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It's past the witching hour, and you want to watch some horny porn. The good news is that 3AM XXX is open all hours, so simply slip in and find top porn babes, newbies, lesbian action, hardcore and solos in a collection of exclusive movies that you can stream or download. There are galleries, a model index, a large bonus collection and more extras for longer-term members. There's a bit of everything for everyone here, and the site is loading up more all the time.
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Monthly 29.95

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Our total rating: 71/100

Detailed Review:


3AM XXX is one of those sites where there's no real theme, apart from hardcore porn, of course. This is a mix genre site, with lesbian scenes, hot porn babes doing solos just for you, and hardcore movies with threesomes included. Some of the titles give you can idea of what to expect: 'Sasha Cane and Katie dildo each other', 'Giovani fingers herself in the shower', 'Nikki Blond rides a big, beefy stud', and so on; the sample shots also give you a good idea of what's going to take place and with whom. Hot porn chicks, some I've heard of, some I haven't, white girls and Asians, some ebony babes, it's a right old mix of all things porn and all things hardcore.

When you log in, the homepage shows you the latest movies and these are listed with their upload dates. There had been a new scene every week in recent months, and it all looked regular to me. There are also the galleries, and these are updates along with the videos, they also come with screencaps, so there's plenty to see, even though the tour claims of thousands of movies doesn't relate to the main content, where there were 100 videos when I was at the site. There are loads more in the bonus areas, but they may not be exclusive, as the main films are.

Use the top menu to find the movies, and you come to numbered index pages showing those sample shots and details, and you click through to find the actual viewing options and your downloads. Movies can be streamed in Mp4 and downloaded in the same format, so the site should service your mobiles well enough. I only found the one stream, though it was a good one and in a decent sized screen. It ran as soon as I opened a movie and the quality was good. The downloads were at 360 x 480 @ 700 kbps and were listed as mobile friendly.

I also found an extra download and/or stream option lower down the page where there were some 1,920 x 1,080 HD downloads on offer, and SD at 480p. A few more download options would have been good to see and ditto the stream option. It ran smoothly enough for me on a reasonable connection speed, so you shouldnt have any hassles there. Movies run for various lengths of time, as the runtimes will show you, 15 minutes, 20, some at only seven, it's a mixed bag, just the same as it's a mixed bag of action.

Around the viewing page, you find some other content options. There are screen cap galleries to show you how a scene will play out. These galleries were neatly set out and held various numbers of images each, around 100 pics at 900 x 720, and they came with zip files and slideshows as well as online viewing. The digital galleries were the same, only here there were more pics in many cases, around 150 to 250 + and the images were at 800 x 1,200 in size. The quality was good here as well, and I found many a posed shot from the girls that are worth collecting.

I'm saying that the content here is exclusive as that's what it looks like, but you get a load more content in your bonuses. To get to the Premium bonus content, you will have to stay as a member for longer than five days, which is the length of one of the trial offers. There were 25 bonus feed sites there. A further 45 open up to you after 30 days and 16 more after 45 days. Stay for 90 days or more, and a further 40 + open up for you and hang around and enjoy all that for 135 days and you also get access to one more. That really will add up to thousands of movies, and you can also add on the 4,000 + movies to be found in the other bonus area that you can get into straight away.

Finally, for content, Ed Powers and Sexy Moma are included as bonus sites, and there's a drop-down link at the top of the page to take you into their content. You certainly do well for extras at this site.

Features & Navigation:

The tour at 3AM XXX looked good and led me through to the sign-up pages. However, once inside, the site uses a standard template design, with all its added features. It works well, and there are some nice interactive options, but it's not very unique in appearance. It's simple to use, though and lets you rate scenes, add them to a favourites area and comment on them.

A model index with 80 girls gives you loads of stats and details about each one, plus links to their scenes, and that's another good browse tool. There's also a search option on offer and simple navigation. Movies come with linked tag words and some info, so you've got everything you need to set you up for an easy time.

As for prices; you can take a free trial for a day, and that recurs at the usual monthly rate, so there's nothing to fear there (apart from a cross sale already ticked on the join page). There are other neat options too like a $4.95, three-day trial and then the standard monthly rate which is not a bad price for all this content. The longer you sign for, the more you save with the 180-day option working out the cheapest. Whichever way you look at it, it's good value for money.


Although there are only 100 exclusive videos at 3AM XXX and no particular theme to the site, it holds a massive amount of bonus content and more if you stay longer. The price is good, the quality is fine, there are some 1080p HD movies, plenty of variety and loads of hot porn babes and some amateurs. If you want variety to be the spice of tour porn life, then consider this site and easy one to access and use with masses of all kinds of everything, easy to use, interactive and updating regularly.

Pros & Cons

+ Loads of bonuses
+ Some HD movies
+ Downloadable
+ Interactive
+ Varied content

- No niche
- Template design
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