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X Rated India 1170 X Rated India If youre looking for a new great source for Indian porn, definitely stay away from X Rated India.
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X Rated India

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X Rated India

Short Review

If youre looking for a new great source for Indian porn, definitely stay away from X Rated India. There is barely any actual Indian porn here, just a huge sea of disorganized external video feeds among advertisements.

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I have a little place in my heart (and cock) for sexy Indian girls, so when I saw the name of this site I got a bit excited. X Rated India sounds great doesnt it? The front page looks good, how could it not be great? Well, Ill tell you how in a minute but first Id like to say DO NOT SIGN UP TO THIS BULLSHIT. Youll thank me later.

So with a membership to this site you get full access to a whole shit-load of video feeds. These feeds remind me of what I would get as bonus material on another site maybe 5 years ago. Out of the hundreds of feeds, there are only 3 that are Indian related and they are short, the quality is bad and you cannot download them. The rest of the stuff here is completely unrelated and equally lackluster. This is as close to false advertising as it gets, folks!

Prepare for a bit of a chuckle as I describe the sites vast image galleries. There is ONE image gallery with ONE Indian girl. This is amazing, I dont know where to start.

On a half positive note, if youre looking for just general porn and you dont mind the shit quality, theres quite a bit of porn here. I really dont like it myself, but maybe, just maybe someone will.

Unfortunately, my favorite part of this site was the flash games room where I caught myself playing strip blackjack for nearly an hour. I would love to give you guys a rundown on the rest of the extras like the forum and the e-books but the links appear to be completely fucked and I question their existence anyways.

Nav, Design & Features

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The front page at X Rated India is quite nice, and I actually recommend this is as far as you go. Its like watching a long preview of a really really bad movie; no point in seeing it, you already have. If you must log in to the members area, simply click members and log in.

Welcome to the inside of this mediocre website. A menu at the top has about 14 links, but I will only bother listing the ones that actually work. India Photos, India Videos, Hardcore Gallery, Live Chatrooms (advertisement), Adult Game Room, Adult Shopping. Thats 6 out of 14 links that work, if you werent counting. If you scroll down the main page you will find links to the 3 Indian feeds, a whole bunch of advertisement banners and links to a selection of other feeds on the network.

Clicking on India Videos at the top will take you to a page with *drumroll* NO Indian videos. You just see a very long page filled with porn of many varieties and links to the streaming videos. Each videos site works a bit differently but its usually just a case of choosing a quality and then a format. If you cant get one or more feeds to work its most likely because they just arent functional.

If you need to surf through the 1 image gallery, simply click on it to get to a page of scaled down thumbnail images that will enlarge when you click them. The games room is easy to figure out, just click the game and as long as you have flash installed it should load up.



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Do yourself a favor and do not get a membership to this site. No, this is not a reverse psychology trick and no I dont have a personal vendetta against the site, its just terrible and not worth the cash. You cant download the videos and most of them are completely unrelated to what the site should be about: hot Indian chicks getting fucked.

Pros & Cons

  • - Nothing downloadable
  • - Wheres the Indian porn?
  • - Terrible quality
  • - Confusing website