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Old 4K 7216 Old 4K Old 4K is part of the VIP 4K network of channels, though here, it works as a standalone site with the option to upgrade to full network membership.
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Old 4K

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Short Review

Old 4K is part of the VIP 4K network of channels, though here, it works as a standalone site with the option to upgrade to full network membership. Old 4K is all about the generation gap; older guys getting to fuck nubile, young 18 + teen girls and gorgeous young models. There’s life in these old dogs yet as they go hammer and tongs in exclusive HD movies that members get to stream and download. It’s not a large site, but it’s a good one, and network membership is available.

  • Trial: $1.00
  • Monthly: $9.00
  • 1 Year: $89.95
83/100 0
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  • Exclusivity: 5/5
  • Updates: 3/5
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Quality: 15/15
  • Speed: 14/15
  • Quantity: 10/15

Old 4K isn’t one of the larger sites in the VIP 4K network, but like all the others, it has a specific theme. It’s well played out, and the filming and presentation are HD right up to 4K, including the streaming. Here, it’s the older man with the younger women scenario that grabs our interest, proving that over 40 doesn't mean over the hill. These guys are up for anything the young babes can throw at them, and they give just as good and hard performances as any younger buck of the porn studio stable. The girls are lush, lovely, and European, as this is mainly a Czech porn site, and the playback of each movie is flawless.

There are, however, only 17 movies right now. Old 4K added most of its content pre-2018, and then went through a hiatus for a couple of years. Then, early in 2023, it began loading up new movies, and added four. It's not added any more, though, and there’s no news about when or if they will, but the 17 you have are worth viewing for sure. In them, you find slinky, sexy young babes going on picnics with their boyfriend’s father, or entertaining him at home, or somehow being left alone with a virile older man. Of course, it doesn't take long for the seductions to begin, and they go both ways, and then we have a sensuous and very horny passionate scene to follow. There are subtitles if you want to follow the basic stories, else, just settle in for 30 minutes of older-with-younger hardcore.

Viewing the Old 4K scenes is a doddle. You’ll see them as soon as you enter the members’ area, or you find them from the main menu, and they’re set out with clear thumbnails linking you to the viewing pages. There, you can read a short description to set the scene, or simply run the stream. Downloads are also available in Mp4 format, and these came down nice and quickly. As for resolutions and playback, you have five options for both streaming and downloading. The lowest res is 360p to suit small mobiles, then you work up through 540p to 720p, and after that, you can take the 1080p or the full 4K at 3,840 x 2,160 UHD. Playback visuals and quality are stunning. Watch out for the file size when downloading, as some of the scenes are over 7 GBs in size.

Movies also come with galleries of digital stills sized at 5,472 x 3,648 px which, like the movies, are stunning quality and highly collectable. You can open these one at a time and browse through with ease, run them in a slideshow, or take them in a zip file. In fact, the only way I found to download them was through the zip file, and you find that link along with the video download options. You’ll find between 200 and 300 hot pics per gallery.

Old 4K is not a large site, and the update schedule is still something of an unknown quantity. However, if you want to be assured of excellent value for money, you might want to consider joining the VIP 4K network that Old 4K is part of. If you do, you will find 18 channels and over 400, exclusive, top-notch movies. Better still, there are other channels that play on the older/younger theme, with Daddy 4K giving you a similar kind of treatment to Old 4K as older men get to play dirty with cute, young things. The tables are turned in Mature 4K where the Milfs seduce younger men, or vice versa, and the same happens in Shame 4K. The other channels offer you interracial, lesbian, fisting and more reality scenes in their content, and you’ll also be able to benefit from all network updates and the model index.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 5/5
  • Navigation Ease: 8/10
  • Features: 8/10

Navigation at Old 4K is simple, with the movies well set out, and the model index there to show you pics of the girls involved in the sexy mayhem. There are no technical issues, and very little advertising. The movies are easy to stream, there are plenty of details and handy search and sort tools that let you arrange the content in various ways. Obviously, with only 18 videos, it doesn't take long to see what’s on offer, but the navigation functions are of great use when you enter the network. In the past, Old 4K came with access to a couple of other channels by way of a bonus, and this may still be the case, otherwise you have that option to upgrade to the full network.

As a member, you can get involved with giving rates and leaving comments, there are ways to save your favourite scenes and pics, and you can use linked tag words to aid your browsing. The text is in English, but the dialogue is usually in Czech, but there are closed captions and subtitles, and downloadable subtitle files too.

Signing up for this one site will cost $29.99 per month, or $89.95 per year. There is a two-day trial at $1.00 but if you don’t cancel this in time, you end up with a recurring membership at $39.99 per month. For the best deal, though, look out for the annual, full-network membership at $149.99. Although not every site updates regularly, many of them do, and with over 400 exclusive, 4K HD hardcore movies so far, you get good value with the VIP 4K network membership.

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The theme of Old 4K will never get old; old men banging youthful babes, what could be better? However, the site remains small, and updates are not regular. On the other hand, the movies and girls are stunning, the site is easy to use, and if you go for the full network access, you get excellent value for money. Everything works perfectly, the videos are high-quality and exclusive, there are no technical issues and plenty of intergenerational porn to enjoy.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive
  • + 4K HD and mobile-suitable
  • + Hot youthful babes
  • + Excellent quality playback
  • - Small collection
  • - Irregular updates
  • - Two cross sales