Black Pipe Layers
Black Pipe Layers 2282 Black Pipe Layers There are three hot black apprentices on this site showing unsuspecting girls what their pipe laying trade is all about.
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Black Pipe Layers

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Black Pipe Layers

Short Review

There are three hot black apprentices on this site showing unsuspecting girls what their pipe laying trade is all about. Make no mistake Black Pipe Layers are licensed to lay pipe, but it has absolutely nothing at all to do with plumbing. The interracial and brownskin slapping on brown skin site is part of Evil Angel Network that offers its members access to some amazing niche specific sites. It contains 20+ sites and members have free reign to browse between and view all of the unique content.

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Big Black dicks are a plenty on this site, nothing makes the black cock loving whores on this site happier then the sight of an erect black penis. These black cock addicts will do and say anything to have a big chocolate cock inside of them. Pipe laying is precisely what the hot males do to the horny and willing sluts that are always begging to have either or both of their pipes plugged. There is something about the contrast between the color of the skin between all of the stars in the movie scenes. It is an erotic combination that is so god damn sexy when they are all moaning with pleasure.

At the moment the site has 81 videos in the collection, each video has its matching image sets attached to every scene. Live streaming on the site makes viewing a dream, but the buffering and load time may vary depending on your type internet connection. Members can select to view the video content using Flash Player (FLV), Window Media Video (WMV) or Quicktime (MOV). Alternately members also can download the full length movie to keep and watch at their own leisure. All of the options are quite acceptable, I used WMV and I had no problems and I was watching the clip I selected in no time flat. It is unusual to have so many different formats and download options and I was extremely impressed with this part of the site service.

Check out the Black Pipe Layers 2 Scene #2 movie scene on the site. I dont know where to get a massage like that one done, but it sure does look exciting. These BPLs sure do know how to change lanes quickly sometimes without even indicating. Some of the scene display images are not good quality, but I assure you the movie scene is action packed and very graphic.

Nav, Design & Features

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Once members log into the Black Pipe Layers will be directed to the Home page of the members area. At the very top of the Home page is the navigation tool bar which lists all of the options available to members. The key words that are used for each option on the navigation bar are very appropriate and accurately describe what the member will find inside when selecting any particular option displayed on the menu.

Under the navigation bar at the top of the page is the Black Pipe Layers Banner, in the banner is a quick search option that members can use to find any particular niche they require. If the niche is too specific or the program does not contain the content a member is looking for another search page will come up and ask for more defined information. This search feature also displays a list of niches to help the member choose what they are looking for. If there is any matching search results a page will come up with all of the content that is considered or sorted into the genre. Just below the quick search option is a drop down menu of all of the additional Adult sites that members get access to once becoming a member.

A little hint for members when navigating between sites on the drop down menu would be that the current members area of the site that members are browsing the menu from will not be displayed in the menu selection. This is a little confusing at first, but if members just click back on the home page in the members are they are in they will stay in that site page or they can just randomly select another site on the network list and then use the drop down menu to return to the home page of the members area they were in.

I have to say the navigation on this site is more then a little confusing as the content is not displayed in the usual porn site layout. It may take some time to get used to how the site has categorized the content and for members to get used to finding the way to get to it. This for me is a little draw back, because I like to log in and play. The easiest way to get to the content I found, was to use the MOVIE Archives options on the navigation bar at the top of the page. Using this option will bring up the whole library of content in the site rather then just bits and pieces.

Underneath the Movie Archives underlined black text header is the entire collection of movies on the site. There are 5 pages, the first 4 pages contain 20 movie scenes per page and the 5th page has only 1 movie on it at this stage. To be able to view the content on the other pages members just simply scroll down the page and underneath the 20 movie scene display images will be the page numbers and on either side members can select to use the next page or previous page options to easily navigate between the pages.

Members can view the content in many different ways, they have the option to view the full scene using 1 of the 3 format options Flash Player (FLV), Window Media Video (WMV) or Quicktime (MOV). Members can also view the clips of the movie scene using either MOV or WMV formats and they can select between High, Med, low or the extra Evil option. The site has live streaming capabilities and members have the usual right click Save target as download option to use as well. I used WMV and selected the high option and the video screen size was 640 x 480 with the option to view the movie full screen, the bit rate was 1.06Mbps, 64kbps.

The Photos on the site are at the bottom of every movie scene, members can just scroll down and view any of the images with just a click of a button. The images are quite graphic and really capture the action in the pictures, the size the images are displayed in are 533 x 400 pixels. The content is dated and updated on a regular basis, American dates display the month and then the day second. The movie scenes have a little blurb and brief description and I think that this is handy for members so that they know a little info before making a selection.



Members Area Screenshots


I have to tell you Im glad that this site is a pipe laying site and not a pipe cleaning site. The Black Pipe Layers site is one of the many anal sites in the niche Evil Angel Network collection. The content in the site is a little confusing to get to at first, but after members get used to the different way the content is displayed they will enjoy using the site immensely. The joining cost is quite reasonable and I think it is good value because members are given 20+ sites of content to browse.

Pros & Cons

  • + Access to 20+ sites
  • + Quality niche content
  • + Updated regularly
  • - Members may find the site difficult to navigate