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Bollywood Nudes 7468 Bollywood Nudes Bollywood Nudes is something of an unusual site. It offers you a look at some of India's hottest Bollywood girls, naked, dancing in erotic costumes and sometimes posing together.
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Bollywood Nudes

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Short Review

Bollywood Nudes is something of an unusual site. It offers you a look at some of India's hottest Bollywood girls, naked, dancing in erotic costumes and sometimes posing together. It has a small collection of videos and photos, and a bonus plug-in of a generic porn video site And that's it. The site hasnt updated for years, and it doesn't look like it's going to, but what there is here is pretty rare. It's fine for collectors of Indian erotica, but maybe you won't need to stay for long.

  • Monthly: $29.95
61/100 0
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  • Exclusivity: 5/5
  • Updates: 1/5
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Quality: 9/15
  • Speed: 13/15
  • Quantity: 4/15

Every now and then I take a look at a site that, to be honest, is hard to recommend. I wouldn't normally bother with one that's not been updated since at least 2014, that has only 20 videos and 15 photo sets, but in the case of Bollywood Nudes, it's a nice little find for everyone who collects Indian erotica. Or, in fact, anyone who is interested in Bollywood, sensual Indian girls in erotic outfits and who also wants to find a very large multi-themed porn streaming plugin as a bonus, as that's all the site has to offer. Here's what you find when you do sign-up.

The members' area is small but easy to navigate. Click the videos link, and you find the first of five index pages with decent images of the girls and headings to the videos. The most recent one (undated) was in three parts and was titled 'Traditional; Sexual Belly Dancing', and the next was 'Dance of the Tawaif Forbidden' and was in three parts. The parts ran for five minutes, and the quality was fine. There were music, soft lighting and erotic belly dancing. The girls were very sexy, and I enjoyed my five minutes of belly dancing, though there was no nudity in the clips I saw.

There is nudity, or at least toplessness in other videos, though. Bharat Natyam, a movie on page three, has the sub-line: "An epic story of good vs evil, The Temptation chronicles a timeless legend of seduction. Filmed in the Bharat Natyam style." The file was only 61 Mbs and took no time at all to come down. There was also a screenshot of the video beside the download link, as there were with the other videos. This short movie was, again, erotic and beautifully lit and sounded fine, and in it, a gorgeous Indian babe performed with a snake. This was not a pornographic performance you understand, just lying there looking sultry and turning you on with her boobs and perfect body. It's nicely sensuous and erotic stuff, and this girl was nude, but this isn't open-crotch kind of nudity.

There is no streaming here so you can only download the vids and that's an easy task. They are around five minutes long, and files are rarely over 60 Mbs. They are all WMV too, and there's only the one option. They come out at 856 x 480 @ 2,400 kbps, and as long as you don't enlarge them too much, they look fine.

You also have a photo gallery with 15 image sets, again, the same number as at 2014, and these hold various numbers of images each, but not huge amounts. The galleries I saw had 25 pics or so. They are also softcore and erotic, with solo girls or pairs of dark-skinned beauties, and the quality is fine. Images were at 1,024 x 683 and looked good. There were no slideshows and no zip files, and you have to save them one at a time and then back button back to the main pages, though there are some navigation buttons for movement within the gallery.

That's the main content at Bollywood Nudes, a site that looks like it started as a good idea and then ran out of steam but was left up in the hope of attracting some punters to cover its costs. There is, though a bonus area and that's where you find your extras.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 3/5
  • Navigation Ease: 8/10
  • Features: 5/10

The main feature of the site after the galleries and vids, is this bonus area, though there are links to a shop and 'Girls' which produced only a broken link. The bonus is a large collection of general and varied porn videos from all over the place. There are 4,763 videos to be precise, and they can be sorted via a category page with loads of different headings, one of which is 'Indian' where there were six videos, and some of them were hardcore. These were decent-length scenes around 20 minutes, ran in Flash and were streaming only.

Navigation is easy at Bollywood Nudes, you've only got the three areas of interest, the videos, photos and the bonus, and there are no interactive things to get caught up on; no rates, favourites, comments etc. It may be an old site that's just sitting there, but it didn't present me with any problems, so I found it really easy to use and I was able to get to and take the Indian erotica I came in to see.

As for the price, well, for such a small site you don't expect to pay $29.95 per month, and for a site that's not updating, you probably don't want to stay more than a month anyway. An annual membership, if you want the bonus videos, works out at only $6.66 per month, but you have to pay for all 12 months in one go. If you only want the one month, then it's going to cost you $34.95, and you will probably be in the site for less than two hours - again, unless you stay for the generic, streaming-only bonus videos. Oh yes, and top it off, there's a cross sale on the join page to uncheck if you don't want to join Mr Skin at the same time.

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Bollywood Nudes is an interesting little gem but hardly the jewel in the crown. It holds 20 videos that run for five minutes each, come in WMV and concern erotica and totally beautiful Indian girls dancing and posing. There are 15 photo sets, and the quality is fine, though only 480p standard. There's a large bonus, general porn theatre with over 4,000 streams, and the site hasnt updated in many years. It's a membership that will appeal to collectors of rare, hard to find, Indian erotica.

Pros & Cons

  • + Unusual Indian erotica
  • + Very sexy ladies
  • + Large bonus video theatre
  • - No updates
  • - Costly
  • - Small site
  • - Very basic