40oz Bounce
40oz Bounce 2265 40oz Bounce Ever asked just how much junk can a girl fit in her trunk? Well this site will soon answer that question for you.
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40oz Bounce

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40oz Bounce

Short Review

Ever asked just how much junk can a girl fit in her trunk? Well this site will soon answer that question for you. There is something sexy about an oiled up ass just hanging out there, that makes you slap it because it looks juicy. 40ozBounce.com has unique big ass content and is part of the Porn Pro Network, this network gives its members access to over 8 other Adult websites. The formats are WMV, flash MPEG, the site has over 50 movies and matching images sets for members to browse through.

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The girls on this site have their asses oiled up and sometimes washed down with malt liquor. Now you know how these girls have huge asses what else do you think they have to match? If you guessed breasts, you are right!!! The girls on this site with huge asses and have huge breasts as well, I think it may be something to do with gravity but all I can say is hi 5 for tits and 40oz ass.

The movie collection on this site contains over 50 movies and has loads of different download and format options. The picture image size 850 x 567pixels and the movie clips are split into parts which makes viewing a little easier. I start at part 4 0r 5 on each clip because I like to get straight into it, but for those who like to watch start to finish members can watch one part after the other and be very satisfied with what they see. The part clips run for a reasonable amount of time and conquer the very fine line of running to long or for not long enough. Movies can be downloaded in parts or in full and also watched via live streaming on the site.

Why does the sound that is made when you slap a slut with a big round ass, have a more satisfying ring compared to when you slap a skinny ass bitch? Easy, baby got back thats why. There is nothing more pleasing to hear then the sound of an ass slap that reverberates across the ample area of skin of a big naked ass. Take a look at Shyla Styles clip she is a horny slut who starts off as a guard and ends up torturing inmates with her big ass and huge tits. The prison inmates gain the upper hand and make Shyla beg to be fucked and they dont stop until she has been showered in liquor and cum.

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After logging into the members area on the site, members are directed to the Porn Pro main site page. The easiest way to get to the 40 oz Bounce members page is to select the site from the Jump to Site drop down menu or by selecting All Our Sites option from the navigation bar at the top of the page. The banner and the navigation bar from the Porn Pro main page remains permanently at the top of the 40 oz Bounce members page.

40 oz Bounce members page is easy to use, instead of using a navigation bar members make their selection by simply clicking on the underlined title of the most recent update. Or members can click on the any clip display image to select the content that they would like to see. Live streaming is available on the site in 2 formats Windows Media Video (WMV) and Flash (FLV). Members can download the movies in parts or the entire movie in full using 2 formats as well, WMV and MPEG. Download speed 170 245Kbps, 54 movie scenes and the movie screen size 512 x 288 with the option to enlarge, video played at 128kbps.

Images are displayed in 3 different ways, members can view the image gallery and select images to look at or download to save. The other options members can use would be to download the whole image set in a zip file to add to their personal collection or they can view the screencaps. Screencaps are different to normal images, screencaps are still frame pictures taken from the movie and displayed as a still image.

When members would like to go back to the 40 oz Bounce main page all they need to do is select the site name from the options under the Porn Pro banner at the top of the page in the left side of the page. Another great feature on this site is the Find My Porn search button, if a member wants to find a particular type of content they can type in a key word and press the search button and the matching content sets.



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This site is called 40 oz bounce for a reason, when the girls on this site are getting fucked the bounce from their head to their toes. Wiggling and bouncing has never looked this good. I love watching the girls skin bounce around and they look so shiny after they have been oiled and liquored up. This site is well put together and has many different formats which I thought made the site very accessible. Pack in the other 8 sites that members have access to and I think weve found a winner.

Pros & Cons

  • + Site updated weekly
  • + Access to 9 Sites
  • + Simple navigation
  • + Exclusive content