Stretching Sessions
Stretching Sessions 1284 Stretching Sessions Stretching Sessions is a site dedicated to women who want nothing more than to get their tight little twats stretched to the absolute limits, till all you can see is a gaping pink hole staring right b
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Stretching Sessions

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Stretching Sessions

Short Review

Stretching Sessions is a site dedicated to women who want nothing more than to get their tight little twats stretched to the absolute limits, till all you can see is a gaping pink hole staring right back at ya! Not only do the ladies get their pussies stretched but they also get anal gaped! So if your after some porn which is a little more extreme then definately check out what this site has to offer.

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I sometimes wonder just how much a pussy or an ass can be stretched before it reaches it's limit, and when it does reach the limit will it snap back like a guitar string, or just go all loose like a warn out rubber band? When I see content like this I sometimes think that there is no limit, cause you'd be damn surprised of just how wide these holes can get!

Needless to say the porn on offer here is quite extreme. Girls getting all their holes slammed then stretched so you can get a nice view of that seemingly bottomless pit. Now the models get up to all sorts of sex acts, anal, double penetration, a little bit of fisting and fingering, anything to get those holes nice and wide.

Currently there's a total of 26 episodes for download, which is pretty low for a site that's been around for just over a year. Though we have to keep in mind that the content on offer is exclusive, but I'd still like them to keep adding to their humble collection of extremely hardcore content.

All videos on this site are in wmv and mpg format, which are available to download in high and low quality. The high quality videos are in an encoding rate of 1500k with a resolution of 480x360, which isn't too bad if I say so myself. However if you were to stretch these to a full screen you may notice minor pixelation though it's not overly bad.

All of the 26 models come with a set of high quality photos and screen captures. The high quality photo galleries consist of up to 160 pictures each, these photos come in large dimensions of up to 680x1024 and look absolutely gorgeous. The screen captures were surprisingly fairly good (for screen cap standards). There were only small hints of blurriness, and they've kept awkward angles down to a minimum. Overall the picture content on offer is of decent standards.

That's all for the content part of this site. Stretching Sessions provides a small yet quality collection of episodes, which are certainly not for the faint of heart. Fetish fans will definately eat this content right up, now all the site needs is a healthy boost of new content.

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Looking at the stretched pussies and assholes on the tour pages of this site will give you a sudden urge to shout at them to see if you'll hear an echo. Seriously though if your after some extreme stretching you'll find it on this site, and the tour pages do a good job portraying this. If the high quality photos aren't enough for you, then check out the free samples, these will definately get people joining up.

The main members area of the site consists of information of all the latest and greatest of the porn on offer. These Include the five latest updates, the top rated episodes and picture galleries. The bottom half of the members area consists of the links which direct you to the 10 bonus sites members acquire full access to. That's right another great selling point of this site is that members have access to all the extreme content on this site AND 13 other sites which cover fetish type niches just like this one.

At the very top of the site you'll come across a menu providing links to the various sections of the site, including the picture and video galleries. The picture gallery works just like a standard gallery where you click on a thumbnail to view the large picture, so it's pretty much self explanatory. This is the same case for the video galleries you've got the thumbnail of the episode and the various download links underneath it, nothing new and complicated here.

At the bottom of the site you'll find the numerous links to the extras. There's a great assortment of bonus items available here, including feeds, interactive sites, and picture archives. These cover a wide variety of porn niches that are a little more tamed than the exclusive content this site offers, either way they're a good contrast to the extreme content and are always nice if you need a break from all those crazy fetishes.



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Quality over quantity is definately the motto this site adheres to, cause although they've only got 26 episodes, the quality of the videos and pictures provided is quite decent. Obviously one for the fans of extreme porn and crazy fetishes as you'll be witnessing some of the craziest stretching episodes ever performed, definately worthy of toe curling.

Pros & Cons

  • + Extreme stretching
  • + Decent quality media
  • + 10 Great bonus sites
  • + Heaps of extras
  • - Needs more content