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Short Review:

Barbara is a sexy, well tanned Italian brunette who loves to show off her feet, stockings, and shoes here at her foot fetish site Barbara Feet. While there's not much information about her here, she's 25 years old and offers an array of materials that seem to have mostly been shot in her home. I'll take you inside the members area of this foot fetish site to see if it has what it takes to please foot fans!
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Our total rating: 64/100

Detailed Review:


Based on the dates on the small handful of diary entries posted by Barbara, my best guess is that this collection launched sometime in 2010. None of the materials inside are dated, and the collection remains quite small at just 15 videos and 17 photo sets. There was nothing here that indicated that updates are ongoing, and it probably goes without saying that there are no interactive features with Barbara at this point.

This is a decidedly softcore collection. Not only is there no sex or masturbation, but Barbara doesn't even take her clothes off. She poses in a variety of casual clothing and eveningwear like cocktail dresses and patterned tights. She shows off her feet and various types of footwear including flats, high heels, and sandals, and models of various pairs of socks and stockings. You'll also get the chance to see her feet bare from a variety of angles and with plenty of close-up shots. The vast majority of what I saw here was shot in indoor settings like bedrooms and living rooms with a few outdoor patio scenes. Barbara has a good understanding of the kind of things that foot lovers like to see. You'll see lots of close-ups of her souls, toe wiggling, shoe dangling and dipping, and more.

The videos here are offered for download at HD quality level of 1920 x 1080 pixels, 5000 kbps. These are great for full-screen viewing even on very large screens, although they don't necessarily have that perfect clarity that I typically see on professionally shot HD videos. The photo sets have a similar amateur feel to them and can sometimes have some issues with blurriness or incorrect color balance.

Features & Navigation:

There are essentially no tools or options available inside the members area of Barbara Feet, that a site this size probably doesn't need them anyway. The materials are divided into video and photo sections and that's about it. There really are no other sections found inside the members area, although you can access a diary with a small handful of entries from the sites tour pages. Viewing options are extremely basic. The videos are available at a single quality level in WMV format for download only, while the photo sets can be viewed in thumbnail galleries.


There's a lot of potential for a sexy model like Barbara to build up a large fan base centered around her feet, but it looks like this site was never even really given a chance to take off. The collection is extremely small, Barbara doesn't seem to be involved with the site, and there have been no updates in years at least. It might be worth joining for a month to get access to materials you probably can't see elsewhere, but an ongoing membership to a non-growing site just isn't worth it.

Pros & Cons

+ Semi-exclusive foot fetish materials
+ HD quality videos
- Very small collection
- No longer updates, no interaction with Barbara
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