Hardcore Sweethearts
Hardcore Sweethearts 138 Hardcore Sweethearts HardcoreSweetHearts.com is the mother of all porn sites. This is truly one of the biggest porn sites I have ever come across. Not only does this site have more content then you can poke a stick at
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Hardcore Sweethearts

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Hardcore Sweethearts

Short Review

HardcoreSweetHearts.com is the mother of all porn sites. This is truly one of the biggest porn sites I have ever come across.

Not only does this site have more content then you can poke a stick at but its all top level content as well.

HardcoreSweetHearts.com has it all.
18-19 Girls
and I could keep the list going. This is the mother load people, you need to see this for yourself.

And all for $39.78per mont

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Wow I don't even know where to start with this site, it has so much top quality content to offer. All I can say is, this site is the Holy Grail of porn sites.

What ever your taste in porn, your sure to find something to suit your needs at HardcoreSweetHearts.com.
They have everything from
-18 to 19 Year Old Girls
and I could name plenty more.

First let me start with the image galleries. There's 23 Categories to choose from and with a little over 10,000 images per category your sure to find something that suits your taste. That totals over a whopping 230,000 images for you to view or download.
All images are superb quality.

Now for the videos. The videos are all viewed using Windows Media play or Quicktime. If you don't have quicktime they have it setup so you can download it within the site.

The Videos also have the own categories, from Hardcore to XXX and members choices. Then there's Video themes that go into all the types of video content available:
-18 to 19 Year Old Girls
plus many many more to choose from.

Also most all the videos are in High Res so the quality is extremely good. There's over 10,000 videos to watch or download within the members area of this site. I would highly recommend that you get a download manager to help with those big downloads. You have the choice of watching the videos in High res with sound or Low res without sound, this is for the people that may not have high speed internet.

The site also includes access to live cams that you can watch. Anything from solo girls playing with them selves to a young couple fucking like rabbits. You will find this a nice little extra piece of bonus content.

They also include a collection of online porno mags for you to browse through while having a look around. Oh and don't forget to check out the Voyeur cams section that have been setup for the members also.

This site just keeps on delivering when it comes to content. As I said before, this site has by far the most content I have ever seen on one site before.

So what ever style of porn you are into I'll tell you right now that you will find what you are looking for at HardcoreSweetHearts.com . The site caters for everyone no matter what so of things you like.

Nav, Design & Features

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The navigation is pretty straight forward on this site. You main buttons that you will need are located on the right side on the site and are clearly marked:
-XXX Videos
-Video Themes
-Live Shows
-Photo Albums
-Porn Mags
-Voyeur Cams
-Whats New
Just click on which link you would wish to view and you will be taken there, its as easy as that. The videos are very simple to view, all you need to do is click on it and it will launch a new window and the video will be played inside the new window using Window Media Player, Or you can right click save as to download the movie and save it to your harddisk.

They have a nice little feature which is located under the main site logo to the right. It is a Quick Jump To drop down menu with you can use to access the following:
-Members Choice
-Interactive Features
-Broadband Videos
-Bonus Sites
-Video Downloads
This will help you navigate the site alot easier.



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This site is by far one of the biggest porn sites out there. There is so much content inside the members area I really doubt that you will ever view all that they have to offer.

The videos are all very high in quality and they have covered every niche that you could think of. If you cant find what your looking for in here then I don't know what you want.

The price is well worth it. Trail the site for just $1.00 for 3 days or get 30 days for $39.73. Thats a bargain right there.

Pros & Cons

  • + Heaps and heaps of content
  • + Hot Videos and images
  • - Cant find anything wrong with this site