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India Uncovered 859 India Uncovered I feel as though Indian women aren't getting the attention they deserve, everyone looks to Caucasian, ebony, and Asian hunnies, but Indian girls just don't seem to interest them Why not.
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India Uncovered

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India Uncovered

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I feel as though Indian women aren't getting the attention they deserve, everyone looks to Caucasian, ebony, and Asian hunnies, but Indian girls just don't seem to interest them Why not! These girls are just as gorgeous as any of them. Unfortunately India Uncovered doesn't do them any justice, as there's only a handful of content on this site.

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Before I got to the members area of this site, I was all fired up to see some hot Indian babes doing their thing, but to my disappointment there weren't any hot Indian videos to be found, only a bunch of picture galleries which I do admit are nice, but at the end of the day picture galleries should really be treated as a side dish, but on this site it looks as though they're the main meal.

Now the Indian ladies starring in the galleries are drop dead gorgeous, and have really changed my perspective on what Indian girls look like, they're just as gorgeous as any of them, in fact sometimes even more so, though I did find they can get a bit messy with hair down there but that doesn't stunt the fact that they're beautiful.

The photos provided are a mix of Indian and general hardcore galleries counting 373 in total, to the people who joined up purely for the Indian women, I'm sad to say that the bulk of these galleries don't fall under that niche. On a lighter note the photos themselves look stunning, they come in varying large dimensions, they're clear and are soaked in vibrant colors, truly a treat for the eyes. If you do find that they're a little small, you can always download them to zoom in on the images through a picture viewer, this makes them appear bigger without having to sacrifice too much quality.

To try and make up for the lack of Indian content the developers have thrown in an assortment of nice extras which include, 4 adult E-zines, 7 hot interactive sites, 37 bonus video feeds (which unfortunately aren't Indian related), 6 live web cam services, and a collection of games, and funny adult jokes. But best of all members are granted full access to over 100 bonus sites at no extra charge.

All these extras may put fans of porn in general at ease, but for their members who joined purely for the Indian girls these extras won't mean much to them. As you can no doubt tell, I wasn't particularly fond with the content on this site....what a let down.

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Now the content on this site may not be all that impressive, but it's in the design and simplicity of browsing this site where the true strength shows, but unfortunately a great looking site with a small amount of content isn't going to win my vote.

Everything is neatly spaced out on this site, and the color scheme they've opted for really suits the niche. To get to the various sections of this site simply use the links found just beneath the top banner, these links are organized in a navigational menu of sorts. Down the left side of this page you'll come across the various links to the entire collection of bonus niched sites, these are divided between reality niches and general hardcore, clicking on one of the links will direct you straight to that particular site's main members area.

The rest of the members area consists of big thumbnails linked to the video feeds, interactive videos, erotic stories and adult jokes. Clicking on these thumbnail links will take you to the main section or gallery for the type of content you chose.

The picture galleries section consists of 24 pages chock full of galleries. Each page contains up to 16 picture galleries, except for the last page which only contains 5 each one represented by a single thumbnail. This thumbnail obviously directs you to the main gallery for the photo set. The video feeds section almost has an identical layout to the picture galleries, the only difference is that the thumbnail links are a lot larger, and there are only 7 pages worth of video feeds.

Well I had no problems making my way around the site and neither should you. Everything is clearly marked and content is just so quick and easy to access, if they had put more effort into content rather than making the site look good, this site would have passed the Big J test, but members are going to be more concerned about content, rather than how the site looks and works.



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I've started to lose faith in the Silver Cash network, too many of the sites aren't pulling their weight and this one is no different, if you were after a site which is purely based on nude Indian girls then I'm sad to say you'll want to look else where as this site just doesn't deliver the goods. Though if you like porn in general, and don't mind streaming your vids than you might want to check it out.

Pros & Cons

  • + Loads of extras
  • + Picture galleries are great
  • + Access to over 100 bonus sites
  • + Easy to navigate
  • - Not enough Indian related content