Huge Dicks Little Chicks
Huge Dicks Little Chicks 147 Huge Dicks Little Chicks Huge dicks in little chicks is what this site is all about, the guys who developed the vids available on this site, thought that it would be interesting if they'd team up a few horny ladies with oh s
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Huge Dicks Little Chicks

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Huge Dicks Little Chicks

Short Review

Huge dicks in little chicks is what this site is all about, the guys who developed the vids available on this site, thought that it would be interesting if they'd team up a few horny ladies with oh so tight pussies with the most well hung men they could find to see if they mix well with each other, you want to see how things go down don't ya? Well read this review and see if the site is worth your while!

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The videos on this site are reminiscent to a plane trying to park in a garage that can only hold 1 car, that's right the enormously hung guys starring in the vids are in for a tight squeeze, cause they've been teamed up with girls that are notorious for having very tight pussies, so tight that you'll have a hard time trying to pry them open with a crowbar.

I'd have to say that all the ladies on this site are gorgeous and are all quite petite and usually a petite women would have a petite little pussy that absolutely smothers cocks. Currently there are 20 featured videos, this may not seem like much but there's a huge amount of other videos under a wide variety of different niches that are available to members as well and these more than make up for the small amount of featured videos. Although there are only a small amount of featured videos available at least they are all of good quality. All of the scenes have been cut into shorter chapters in order to keep the file sizes as small as possible, the videos on this site are all available in wmv format so they can be played through the standard windows media player this is convenient for those customers who don't want to screw around with other media players. The quality of the videos aren't too bad, motion is fluid and all, though I wouldn't recommend watching them through a full screen as they tend to look quite pixalated, this may not matter to some people but to me the watermark is a little too big and at times it blocks the action.

It's strange how the featured content on this site is only a very small portion of the content that is available on this site, as there are hundreds of other videos which cover a good amount of the different categories the porn world has to offer. It's something you have to see for yourself to truly appreciate just how much content there is to go through, the pages on this site are lined to the brim with different types of videos and scrolling down the pages seems to take forever cause there's just so many of them. Members will definitely be entertained for quite some time and they'll never get bored cause there will always be something new to watch.

All of the featured vids come with a picture set and I'm guessing that they are video captures cause there's blurring eminent on some of the screenshots, we all know that video captures are far inferior to actual still shot photos but the media team did a good job in picking out decent screenshots as the blurred pictures are few and far between. Other than the blurring there really isn't anything else wrong with the pictures, most of them are pretty clear considering that they are video captures and the lighting in most of the picture sets are spot on. Like the video content on this site the featured picture content is only a small portion of what is available on this site. There are hundreds of other pictures under all the niches imaginable. Once again members are treated to a huge plethora of pictures that some people could only ever dream of. At times it's mind boggling to see just how much porn there is to stroke off to, then you ask yourself if you could possibly go through all the content on this site in your life time.

If members some how find themselves bored with all those steamy hardcore videos, they can always treat themselves to a couple of adult orientated flash games, imagine and old school arcade game, like space invaders for example, now instead of being a space ship your a cock and instead of killing off aliens your shooting flying pussies with man juice, these are the type of games you could expect to play on this site, they may not be anything spectacular but they're great to kill time with.

Well that pretty much sums up the content side of this site and as you can tell there is a tonne of porn to go through, the only bad point I could find was the fact that there are only 20 Huge Dicks Little Chicks videos, which will probably disappoint members who joined up only for that type of content, but even though I'm pretty sure that they could still appreciate all of the other porn available on this site, there really wasn't any information to be found which concerns the updates for this site in particular, but there is a whats new section on this page which lists the new sites that have been launched on the network which this site is a part of, so I can't give you any solid backed up info on their updating schedules, but with all the content that is already available for members updates aren't a huge concern as of yet.

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I'll be honest with you, this site is a little all over the joint and it seems as though they're using this site as a portal to all the other sites that are on the network cause the page is littered with links to other pages for video and picture content. The layout of the site is a little mediocre, everything seems to be a little cluttered towards the center of the page and the navigational menu looks odd being squashed up in the top left corner, they should have stretched it out a bit so it runs down the length of the page. I wasn't to particular with the color scheme thy chose, it kind of has a batman feel to it being grey and yellow, but then again I'm probably just being fussy as most people probably couldn't care less about what the site looks like and what they're really in for is all of the porn content, this is what really counts at the end of the day, cause I know that I'd definately pick an ugly looking site with great content over a flashy site with crap content.

By utilizing the navigational menu found at the top left corner of every page on this site you can easily make your way to the various sections which make up this site. All up there are 7 different sections, some are almost identical to each other in layout and content and other sections seem like they aren't even part of this site as the layout and color scheme of the page is obviously different. All of the featured content on this page is presented in the scroll down panel which can be found on the right hand side of every page, in this scroll down panel you'll notice thumbnails of the last 10 scenes uploaded. Clicking on any one of these thumbnails will take you to the featured videos area, from here you can access the download links for the various video files, read a short description about the girl starring in the scene and view the numerous picture galleries on offer.

You'll find that the gallery, photo album and XXX video sections on this site act as portals to the picture and video sections of other sites that are on the same network, this is pretty obvious cause either the page has a completely different layout and color scheme from the other pages on this site or it's chock full of thumbnail and banner links to other sites, but I suppose this kind of makes things interesting for members cause they will always be checking out different sites and there's definately no shortage of them.

There are other sections on this site that are more of a novelty than anything, these include the live shows section, The arcade and the porn mags section, they're essentially tid bits that members can enjoy if they need a break from all the hardcore porn. So yeah you can say that the site works well, it may take a little getting used to but eventually everything will fall into place, the only thing I didn't like was the color scheme they used but that's no biggie, other than that the site works just fine.



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This site does well content wise, even though there's only a small amount of featured content all the other videos and pictures available on this site more than make up for it, browsing around this site is kind of like the porno version of going shopping and you'll probably find that you'll be spending most of your time browsing through all of the different sites to find porn that's just right for you, definitely a sweet deal guys check it out now if your interested.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tonnes of content
  • + Featured videos are hot
  • - Needs more featured vids