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Go Jim Slip 6528 Go Jim Slip Go Jim Slip features materials from well-known British porn star Jim Slip in addition to scenes from his sexy wife, Lara Latex, all under one roof.
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Go Jim Slip

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Go Jim Slip

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Go Jim Slip features materials from well-known British porn star Jim Slip in addition to scenes from his sexy wife, Lara Latex, all under one roof. This horny Brit hooks up with all kinds of young British women, all with his wife's consent! In fact, she's the one holding the camera! Let's go inside this personality packed British-based collection for the full scoop!

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Logging in here will take you to the members area for JimSlip.com which is a site that has been around for a while, but your Go Jim Slip membership includes not only access to the materials filmed specifically for Jim's site, but also those filmed for his latex and stocking loving wife, Lara. When you factor in the materials featuring the husband and the wife separately, as well as the scenes that they both appear in, there are over 600 updates offered here. Recently, the site has been adding new scenes about once per week.

Jim Slip has the look of a middle-aged high school principal complete with button-down shirts and thick rimmed glasses, and he's well known for being paired with younger women in his flicks. Much of this collection is dedicated to hardcore stuff between Jim and younger babes, all filmed by his wife Lara. You'll also see some solo scenes featuring the various models that have appeared here and plenty of stuff starring Lara, as well. While the collection tends to stay away from the more extreme end of the porn spectrum, there is a decent amount of variety here with some various fetishes and hardcore categories being explored including some light bondage, squirting, fisting, a gang bangs, group sex, swingers, stockings, latex, smoking and more. More typical categories like blow jobs, lesbians, and teens are also covered amply. The whole site has a fun and friendly feel with horny adults hooking up with each other in various ways. It's an excellent general porn collection with a British slant.

Jim Flip has had his own site since the early 2000, and at least some of the materials here are probably from around that time period. You will definitely find some standard definition videos as you get into the older reaches of the archive. New releases, however, are being offered at an HD quality level of up to 1280 x 720 pixels or even up to 1920 x 1080 pixels for the most recent releases. These HD flicks have bitrates of 5000 kbps and up and are very crisp and clear. Recent images display at around 2000 pixels on the long side while the older photo releases are around 800 pixels on the long side.

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The members area for the Go Jim Slip collection offers a drop-down menu that allows you to view only Jim's materials, only his wife's materials, or materials they're both featured in at the same time. The collection is rather short on search and navigation tools, and there isn't even a keyword search box available here. There is, however, a drop-down menu of category keywords that definitely helps to get around and find specific things. With literally hundreds of updates, I would definitely prefer to see something a little more comprehensive.

Some of the video downloads here can be well over 2 GB in size, and even with the sites consistently fast download speeds, it can take close to a half hour or so to get a single flick when it comes to the recent HD quality stuff. Flash streaming is provided for each scene, and downloads in multiple quality levels in MP4 format are also offered. You may also find some WMV format files available for the older scenes. Photo sets are offered for viewing in thumbnail galleries and you can choose to display them in three different sizes.



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Jim Slip and his wife Lara seem to have a lot of fun with their sexy adventures and have been at it for quite some time with no signs of stopping. I appreciated the consistent updates, the large archived collection, HD quality videos, and their fun and friendly approach to sex. These horny Brits definitely have a good thing going with a lot to offer fans of hardcore action and beautiful British babes.

Pros & Cons

  • + Semi-exclusive materials
  • + Regular updates
  • + Lots to see
  • + Good mix of British porn
  • - Could use better search tools
  • - Euro billing means high USD pricing