Shes Huge
Shes Huge 845 Shes Huge It seems with the superficial world we live in, there's no room for fat chicks right? Well you'd be dead wrong.
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Shes Huge

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Shes Huge

Short Review

It seems with the superficial world we live in, there's no room for fat chicks right? Well you'd be dead wrong! there are plenty of men out there, who adore these large beautiful women, why do you ask? Well maybe it's because they're nice, and squishy, or maybe it's because there's more of her to love, what ever it is, fat chicks are here to stay, besides there's more cushion for the pushin fellas!

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Well I can't say I'm the biggest fan of BBW content, but I can sure see how some men, adore these large ladies, sure they may be huge, but they look so cute and cuddly...well most of them do anyway. Unfortunately it doesn't look as though there's any exclusive, or featured videos available on this high def porn site. However they have a nice collection, of bonus content, lets just hope this site is in it's infant stages, and is yet to be loaded with hot bbw vids.

All of the video content on this site, are in the form of video feeds, so you'll want to have a fairly decent net connection, to benefit from this site, as for the most part you'll be streaming videos. Currently there's only 1 BBW video feed on offer, the scenes included, have been split into short clips, and are available in high, medium, and low quality. They aren't the best in quality, as they stream in small screens, and seeing as the image can get quite pixelated, it goes without saying, that chucking them on a full screen, will severely hurt, the already mediocre quality, so I'd suggest watching them through a small screen.

There are 7 BBW picture galleries, for members to enjoy. It would have been nice if they mixed the large women up a bit, as most of them are blonde. Anyhow the photos look real nice, they're clear, colorful, and big, all the essentials for a decent photo.

The developers obviously though that 1 video feed, wasn't going to cut it, and they'd be absoloutly right! So they've packed the site chock full of bonus video feeds, which unfortunately aren't related to the BBW niche, which is kind of weird, cause people are going to be joining this site for the BBW content. At least there's a huge variety to choose from I suppose, so if members needed a break from those huge women, then they can treat themselves with video feeds, that fall under a wide array of categories.

Aside from the content on this site, on sign up members acquire full access to a further 46 bonus sites, all of which are on par, or better than this one. These sites are a mix of solo girls, reality, and general hardcore, so there's something here for just about everyone, plus their solo girl models are gorgeous.

Other than that members are treated with numerous e-zines, adult games, and some funny adult jokes, you could use at a bar or something. So they definately need to get more BBW content on this site, cause lets face it, one video feed is going to last you what...a couple of weeks maybe? It's a good thing that there's a shit load of bonus content, in my opinion, this is more of a general pornsite, rather than a BBW dedicated site.

Nav, Design & Features

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I gotta admit, I was quite impressed with the look of this site. The color scheme is brilliant, everything is neatly spaced out, and the site's presentation in general, just oozes of quality. The navigation menu provided, situated just beneath the top banner, can be utilized, to make your way to the different areas of the site.

On the home page, you will come across links, to the various high definition photo galleries. You'll also come across links which will direct you to the various video feeds, erotic stories, sexy jokes, and the bonus sites, basically you can access all of the content available, from the home page.

The picture galleries area, is made up of several thumbnails. Each of these thumbnails represent, the individual picture galleries. Clicking on any of these thumbnail links, will take you to that picture set's main gallery, and I'm sure all of you, know how a picture gallery works.

The interactive, and video feeds, section are practically identical. Each of the sites are represented by a small thumbnail, of either a model from the site, or the site's logo. Clicking on the thumbnail will direct you straight to the main video feed area, or the home page, of an interactive site, then from there, you can continue to watch as much of the content available.

The last section I'll be writing about, is the games section. This area, isn't as important as the others, as it's really just a novelty, than anything. All up there are 15 adult games, spread across 2 pages. Each game can be accessed through the thumbnail links provided, you can also read up on a short description, to get a feel on what the game is all about.

So that's pretty much all I can say about the sites navigation, everything is in working order, and the navigation menu, just makes it so easy, to make your way around the site. Essentially all of their content, can be accessed from the home page, which makes things a lot quicker to find, very straight forward stuff here folks, and you should have no problems, browsing the site.



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Well there's definitely no shortage of porn on this site, but there is a shortage of BBW content, which is kind of ironic, seeing as it's meant to be a BBW dedicated site. If you like porn in general than this might be worth a look at, but if you were looking for BBW content in particular, then there's better sites than this, I really hope they get their act together, cause the site does have potential, but for now it's below average, as far as content numbers go.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tonnes of bonus video feeds
  • + Access to multiple sites
  • + Picture galleries are great
  • - Needs more BBW content