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Eros Exotica 7471 Eros Exotica Sensual, sultry and sexy, that just about sums up Eros Exotica. This site, part of the Porn Nerd Network, offers you a collection of 125 videos that are horny and instructional.
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Eros Exotica

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Eros Exotica

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Sensual, sultry and sexy, that just about sums up Eros Exotica. This site, part of the Porn Nerd Network, offers you a collection of 125 videos that are horny and instructional. It's all about exploring massage and sensual sex, the Karma Sutra and cunnilingus; everything we need to know to improve our sex lives. Or else, you can just get off on the hot videos, and then go and see the other 47 varied sites included in a great network deal. Exclusive streams, downloads and images are included.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
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  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

The content is Eros Exotica is slow and sensual. It's hardcore in that there's penetration, anal and BJ-ing, but it's not treated in a standard hardcore manner. Each of the short (10 minute) videos is like a training movie, though more stylish than that. A guy and a girl, or two girls, appear in each one, and the theme is massage. A sex voice-over gives us some instruction on, for example, how to prepare your babe for anal, and how to deliver an experience that will be remembered. The models are nude, fit and slinky, he's hung, and she's gorgeous, and there are various models appearing.

The movies show us the models massaging each other and paying special attention to the erogenous zones, preparing each other for the ultimate sexual fulfilment experience; almost tantric and always sensual. These are not wham-bam hardcore movies, in fact, they are almost soft-core, and would be were it not for the sensitive way in which the films are made. Good lighting, atmosphere, sound and that sultry voice-over, combine to give you a truly erotic and informative experience with each one. There is even a series for guys on how to take care of your penis to make sure you get the maximum enjoyment from it; the girls will love the model and his impressive length.

Now, onto the rest of the news. There are 125 videos here with an average runtime of 10 minutes. They are presented with their titles and are shorter parts of longer films, so you have at the top of your list, 'Anal Karma Sutra part 1', and there are nine parts to this one session. You will see a sample shot and a link; click that for a viewing page where you are told more about how to save the movie than what it's about. This isn't a standard setup porn site; it has its own rules, and making sure you are able to stream or take the file is the main one.

When you do download, it's from the viewing page where you have two choices: 1,280 x 720 HD and 640 x 360 in Mp4 format. The files don't take long to come down as the movies are short, and the quality is reasonable.

There are only 15 image galleries here with various numbers of images each shown in small thumbnails that then enlarge. These look like screenshots to me, as the quality is not always brilliant, and they can be saved one by one at 1,024 x 577 px. You're able to run slideshows, but there are no zip files and no info.

You may have gathered that there are some limitations to Eros Exotica, and one of them is the update news. There are no dates posted with content and nothing to tell us if or when anything new is going to be added. However, looking back on some older reviews, I notice that the number of videos has increased dramatically since 2015, and so, I have to assume the site is updating, or at least, did at some point.

What I am ore sure about is the extras that you get, the main one being access to 47 other sites in the Porn Nerd Network. Here you find a mass of videos and galleries from a variety of sites that cover niches such as Milf, Anal, Gay, Hardcore, Fetish, BDSM and more. You can easily click from one site to the other (they are found on your homepage), and they open in a new tab directly into the members' area. This collection adds great value, but their content is not the same style as Eros Exotica, but more your classic porn-style content.

Nav, Design & Features

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Another bonus feature of the site is the Bonus area. This is a plugin movie theatre with thousands (4,700 +) of videos from all kinds of studios and sites. You're able to stream these and use a large category list to filter them, and we're told there are new videos every day. I think that means on a rotating basis, as there is the same number of movies every day. Still, it's a load of extra hardcore for you.

Navigation and technical matters are not a problem at Eros Exotica. It's a simple site with a nicely old-fashioned design to it and a bold top menu that leads you to the videos and pics, the bonuses and some other sites for cams and dating where you have to pay. However, there are no interactive elements and no information, no model index, and none of the usual interactive extras we find on other sites. On the one hand, this makes it clutter-free and simple, but on the other, you don't really feel part of anything, simply a voyeur with the ability to stream and download the erotic and sensual videos.

Signing up is simple, and the prices are reasonable. Remember you have access to 48 sites in total, and some of them are updating. They come with the same bonus videos theatre and access to all the other Porn Nerd Network sites which include Fellucia Blow, Bollywood Nudes and The Art Of Handjobs among the more standard hardcore, lesbian and solo sites. A month will set you back a standard $29.95, but if you go for the annual membership and pay in one go, it's the same as if you were paying only $6.66 per month.



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Eros Exotica is a little gem of educational, sensual and horny movies shot with atmosphere and great looking models. It's not huge, with only 125 short videos/part but it is unusual and leads you into a large set of other exclusive niche sites and bonuses. Streams and downloads are available, and there are now 720p HD videos to save, and mobile files and a few photos. We're not sure about updates, but with 47 other sites to explore, you get plenty of varied porn for your pound.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive
  • + 720p HD
  • + Educational
  • + Atmospherically erotic
  • + Bonus site access
  • + Easy to use
  • - No update news
  • - No interactivity
  • - Small site (125 vids)
  • - No information