Jessica Drake
Jessica Drake 2343 Jessica Drake All I can think about when I look at Jessica Drake is sex, loads of hot sweaty, adrenaline pumping sex.
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Jessica Drake

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Jessica Drake

Short Review

All I can think about when I look at Jessica Drake is sex, loads of hot sweaty, adrenaline pumping sex. This girl will blow your mind and most definitely your load as she moans and grinds her way to orgasm in the video clips on the site. Im not one for downloading images, but Im absolutely certain that this adult industry veteran could make it to my desktop as my wall paper. The exclusive contract star for Wicked Pictures is mesmerizing to say the least and completely unique at her best.

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I love, love, love this girl. Jessica is super, like amazingly hot with a killer toned body to match. I just couldnt take my eyes off this girl, there is something about her that I just simply really enjoy. Her breasts are the appropriate size for her body, she has a beautiful face and really tidy nice looking below area. I enjoyed the style of camera work and the scene themes as well. There is not an once of fat on Jessicas perfect tight and toned flexible body. Her performance in front of the camera is spectacular and I thought her interaction with the other actors was equally mesmerizing.

The video format used for the content on the site is Flash (FLV) and is delivered via the live streaming capabilities. The scenes play out much like an episode of a drama mini series, Jessica is a great actress and is very believable in the sometimes corny roles in the video clips. The site does not offer any other viewing options and only uses the Adobe Flash format. There are 22 video scenes and 84 picture sets on the site at the moment, but I think that the site collection will grow each week as the site is updated.

I watched just about every video on Jessicas site and I have picked out a few of my favorites. The very first clip that I watched was Valley101, Suspicious, Eternity and Delilah. A special mention would be the fling and I could tell you what happens in the clips but then it would ruin the surprise. Jessica plays many roles on this site and all of them are extremely entertaining, watch a few and I know that members will enjoy. Oh and make sure you have the sound on

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Once logging in members will be directed to Jessicas members area main page. At the top of the main page is Jessicas banner and just underneath is the navigation bar for the site. This tool bar is a permanent fixture on any of the site pages that members will visit. To return to the main members area page members can select the Home option on the navigation bar at any time. The other options on the bar to assist members with moving around the site also and most of the options are pretty self explanatory. The Photo and Video options are where all of the content on the site are stored and the Message Centre and Avator are member message option to participate in blogs and contact Jessica using the message service.

The Video option has all of the video clips on the site stored inside. There are 3 pages of video clips with 22 scenes. The video collection is small at the moment and this maybe a draw back because it doesnt have the support of additional sites for members to browse content. The video format is Adobe Flash (FLV) and there are no other format or download options available on the site. The video content is viewed via live streaming and members do get to choose between Low, Med and High resolution. All members need to do is select a scene, resolution and hit the play button in the middle of the screen. Some of the video clips have a small sentence of descriptive text, but most scenes dont. Members shouldnt worry about this because I can say that they wont be concerned at all because the content is so good that they will watch all of it anyway regardless of wether the clip has a blurb or not. The picture content on the site is located in the Picture option on the navigation bar. There are pictures in the collection from the video scenes as well as pictures from Jessicas real life as well.

The Message Centre option on the site gives members direct contact with Jessica. She replies to emails and messages personally and updates her blog daily. Another function on the site is the Jessica Drake Official Store. This option gives members access to DVD/VOD starring Jessica and her amazing sex toys. Members can also see what Jessica is up to by her blogging and her event calendar that is displayed on the Home page of the site.



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Bouncy sensual Jessica screams sex just by looking at her, her performance backs up her sexy looks and she is a true star. This content is extremely unique I really enjoyed watching the content on this site and the picture sets are amazing quality. All in all, I think that the content on Jessicas site is definitely placed amongst some of the best quality that I have seen. Heres hoping that her content collection and site continues on the winning track that it is on.

Pros & Cons

  • + Awesome content
  • + Easy navigation
  • + Amazing actress
  • - No support content sites