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Service Whores 3243 Service Whores Service Whores is certainly not a site for the faint of heart.
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Service Whores

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Service Whores

Short Review

Service Whores is certainly not a site for the faint of heart. Gonzo content at its most hardcore Service Whores provides members with episodes which involve some of the most craziest yet arousing acts of sex you will see. The gorgeous ladies on this site get treated like pieces of meat certainly not their most glamorous moments though they give it all up for their fans.

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There's nothing sensual and intimate on this site, it's all about hardcore fucking and making the ladies feel as dirty as they can, definitely not the kind of content for everyone, hell even some hardcore fans may find the featured content on Service Whores a little too brutal. Anyway if that is exactly the way you like your porn then chances are you are going to love the over the top episodes available on this site.

So what makes these scenes a little more crazier than the usual hardcore scenes people are more accustomed to? Well for starters you'll see the girls being chocked, their mouth fish hooked, and their faces stepped on. You'll see the usual fucking you see in hardcore scenes including some hot anal action as well, its just that the girls get handled quite roughly which is the main difference.

There is definitely a nice variety of women getting treated like pieced of meat on this site. They range from the usual Caucasian variety such as blonds, brunettes, and redheads, but members will also be treated to some exotic Asian ladies, feisty Latina babes, and there are even some bubble butt black babes in the mix as well. Most of the ladies were new faces to me so they could be amateurs or just lesser known stars. Standards are fairly decent, a lot of them could be classified as the girl next door type which is perfectly fine in my books.

The updates have not been logged with dates on when they were uploaded so unfortunately I can't give members an educated answer as to how long the site has been around for and whether or not it is still active on updates. What I do know though is that there are 19 episodes so far which are all 100% exclusive to the site which essentially means you won't find this content anywhere else on the net. Obviously it isn't the most impressive collection as of yet and with no information on whether or not the developers intend to keep pumping the site with new content this could be as good as it gets, here's hoping they haven't completely stopped though.

Quality wise the site does fairly good, see the videos do have high kbps rates though I would like to see the resolutions raised a little higher to complement the decent kbps. Members have the option of downloading the videos in both wmv and avi videos, it would have been nice if they included the option of downloading the scenes in segments as the episodes can run for up to 30 minutes each. Out of the 2 formats the avis are available in the highest quality clocking in with encoding rates of (2000kbps @ 576x432) while the wmvs come in second place at (1000kbps @ 480x360). Members can also stream the episodes straight off the site in flash format with resolutions of 352x288, not very impressive I know but they we are talking about the streamed version here after all.

Each episode comes with a set of photos which contain 175 pictures on average. They size up fairly well with dimensions of 800x600 pixels. The quality of the pictures is fairly good they are quite clear though when some rapid movement occurs things can get a little blurry. Colors are fairly rich and the photography work is pretty good, it would have been nice if some of the shoots had some artificial lighting as sometimes the photos can get a little dark for my liking.

Members are treated to a tidal wave of bonuses on this site, seriously though with the amount of bonus content on offer members won't have to worry about running out of porn to view even if they go through the 19 episodes available on this site. See Service Whores is but a small part of the massive network it is a part of. This network currently consists of over 140 sites, across all the sites there is a total of over 25,000 videos, over 4,400 DVDs and a massive collection of over 5 million photos. Most of these bonus sites provide content which is on par with the featured content on Service Whores.

Nav, Design & Features

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Right from the start you know that the content on this site is going to be a little on the rough side as you'll see plenty of pictures with ladies in the top banner getting their lips stretched apart, their noses held shut, and basically just being treated like crap. There's a generous amount of sample pictures down the length of the tour pages, too bad there are no short trailers but I am sure members can judge how crazy the episodes are by the sample pictures provided.

After going through the usual motions of logging in, members are taken to the homepage for the entire network which Service Whores is a part of. From here you will be presented with the network stats including the total amount of content and latest updates along with links to check out the entire collection of updates and the most popular of the content on offer which is a good thing because some members may find it hard to choose where to start given the massive size of the collection.

To get to the collection of featured episodes for Service Whores members will have to utilizing the link situated within both the top and side navigation bares marked "featured series". This will bring you to the main gallery which spans over 4 indexed pages which contain up to 6 episodes per page. Each episode takes up a small section of these indexed pages, within this section there is information on who stars in the episode, a detailed description on what goes on and links to the various types of media the episode has on offer.

Downloading and streaming the episodes is pretty simple as the galleries have the standard layout so if you have ever used a photo gallery or video gallery before on other pornsites then I'm sure you won't have any troubles using these ones. If you wish to view the entire collection of videos and photos on the entire network you can use the links marked "videos" and "pictures", doing so will take you to the gallery which consists of all the content across the entire network, so needless to say there are a lot of indexed pages.

Overall I did find the layout of the site to be a little confusing but after you have been using the site for a while I am sure it will all become second nature. The interface is pretty neat though they have 2 navigation menus right next to each other which basically include the same links which I did find a little strange. All in all the site presentation is pretty good and makes the site look neat, but like I said at first you may find the site a little confusing to navigate, it may take a few visits before you know it like the back of your hand.



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It is definitely a good thing that Service Whores is backed up by a massive network otherwise I would have said that this site is not worth joining up due to its tiny collection of content. It would be nice if there was more information on updates as the site could still be active on updates, well I certainly hope it is with only 19 episodes. Quality is alright on the site nothing special but it ain't bad either. I can say it is worth a look but mainly due to the massive network it is a part of.

Pros & Cons

  • + Brutal episodes
  • + Exclusive content
  • + Free Access to massive network
  • + Good site presentation
  • - No update logs
  • - Navigation takes some getting used to