Riot Whores
Riot Whores 1338 Riot Whores The slutty women starring on Riot Whores get treated like a piece of shit you find in a public toilet. They're gagged, bounded, slapped around, then fucked beyond belief.
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Riot Whores

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Riot Whores

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The slutty women starring on Riot Whores get treated like a piece of shit you find in a public toilet. They're gagged, bounded, slapped around, then fucked beyond belief. If you love watching hardcore brutal sex then your going to love the episodes available on this site. Riot Whores currently offers a small collection of savage episodes, starring popular pornstars and sex crazed amateurs.

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Damn I thought I've seen rough sex before, but nothing could have prepared me for the obscenities performed on this site. Most of the scenes are performed outdoors, or in dank love dungeons, making the fuck scenes even more dirty. The episodes usually involve more than one male treating and fucking the models like absolute trash. It's surprising how gorgeous women like these get off on getting treated as they do in these episodes. They get gagged, chained up, slapped in the face, spat on, I'm sure you get the idea. You might notice a few familiar faces here as they star pornstars among the cute amateurs, all in all the women on show are very attractive.

Riot Whores has been live since the 1st of April '06, unfortunately it looks as though the site hasn't been touched in just over a year, as the last upload was dated on the 21st of June '06. All up there's a total of 18 episodes, which is quite underwhelming. On a lighter note most of the content on offer is exclusive, and run for roughly 25 minutes each. Needless to say the site could do with more updates, but with no evident information in regards to this issue, it may be some time before we see some fresh content.

The episodes on offer have been cut into short clips which run for roughly 5 minutes each. These are available to stream and download in both Wmv and Mpeg format. Between the two the Mpegs are encoded in a higher bit rate, these are available in a very decent 1400k at 512x384. Though the Wmvs have a lower video bit rate, they come in a higher resolution of 640x480. Not as high in quality but they're smaller in file size, so they're great for members on dial-up. Overall quality is decent and it stays quite consistent through out the various episodes.

The only picture content on offer were screen captures taken from the episodes. Quality wise they weren't very impressive, as they do get quite grainy, with obvious pixelation. These galleries come with an average of 270 pictures each, available in sizes of 720x480, so yeah they're very mediocre, sometimes even below average. But as always they're nice to have around for people who do enjoy viewing screen captures, personally though I'm not a big fan.

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Riot Whores is part of the Meat Members network. On signing up to any one of the 45 exclusive sites you are granted full access to the whole network, so although this site only has a very small amount of content on offer, your membership gives you access to other sites, some of which offer large amounts of content. The 45 sites are niche sites, each one covers it's own unique category, needless to say there's a diverse collection of porn on offer, ranging from mainstream favorites, to kinky fetish sites. You get all this for the price of 1 site, so it would seem that the membership is worth it after all.

All the 45 sites can be accessed from the Meat Members home page, you are taken to this page after logging in through the tour pages. On the Meat Members homepage you'll come across information on the latest websites, and updates across the 45 sites. There's even a section dedicated to the most popular media, this is great for new members as they don't have to sift through the endless amounts of porn to find the best. Links to the 45 sites are situated in the middle section of the homepage, each one is depicted in a thumbnail link. A simple click of this thumbnail and you will be directed to the members area of the site, the Riot Whores link can be found here as well.

The members area of Riot whores is very easy on the eyes, and has a very basic layout for easy use. At the top of the page you've got links back to the Meat Members home page, the DVD store, and a drop down menu including links to the other 44 sites, great for quick access. Scrolling a little further down you'll land on the 4 latest updates, to the right is a section dedicated to the 4 most popular episodes on the site. The bottom half of the page consists of the entire archive of episodes, each one is presented by a small thumbnail, beneath the thumbnail are links to the screen caps, and video downloads section.

The video download area is pretty straight forward. At the top of the page is a short description on what the episode is about, and beneath it is a rating system if you wish to rate the video. The rest of the area consists of small thumbnails which act as a story board for the episode, and all the various download and streaming links. As you can tell it's all very simple stuff, and no one should have any problems browsing this site, if ever you do, there's always customer support to help you out.



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The best aspects of the site is the quality of the episodes, the brutal sex scenes, and the simple layout of the page. What the site needs to focus on to reach it's full potential, is providing more episodes, and unfortunately there is currently no sign of future updates which could make the price tag of roughly $30 seem a little steep. However members do have full access to the 45 Meat Members sites, so it does tend to even out.

Pros & Cons

  • + Brutal sex scenes
  • + Quality of videos is great
  • + Exclusive episodes
  • + Easy navigation
  • + Full access to 45 sites
  • - Hasn't been updated in a while
  • - Video collection is small