or full episodes which run for roughly 30 minutes each. So as you can tell the videos aren't top shelf though you may find them just beneath as they're still a decent watch.

In addition to the steamy video content members are also treated to screen captures and high quality photos which are looking quite tantalizing. Of course the screen shots aren't exactly the kind of pictures you want to be checking out if your looking for top quality as they tend to blur at times. The high quality photos is where the picture buffs want to be at as they look stunning with great colors and crystal clear clarity. Not only that but the photos come in impressive dimensions of (1200x1600 pixels) now you don't need to hear this from me but that's fucking huge! The galleries come with roughly 180 images each so there's definately something here for picture lovers to be hyped up about.

If members feel as though they need a little more variety in their porn viewing sessions the good people behind Wife Writing have offered discount prices on other great sites. Members have the choice of 9 other sites to check out for the mere cost of only 1$ I've to say that the content on the other sites aren't as original as the stuff available on this site but it's still nice to have some extras on the side if you're feeling extra hungry for different types of pussy.

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If you hadn't read this review and had no idea what the hell Wife Writing is all about you'll probably say What the fuck! when you first check out the tour pages of this site. I for one certainly knew that I was going to be in for something quite different and to be honest I was a little excited to see how the episodes turned out (something which happens on a rare occasion). The tours include plenty of sample pictures of the hot wives with their bodies vandalized with black markers, but beneath the kinky writing you'll notice that the interracial fucking is just as hot and intense as it's always been. Non-members also have access to a number of free trailers which will show you just how different the episodes on offer are.

Once you make it to the main members area you'll find that the site presentation does dull down a little. The color scheme of black and red is a little harsh on the eyes especially the red text on the black background however you won't go blind by staring at it for too long. At the top there's the large Wife Writing logo and just below are links to the various sites members get discount prices on. Clicking on these will take you to the tour pages of the site from where you'll have to sign-up again. I could see this getting a little tedious if you wanted to sign-up to multiple sites but hey the discount price is pretty damn cheap!

Below the bonus offers you'll find a line of numbers, these are links which will take you to the indexed pages where you will find the exclusive episodes on. All the pictures and video clips can be easily accessed from these pages without ever having to leave the main members area, in other words the episodes don't have their own individual sections as all the links are placed right on this very page. Each indexed page includes up to 5 episodes which take up a small portion of the indexed pages. Within this portion you've got three large thumbnails taken from the scene along with a rating system and of course links to the various video clips and photo galleries.

Certainly one of the most basic layouts I've come across in quite some time, I've noticed that nowadays sites are looking more and more flashier though Wife Writing has gone with the more bare bones look which still works one way or another. One thing's for sure though the content is so easy to access because all the download and picture gallery links can be found right smack bang on the main members area. Very simple interface which works well though the site presentation could do with a bit of a makeover.



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The main trump card Wife Writing has up it's sleeves is the fact that the content is so damn original! Yup this is the first time I've come across content like this, though if it weren't for all the body writing it would have been just another interracial wife banging fest. Videos are decent, the photos are incredible, and the models are hot! Plus the fact that they update every Sunday assures members that there will always be something new to come back to.

Pros & Cons

  • + Episodes are quite original
  • + Episodes are fun and arousing
  • + All exclusive
  • + Videos look decent
  • + Awesome picture content
  • + Very easy to navigate
  • + Weekly updates
  • - Site looks a little dull