Young And Banged
Young And Banged 2405 Young And Banged Young girls in pleated skirts, pigtails and socks star in the content that is featured on this site. These perky, tight little beauties moan and groan while getting penetrated in front of the camera.
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Young And Banged

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Young And Banged

Short Review

Young girls in pleated skirts, pigtails and socks star in the content that is featured on this site. These perky, tight little beauties moan and groan while getting penetrated in front of the camera. gives members access to 20+ bonus Adult sites and I have reviewed some of the other sites in the collection and members will be very happy with the quality of the content that they will have to browse.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

The naivety and innocence of these hot young girls on this site is completely unique. There is something quite attractive about knowing that the girls in the content on this site have only had a limited amount of sexual experience so far. Cute little outfits and preppy hair styles top off the innocent and kind of not really been fucked yet feel to the content.

The format options for the delivery that are used on the site are Windows Media Video (WMV). Members are given the choice to download the full movie or the scene in parts/clips. Some of the scenes that give members the option to download the full movie scene to their computers contains corrupt files. The site also has options for members to view the clips via live streaming on the site. The WMV live streaming option on the site is not functioning at the moment. This is a pity because the livestreaming option and the WMV format are 2 of the main functions that I use when on any site, I prefer to use these choices because I find them the quickest and easiest way to get what I want. The movies scenes on the site have matching image sets, the image sets are hi quality and the image size is 800 x 1200 pixels.

Check out Little Red Head Kimberly on the Young And Banged site, The image sets are great and the Little Red Head vixen makes some amazing noise as she is being fucked from behind. You can tell that she really enjoys being fucked by the sounds and little moans that she makes. Its almost enough to make you turn up the sound and close your eyes so erotic, those little moans.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

Members of the site will be directed to the main members area page as soon as the input their login and username details. This page is the Home page and members will be returned here by selecting the Home option on the navigation bar under the banner at the top of the page. The navigation bar lists all of the options that are available to members of the Tricky Old Teacher site. The nav bar will be located at the top of every site page that members will visit, this makes it easy for members to move around the site.

The movie and photo content is accessible by the Home page by clicking on the red underlined options. The Movie option will bring up the movie scene with all of the format and download options. Members can choose between downloading clips or the full length movie scenes or they can select to view them using the live streaming on the site. The WMV live streaming capabilities are not functioning for viewing the movie clips on the site. I downloaded clips using the WMV option on the movie scene page, the bit rate was 1.24 MBps, screen size 520 x 416, clip length was approx 1-2 mins and 96Kbps. The clips were very short and even after I downloaded the clip to my computer I found that some of the movie content was occasionally interrupted, jumpy or just stopped for a while. The picture images were displayed in 2 different sizes 1200 x 800 and in the reverse 800 x 1200. I a really disappointed that the livestreaming functions on the site do not perform adequately enough to make viewing the movie content enjoyable.

All of the other site options are displayed in the nav bar at the top of the home page are: Recent updates, Upcoming updates, Our sites, Reality sites, DVD, Date and Log out. Most of the options on the nav bar are easy to work out what purpose that they serve and what function of the site the option will take the member to. I like that the site has a secure log out feature, because I feel better when I can close any internet browser window down correctly. Another good feature on the site is the quick reference menu down the right side of the home page that has a brief list of the most popular content on the site, the additional sites and DVDS for members to browse.



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This site is one site in a collection of sites that I have had the opportunity to review. I have reviewed 3 other sites that members get access to when joining and I have to say that I enjoyed using the other sites. The thing that lets the site collection down is that members cannot access the content via livestreaming and frequency of when the site is content is updated. Like this site, just wish the livestreaming functions were working.

Pros & Cons

  • + Log out feature
  • + Additional Adult sites
  • - Live streaming options need work
  • - Small collection of content on the site itself