Bush Hunter
Bush Hunter 259 Bush Hunter Like your women hairy? I just dont mean their pussy's! I mean hairy everywhere, Theie pussy's , legs and armpits and much much more.
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Bush Hunter

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Bush Hunter

Short Review

Like your women hairy? I just dont mean their pussy's! I mean hairy everywhere, Theie pussy's , legs and armpits and much much more. You will start to asked yourself why these girls don't shave and its because they are all 100% Natural women.

This is the only site dedicated to real girls with natural unshaved pussies, legs, Thighs and much more.

This site really has to be seen to be believed. Just think that about 20 years ago this is how a lot of girls where, not all their pussies are bald.

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The content on this site might freak a lot of you out , but I take it, the people who will be reading this review will like this site and what it has to offer.

If you a lover of all things hairy then I have to tell you that you have found yourself a website dedicated to real girls with natural unshaved pussies, legs, Thighs and much more. You will have hours of videos to go through with all your hairy ladies putting on a very classy show. Don't let the hair turn you off , these girls sure know how to get nasty, just because they have hairy pussy's and legs doesn't mean they don't know how to put on a show for you.

If hairy pussy's and hairy legs isn't really your thing I would still recommend that you check this site out , it has hairy content and much more including access to a lot of reality sites including one with world famous porn starts or you could choose to watch girls who will do anything for some quick money.

The video content on this site is all high res quality and most of it is shot at DVD quality for your enjoyment. The images also are all mainly high res photos, all the images can be downloaded one by one or in some places you will be able to download them in ZIP format.

You will have a couple of ways that you can view most of the video content. First you will be able to stream the content right here online inside your internet browser. The second is that you can download the videos straight off the site and on to your home computer where you will be able to watch the videos any time you want.

The site also gives you access to a lot more sites that you would normally have to pay a monthly fee. Having access to these sites alone would be worth what you will be paying per month. This site is without a doubt the best site for any hairy porn lovers.

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BushHunter.com is one of the easiest websites you will ever have to navigate around. These guys set out the websites all the same design, so if you have been a member of any of their other sites you will notice it's pretty much the same setup.

From the moment you log into the members area of BushHunter.com you will land on the updates page , this will be full of info about the latest updates and so on. You will find the latest videos and images that you will be able to download and also when the next update will be.

This is a great little feature as it will really help you out , because instead of you having to go and look for the new content it will be layed out right in front of you.

Lets say that you would like to go and check out the videos on this site , you would start off by clicking on the link in the updates pages that says XXX Videos its on the left hand side of the website. Once you have clicked on that it will take you to the movie page where you will see all the videos layed out right in front of you. From there you will find what video you wish to download and click on it and the download begins , its really that easy to do.

By the way if you need any of the latest media players you will find the free download links at the bottom of the updates page. I would highly recommend that you always update you media players before downloading any porn as it might need some of the new codecs to play the video.

If you want to navigate a little faster around the site there is a little drop down menu that you will find on the right hand side of the site. Its a little white box that says Quick Jump.. click on this and it will drop down a menu with all the places that you can visit.

Your main navigation bar is found on the left hand side of the website and you will use all the links to go to the different sections of the page. If you found that you get lost in the website click on the Home link and it will take you straight back to the main update page that you first came to. Or if you need any more help click on the Support link and you will find all the support you need there.



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BushHunter.com is dedicated to real girls with natural hairy pussies, legs, Thighs and much more. There is a couple of these sites out there at the moment that claim to be the same as this site , but this site goes the extra step to look after their paying members.

This site updates every week without fail. The extra bonus content and great layout with easy to use navigation makes this site one of the best hairy sites I have ever come across.

Pros & Cons

  • + Loads of great content
  • + Great models
  • + Easy to use site