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Teen Dirt Bags 2305 Teen Dirt Bags One of the biggest attractions on the site is the content that features a young Jenna Haze, Melissa Milano and Taylor Rain all copping a cock in hope of winning Miss teenage fuck whore of the year con
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Teen Dirt Bags

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Teen Dirt Bags

Short Review

One of the biggest attractions on the site is the content that features a young Jenna Haze, Melissa Milano and Taylor Rain all copping a cock in hope of winning Miss teenage fuck whore of the year contest. The filthy all access teen porn site has some really hardcore penetration content and is backed up with access to 20 other Adult sites containing a wide range of other quality content. Oh and did I mention members have access to the Paris Hilton sextape

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The teenage girls on this site are serious horn bags and dont fuck around if you know what I mean, they get straight down to business. Members of the site will be truly very happy with the content as it is, but having access to THE Paris Hilton sex tape, scenes of a very young Jenna Haze, Melissa Milano and Taylor Rain is more then the icing on the cake. The content is very graphic hardcore penetration style with no holes barred or time taken to pussy foot around. Jenna Haze has been one of my favourite Porn actresses for a very long time. She really knows how to enjoy herself, I really dig Jenna and to find so early content of her is a good find. Avid porn watchers will enjoy the collection in this site because it isnt just playing at the teen title. It delivers great get straight to the fucking bit, action content that members will enjoy spending hours viewing.

The content format is Window Media Video (WMV) and the video clips are spilt into 2 minute parts. The site has live streaming capabilities or alternately members can select to download the part sections to their computer by right clicking and choosing the Save target as option from the displayed menu. The site has 35 videos for members to watch and matching image set to browse through as well. The video collection is little in number, but for what it lacks in numbers it more than makes up for that by the content performances.

Must sees on this site are: Jenna Haze, Melissa Milano, Taylor Rain, Vanessa Valenzuela, Peaches, who am I kidding I just about watched them all. For those that havent seen the infamous Paris Hilton sextape yet, take a peak at it on the site.

Nav, Design & Features

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After signing in, members will be directed to the Teen Dirt Bags Home page. This is the main page on the site, members can return to this page at any time by simply clicking on the Teen Dirt Bags banner at the top of the page. On the left side of the main page in a quick reference menu, options displayed are: Gallery, XXX Videos, Video Themes, Live Shows, Photo Albums, The Arcade, Porn Mags, Voyeur Games, Support and Whats New. The Gallery option will take members to a collection of images from all of the sites, XXX Videos and Video Themes give members access to videos via feeds.

The Live Shows, Photo Albums, The Arcade, Porn Mags, Voyeur Games, Support and Whats New ate all pretty self explanatory navigation options. On the right side of the home page is a list of some of the on demand DVD categories members have access to. The format used for the video content is Windows Media Video (WMV) and the video content is split up into parts. Sometimes the video content is split into parts which make viewing a little easier and quicker for the member who is in a hurry with limited time to view content. If you like to get straight into the action, I would start at 7 and work up from there, but for those who like to watch start to finish members can watch one part after the other and be very satisfied with what they see. The parts of video content run for around 2 minutes and the video screen size is 320 x 240 pixels with the option to enlarge.

The bit rate on my internet connection was 464kbps and the part clip loaded very quickly, this may vary if the internet connection is a different speed to the one I was using. The images on the site are accessed by clicking on the IMAGES option instead of the blue in capitals MOVIES option in the VIDEO IMAGE GALLERY LIBRARY. The image size was 640 x 480 pixels and they arent the highest quality image sets I have seen but they are still quite good.

The biggest thing that I could tell anyone about this site is that it is so easy to use, all members have to do is click on anything and they will be taken to it. Click and play easy navigation is something that I think makes a site successful and as I said before all members have to do to get back to the home page is click anywhere on the banner at the top of the page.



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I really enjoyed reviewing this site, I had never seen the Paris Hilton sextape before. I can now put a tick in that box, I really like Jenna Haze and I have now seen awesome early content staring her. The site was so easy to use and all of the content was really great and I thought all of the optional services that members were supplied with was a nice touch. The additional sites that members get access to when joining the site are unique and support the site greatly.

Pros & Cons

  • + Easy Navigation
  • + Access to 20 Adult sites
  • + Live cams
  • + Personal services
  • + Sex shop
  • - Content is not dated