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Gentle Desire 7032 Gentle Desire When you’re in the mood for hardcore porn, but you don’t want the same old gratuitous ‘quickie’ kind of porn, you want something gentle and sensual… Well, then, you want Gentle Desire.
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Gentle Desire

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When you’re in the mood for hardcore porn, but you don’t want the same old gratuitous ‘quickie’ kind of porn, you want something gentle and sensual… Well, then, you want Gentle Desire. This is hardcore erotica, sensitive and yet full-on and fulfilling, and it’s part of a group of sites under the heading Couples Cinema. Members access over 100 original movies, with the option to expand the library to over 500. Movies are HD and high-quality, but streaming-only.

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  • Exclusivity: 5/5
  • Updates: 3/5
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Quality: 14/15
  • Speed: 12/15
  • Quantity: 11/15

A Gentle Desire movie brings you the soft-focus erotica-style of moviemaking that you see in classic cinema love stories, but it also brings you full-on hardcore porn. The difference between these exquisitely made movies and your standard online porn shoot is that they have more class, more care and attention his been paid, and you're looking at something stylised. That’s not to say the girls aren’t hot, the guys aren’t hung studs, and there’s no close-up fuck scenes, because they have all that; they’re just put together in a slightly different way.

We last visited the site in 2016 when there were only 38 movies, now, there are 119. We said back then how impressive the movies were and we’re still saying that, but the good news is that we’ve got so many more of them to view. The difference is, however, these days, the movies are there for streaming only, and there are no downloads. Also, the site now comes under the Couples Cinema network, and that’s the title you see when you log in. There are 539 movies in total, but you're not able to access them all, as some will have a red, locked padlock on them, and you will have to buy tokens in order to add those movies to your list. The Gentle Desire movies, though, are all open to you, and you can find them from the Producers page in the main menu.

Movies are presented in large sample shots that carry no information. Click one and you come to a simple viewing page where there’s a very short description, a couple of interactive options and a ‘Watch Film’ button. Hit that, the streaming player appears, and away you go. You have four resolution options to view with starting at 1920i. That’s an ‘interlaced’ format at 1,920 x 1,080 HD, but there are three other options available, 1040i, 720i and 480i. Streaming worked just fine on my monitor, and the lower-res versions will be suitable for phones and slower connections. Movies run for around 20 minutes each, you can go full screen, and the only thing you can't do is download.

There are no images at Gentle Desire, it's simply the 119 video collection and the extra movies to unlock if you choose to. There’s no model index either, so we don’t find out any info about anyone, and there’s very little information about anything else. We're not even told upload dates, although the Couples Cinema homepage gives you some news on what’s new.

The thing to remember is that this is very much ‘couples’ porn. There are contributions from Petra Joy, for example, the well-known but now retired producer of feminist and women-centred porn. You will see other contributors to the network include Verso and Couple Fantasies, and the overall style of the hardcore is gentler than the norm. That’s not to say it’s not erotic or charged, it is, and it’s excellent quality too, and Gentle Desire is one example of that quality.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 3/5
  • Navigation Ease: 8/10
  • Features: 7/10

As you might have gathered, we have a very simple site here and one that doesn't carry much information. For example, I wasn't able to find out how much the tokens costs for when you want to add titles to your list. The top menu is simple, and takes you to home, the combined movies with their red and green padlocks, and to the page of producers. Here, you can check out 22 studios and see which of their content is available. Some producers have only a few scenes, others have many more, and there is good variety with the erotica/porn including BDSM and fetish content.

There’s also a categories page which is about your only way of finding, sorting or filtering the content list as there are no filters on the video index pages. There are some interactive options on the viewing page. You can give scenes a like, add them to a favourites area and post comments about each scene. I didn't have any technical issues, and found the site easy to use, though lacking in basic information and upload dates.

Currently, there is a 30% discount membership offer, which means you can take the monthly membership for only $19.95. That will rebill at the same price until you cancel. If you want, you can take a three-month membership which costs $59.95, and that’s about the same as the monthly, 33% discount rate, or there’s the annual sign-up at $119.95 which is the same as if you were paying $9.86 per month, so clearly, the cheapest option. Watch out for a cross-sale down at the bottom of the details page when you get there, otherwise, signing up and logging in is a simple affair.

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Gentle Desire offers erotic hardcore movies where the couples have chemistry, the filming is exquisite, as are the ladies, and the whole thing is filmed with sensual couples in mind. It's part of a wider network now, though access to the other contributors costs extra, and we’re not sure about updates. It’s a streaming-only set-up these days, but the quality outshines any downsides, and what you see makes a wonderful change from standard porn. It’s porn for connoisseurs of quality.

Pros & Cons

  • + High quality
  • + Excellent porn
  • + Exclusive content
  • + HD and mobile
  • - No downloads
  • - Extras cost extra
  • - Little information
  • - Limited browsing tools
  • - Unsure about updates